Samsung Galaxy Note9 Review: Worth The Banknotes You Spend On It, Pros & Cons

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Review:- Back within the day, corporate honchos would run at Blackberry’s doorsteps for a productivity-oriented smartphone. Quick forward to nowadays and you’ll take note that Samsung has gotten to be the go-to brand for trade individuals with its Galaxy Note series, and for great reason. Take the recently-launched Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (first impressions) for instance. You won’t have to be squint your eyes when viewing Exceed expectations sheets on the smartphone’s expansive show, the handset’s S Write could be a gift from heaven for writing down speedy memos and the smartphone looks extraordinary when matched with a Rolex.

But, there’s no deficiency of tall smartphones with dazzling plans these days, is there? In addition, as convenient as the S Pen is, does it bring sufficient esteem to the table for you to consider the World Note9 over leads just like the Huawei P20 Pro (review), the Apple iPhone X (review) or indeed the LG G7+ ThinQ (review) for that matter? And how great is the smartphone in common? I’ve went through a week with the lead and on the off chance that you’re pondering whether the smartphone merits a put in your pockets, at that point perused on.


Samsung Galaxy Note9 Review 2023

What's In the Article

Samsung can take credit for starting an intrigued in huge phones. The original Galaxy Note (Review) with its 5.3-inch screen was met with doubt and a bit of scorn at to begin with, but by today’s benchmarks, it would appear nearly elegant. The inconvenience for Samsung is that with about all phones (counting its claim) pushing the limits of what a stash can hold, what sets the Galaxy Note line separated?

With about indistinguishable equipment and computer program as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 series, the new Galaxy Note 9 doesn’t indeed serve as a half-yearly revive, like so numerous other companies thrust out. The reply, then, is the S Pen, which Samsung is presently inclining intensely on. Over the a long time, it has gotten to be slimmer and more touchy, and presently it has picked up a entire modern set of capacities.

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Samsung Galaxy Note9 Review

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Details

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About Samsung Galaxy Note9

Samsung is one of the few companies standing up to the industry’s current fixation with indented screens, which might come as a help to a few individuals. It may be a little astounding, considering that Samsung was one of the primary companies to kick off final year’s move towards tall screens with contract borders. It indeed went as distant as to come up with the title Limitlessness Show to gloat of its screens’ bended edges and limit sides. Whereas the generally see of this phone is still smooth, it isn’t anywhere near cutting-edge any longer. The Galaxy Note 9 could be a truly huge phone, and in spite of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 best endeavors, it’s very clumsy. It’s more squared-off at the corners than its Galaxy S kin.

It weighs 201g and you’ll certainly feel it, whether you’re observing a video, writing a message, or fair carrying the phone around in a stash. The front and raise are glass, and the outline is aluminum. This phone feels inconceivably well made, and the materials appear to stream into each other impeccably. The cameras on the raise jut by less than a millimeter, and there’s a marginally raised border around the module for protection. The as it were genuine drawback in terms of design is that there’s nothing exceptionally unused or curiously compared to the Galaxy Note 8 (Review), or for that matter, the Galaxy S9 series.

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Samsung Galaxy Note9 Price in India 2023

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may be a strong Android lead and obviously, it commands a premium as well. The base variation of the smartphone with 128GB of capacity retails for Rs 67,900, though the 512GB capacity variation of the handset will set you back by a whopping Rs 84,900. Presently, given you’ve got the budget for it, I feel that the Note9 offers bounty of highlights to legitimize its cost tag, counting a flawless plan, a dazzling show, long-lasting battery life, tons of computing control, amazing raise cameras and the valuable S Write. It goes without saying that proprietors of the Samsung Galaxy Note8 or the System S9+ require not overhaul to the Note9.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Features

Samsung is one of the few companies standing up to the industry’s current fixation with scored screens, which might come as a help to a few individuals. It could be a little shocking, considering that Samsung was one of the primary companies to kick off final year’s move towards tall screens with limit borders. It indeed went as distant as to come up with the title Limitlessness Show to gloat of its screens’ bended edges and limit sides. Whereas the generally see of this phone is still slick, it isn’t anyplace close cutting-edge any longer.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may be a truly huge phone, and in spite of Samsung’s best endeavors, it’s very cumbersome. It’s more squared-off at the corners than its Galaxy S kin. Gratefully, the glass back isn’t dangerous at all, since you’ll have to be keep moving your hold on it to reach all corners of the screen, indeed when utilizing both hands.

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Design And Display

Did you listen the joke almost the man who went to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but came domestic and figured it out he’d picked up the Note8 (review) instep? To call the Note9 a subordinate of the Note8 would be an modest representation of the truth. In reality, it’s incomprehensible to tell the two smartphones separated, particularly once you see at them from the front, and the as it were restorative alter you’ll discover on the Note9 is the repositioned unique finger impression sensor, which presently sits underneath the smartphone’s camera module. Other than simply, can presently choose the Note9 up in a somewhat distinctive blueish colorway. That being said, there’s no denying that the Galaxy Note9 could be a flawless lead.

