Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Review: Same But Better, Pros & Cons

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Review:- Let’s be honest, Samsung didn’t push the boundaries when designing the new Galaxy Z Fold5. So if you consider yourself a proud owner of one of the previous models in this series, there’s probably no compelling reason to upgrade. But if you’ve been waiting for a book-style foldable device to treat yourself to, the Galaxy Z Fold5 is for you. Let’s elaborate on that. However, before starting the review, I think it’s best to say that the use case for this form factor is already pretty clear, so I won’t go into details here.

However, if you’ve never seen a book-style folding smartphone, you should know that these are devices that work just like a regular cell phone when folded and reveal a larger screen when unfolded. . On the one hand, these devices can be a little bulky compared to traditional phones, which can be a problem in some situations such as outdoor activities.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Review 2023

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In recent years, Samsung has enjoyed a monopoly in the flip phone segment. There have been rumors of other companies joining the fight, mostly just gossip and prototyping, but things are starting to change in 2023.

Indeed, the competition is mainly Chinese brands with limited global reach (Honor, Vivo, Huawei, Oppo), where Samsung has a pretty clear lead. Except for one large model: Google Pixel Fold. I’ve used the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and know it’s a better folding phone than the Pixel Fold, but it’s not quite as simple. Let me go into more detail in my full review.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Review

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Details

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About Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

The design has been refined from last year’s model, ditching the wedge shape and thanks to the same new hinge design as the Z Flip 5, which allows the device to fold flat when closed, a huge improvement. Compared to conventional products, it has been made thinner and 10g lighter, making the folds along the folds of the screen less noticeable. It’s still thicker than a regular phone, but it’s only 13g heavier than the iPhone 14 Pro Max, making it less bulky in your pocket and significantly lighter than its main competitor. The 6.2-inch external display is a little narrow, which makes the keyboard a little cramped, but it looks good and is sufficient for phone operations like messaging, music, and other simple tasks. Otherwise, the 7.6-inch interior display is still eye-catching when opened.

It’s brighter than last year and cuts down on outdoor glare. Samsung says the new design is 25% more durable than its predecessor, but like other foldable displays, it’s still softer than regular tablet glass, so it should be handled with care. The Fold 5 is powered by Qualcomm’s top-of-the-line Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip in the Galaxy S23 Ultra with 12GB of RAM, making him one of the most powerful Android devices you can buy. In fact, unlike most other phones, running eight apps simultaneously on the screen can use up all your power, so you’ll need everything the device has to offer.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Price in India 2023

When it comes to money, you will have to pay Rs 154,999 for the 256GB storage version and Rs 1,84,999 for the 1TB model. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 offers a premium user experience with most key elements easily met. Add in the flexibility, productivity, and entertainment that only a foldable device of this kind can offer, and you have a product that is second to none today.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Features

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 shares the same design as its predecessor, but the camera isn’t top-notch and charging speeds could have been better. The new phone excels at most core aspects of the foldable experience. Book-style folding coupled with improved build quality and hinges, a brighter screen, S Pen features, software tweaks to improve productivity, super-smooth performance, reliable battery life and a decent camera If you need a formula device, look no further. The familiarity of the design is immediately apparent, but the improvements Samsung has made to improve manufacturing quality may not be obvious. Equipped with the latest Gorilla Glass Victus 2, an evolved version of Victus+ used in Fold4.

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Design And Display

It certainly looks familiar. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 doesn’t stray too far from the design DNA it inherited from last year’s Z Fold4, and dare I say it, even the model that preceded it, so long as you ignore the display on the cover. But from today’s point of view, it’s not really easy to tell the Z Fold5 from the Z Fold4. When folded, it’s a thick device with a vertical display on the outside, and when it’s opened, it’s a mini tablet. When folded, the bottom half has a Type-C port in the middle, while the volume rocker and power button are placed on the right rear panel.

You can see the speaker openings on either side of the top folded section. The left side is the hinge with the Samsung logo. And on the back you can see three camera rings and a flash. The device folds flat in the center with no gaps, making the main screen crease seem less prominent than before.


