Sajad Ahmad Bazaz Wiki, Biography, Age, Weight, Height, Girlfriend, Wife, Family & More

Sajad Ahmad Bazaz Wiki:- Sajad Ahmad Bazaz was a Chief Manager at Jammu and Kashmir Bank. He was terminate from his position for “State’s security interests” without any formal inquiry. Bazaz was also a widely-read columnist on economic affairs and banking, writing for the Greater Kashmir, a local daily.

According to the officials, the dismissed chief manager has been identified as Sajad Ahmad Bazaz and his services were terminated with immediate effect on his country. The J&K Bank has terminated the services of a Chief Manager-rank officer for “the State’s security interests” and decided against holding any formal inquiry.


Sajad Ahmad Bazaz Wiki

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Investigations by the J&K criminal investigation department (CID) revealed that he had links to Pakistan’s ISI and terror outfits from ISI. Officials said Bazaz was sacked as he posed a threat to the security of the state. Sources at the J&K CID told India Today that Bazaz was an “embedded asset of the terrorist-separatist networks working on behalf of the ISI”.

Sajad Ahmad Bazaz joined the J&K bank in 1990 and was secretly working for ISI and terror outfits, said intelligence sources. He was appointed as cashier-cum-clerk in 1990 and later promoted in 2004 as the head of internal communication at J&K Bank. Intelligence sources said the gazette officer-equivalent post of editor was specially create for him.

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Sajad Ahmad Bazaz Wiki, Biography, Age, Weight, Height, Girlfriend, Wife, Family & More

Sajad Ahmad Bazaz Wiki Details

Real Name Sajad Ahmad Bazaz
Nick Name Sajad Bazaz
Profession Chief Manager at Jammu and Kashmir Bank
Date of Birth Not Known
Birth Place Not Known
Education Not Known
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In 1990, Bazaz began his career as a Cashier cum Clerk and was doing well. He was promote to head in 2004. That same year, he was unexpectedly elevate to a highly sensitive position. Despite the suddenness of the promotion, it did not raise any suspicions due to the widespread corruption within the system. These findings were reveal in reports. Is there anything else you would like to know?


According to the information, there is no information available about Sajad Ahmad Bazaz family from any source. After the incident, investigators only revealed information about Sajad and his actions. He may have had parents, a wife, and children, but there were no mentions of them. The J&K criminal investigation department (CID) conducted investigations and found that Sajad had links to Pakistan’s ISI and terror outfits. However, they did not say anything about his family’s involvement, only that he was involve in all the deeds.

Sajad Bazaz Link With ISI Confirmed

According to the J&K criminal investigation department (CID), Sajad Ahmad Bazaz was an “embedded asset of the terrorist-separatist networks working on behalf of the ISI.” They also stated that he was planted in J&K Bank in 1990 by the ISI through Fayaz Kaloo, owner and editor of Greater Kashmir, a local daily newspaper of Kashmir. Sajad Bazaz misused his position in the bank, having 68 individual accounts and secretly working for Greater Kashmir as a correspondent-cum-columnist, writing articles and spreading Pakistan’s propaganda and jihad. He was also in touch with terrorist Shabir Hussain Buch, an assistant of Mushtaq Latram, chief of the Al-Umar Islamic terror outfit, and a close associate of terrorist Masood Azhar, the Jaish e Muhammad chief. These were his secret connections.

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Govt Action against Sajad

The investigation by the J&K’s criminal investigation department (CID) has been confirme and complete. Sajad Ahmad Bazaz was remove from his position in the bank. In response to this shocking incident, the Lieutenant Governor of J&K stated that the government and all appointed officers of this case would work hard and go tough on him and every person involved in terrorism, destroying the ecosystem of the government, and enjoying a government job. The J&K Lieutenant Governor also gave an official statement, saying, “It doesn’t matter who says what as there is a provision in the Indian Constitution kept by architects like B.R. Ambedkar to go tough, rather hard against those who pose a threat to the State and nation’s integrity and sovereignty.”

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Net Worth

Sajad Ahmad Bazaz misused his reputable position in the J&K Bank and earned a lot of money from his job and other misleading activities. He secretly wrote articles in favor of Pakistan and its agenda. Bazaz had many connections with terrorists and earned money from many illegal activities in Pakistan. He was the only one who had 68 bank accounts in the J&K Bank.

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