Samsung has gone with the attempted and tried equation for making the lead smartphone feel remarkably premium and has outfitted the Note9 with glass on both the front and the back with an aluminum outline sandwiched in between. Besides, buyers of the Note9 will still be welcomed with Samsung’s famous Boundlessness edge show on the front, which inclines the edges of the show perfectly into the aluminum trim, loaning the smartphone greatly smooth bezels.

The S Pen

The S Pen remains the key differentiator between the Galaxy Note series and other leads within the advertise. In spite of the fact that the plan of the Note9’s S Pen remains unaltered from final year, it presently comes with its possess battery and back for Bluetooth Low Energy transmission, clearing better approaches of utilizing the stylus. For occasion, you may utilize the stylus to remotely press pictures on the off chance that your smartphone is situated on a tripod. You too get the choice of flipping through the pages of a introduction utilizing the S Write, or reconstructing the button on the stylus to rapidly dispatch any app on your smartphone.

The S Pen is very helpful exterior of meeting room gatherings as well. As of late, I’d combined my Note9 to a Bluetooth speaker, and since the phone was running moo on charge, I had to tie the smartphone to a divider charger. So, rather than picking up the phone to switch between diverse melodies, I essentially took out the S Pen and utilized the button to alter the tracks when I was in a diverse room.

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Up until the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Plus hit the racks, smartphone cameras were restricted to settled gaps, taking off no room to alter the sum of light entering the focal point. Be that as it may, the cameras on the S9 Plus might switch between f/1.5 and f/2.4 openings naturally, in this manner bettering the photographs a client would take at night. We were powerful inspired with the smartphone’s camera capabilities when we checked on it and so, it comes as no shock that the Note9, which ships with the precise same equipment, shoots truly great photographs as well.

Towards the back of the flagship, you will find a pair of 12MP cameras, one of which may be a standard shooter with the dual-aperture usefulness though the other could be a fax focal point which highlights a settled gap of f/2.4. For selfies, the handset comes with the same 8MP f/1.7 gap front camera that debuted on the S9 Furthermore.

Performance And Software

In spite of the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is adapted to extend your efficiency, that doesn’t cruel it’s an ‘all work, no play’ device. In fact, in case you are a gamer, then the Note9 is among the leading smartphones you’ll be able contribute in, much obliged to its great, super huge show and a ton of crude drive. Underneath its glass chassis, the Note9 is powered by the same Exynos 9810 octa-core processor which was driving the centers on its kin, the S9 Plus.

You’ll choose up the Galaxy Note9 in two distinctive RAM choices, counting the 6GB variation I was sent for survey and an 8GB RAM show. Subsequently, you’ll get either 128GB or a whopping 512GB of built-in, client expandable capacity with the smartphone. That said, the 6GB RAM variation of the smartphone is bounty quick, and over the course of my survey period, I didn’t come over any occasions of slack or falter on the smartphone.

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Battery Life And More

The battery could be a sensitive subject for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 lineup but the company has recovered itself with the Note9, which given me with a day-long reinforcement indeed with overwhelming utilization. The handset ships with a 4,000mAh cell which is the greatest battery on any Note lead to date and it lives up to the desires. My commonplace workday incorporates hours of informing, observing recordings on YouTube, browsing my social media bolsters and playing many arcade matches in PUBG.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Pros & Cons

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may be a brilliant smartphone with a parcel of top-end highlights. It may effectively be the number one choice for individuals who are willing to spend as much because it takes to have the most recent and most prominent highlights. In any case, it isn’t exceptionally altogether separated from the Galaxy S series any longer. The encounters you get will be about indistinguishable, so the choice truly comes down to having the S Write versus having a marginally more convenient gadget, or sparing a bit of cash. In case you as of now claim a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8, there’s for all intents and purposes no reason at all to overhaul.

You might moreover not see any point in investing so much on a smartphone when the likes of OnePlus 6 (Review), Asus ZenFone 5Z (Review), and the newly announced Poco F1 deliver comparable execution and highlights. What none of them can offer are the S Pen and the accompanying Android integration. No ponder Samsung concentrated on this and gave the S Pen more usefulness than ever this year.


  • Gorgeous display
  • Outstanding rear cameras
  • Great performer
  • Good battery life
  • The S Pen has seen a notable upgrade


  • Design feels stale
  • Selfie camera could be better
  • Face recognition unlocks the phone even with eyes closed
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Samsung Galaxy Note9 Review FAQ’S

Is Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is 5G?

In order to use 5G, it needs to have a 5G antenna. Your Note 9 is not compatible but your Note 10 is. In order to use 5G, it needs to have a 5G antenna. Your Note 9 is not compatible but your Note 10 is.

Are Samsung Galaxy Note 9 a good phone?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a highly functional, feature-packed, and premium Android smartphone. If you’re shopping for a flagship-level new phone, and can afford its high price point, then you should definitely count it among your top contenders.

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