The Z Flip5 is no slouch when it comes to camera capabilities, offering a 50MP, f/1.8 main sensor with OIS, along with a 10MP telephoto lens with 3X optical zoom and a 12MP ultra-wide lens. There’s also a 10MP selfie camera built into the hole-punch in the center of the screen, along with another 4MP built-in camera hidden below the top-right corner of the home screen. These specifications do not appear to have changed from the previous model, although the new ISP that comes with the refreshed chipset this time should be able to bring some improvements in both speed and image quality.

Samsung’s camera app is packed with features and options, with an AI-based scene optimizer, HDR10+ video recording, autofocus tracking, tons of AR content, the ability to take photos through voice commands or by showing your palm, etc. The shooting modes provided, in addition to the usual options like portrait, super drift, night and so on, also include professional video, food, super slow motion, portrait video, draconian view acting and shooting once.

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 runs Android 13 with OneUI v 5.1.1 (at the time of this writing) and you get the same intuitive interface you’re used to seeing on other Samsung phones. It’s loaded, feature-rich, customizable, and easy to understand even if you’re switching from another smartphone brand. It comes with some pre-installed apps, but nothing you can’t get rid of with a simple uninstall. Access to Samsung’s signature features and rich ecosystem is a big plus. I won’t go into all the details here, but apps like Samsung Pass, Secure Folder, Samsung Cloud, Dual Messenger, and more. can be very helpful for many people.

Also popular is the DeX feature, which gives you a desktop-like look on larger screens like TVs and monitors. In a nutshell, you can wirelessly connect your Galaxy Z Fold5 to a compatible smart TV, pair a Bluetooth mouse-keyboard combo with your phone, and use the right PC-like interface with access to data , emails, messages, your own private photos, etc are stored on the phone. Now, DeX is not a new feature, but it is one of those gems that can really improve usability and take productivity to a whole new level if used well. Just like the S Pen.

Performance And Battery Life

As the torchbearer for Samsung’s smartphone lineup and the ultra-premium flagship, the Z Fold5 is perfectly equipped with Qualcomm’s latest high-end SoC, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. There’s 12GB of RAM and up to storage. to 1 terabyte. And as you’d expect, these are the specs that make for a smooth and fluid user experience on the Z Fold5, no matter what apps, tasks, or games you choose to use. The phone does heat up a bit when pressed, but not to the point of being uncomfortable to hold. The 4,400mAh battery is also a champ, and combined with the optimizations offered by the 4nm SoC, should be able to power the phone for an entire day with relative ease.

However, if you use your phone open for long hours, or use it heavily for battery-hungry tasks like GPS navigation, portable hotspots, or heavy gaming, you’ll probably need to find a charger to fully charge in the evening. . Finding a charger would be a good thing in any case, as Samsung doesn’t include a charger in the box. Support for 25W wired charging seems slow these days, and fully charging the phone takes just over an hour and a half.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Pros & Cons

Samsung has dominated the folding screen game for quite some time, especially in India. That said, 2023 is shaping up to be a landmark year for foldable phones. The brand’s clamshell Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 (test) already has some competition from OPPO and Motorola. And when it comes to book-style foldable phones, Samsung will face some really tough competition for the first time with OnePlus, possibly Honor and possibly others as well. , throwing their own opponents into the cauldron.

In such a scenario, Samsung needs to up its game and take it to the level where their foldable products continue to capture the limelight and stay ahead. It can be said that no mold was broken in the making of this smartphone. The Galaxy Z Fold5 follows a rut in design and a few other aspects, which means it might not appeal much to current users of one of Samsung’s previous-generation Fold devices.


  • The main screen is brighter than before, and gorgeous as always.
  • The Z Fold5 offers smooth performance and decent battery life.
  • The phone is slightly slimmer and lighter than before.
  • It’s loaded with a ton of useful features.


  • The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 doesn’t come cheap and at a starting price of over Rs 1.5 lakh, is quite pricey.
  • The design is the same as before and won’t appeal to users of previous-gen Galaxy Z Fold models.
  • The cameras aren’t the best.
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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Review FAQ’S

Is Samsung Fold worth buying?

It has the best software, the best camera, the best availability, and the most features. Although there are some competitors out there, nothing can even hold a candle to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 when it comes to the full foldable phone package.

What are the negative reviews of Samsung Fold?

Creased. It’s long been said that one of the worst elements of the Fold series is the internal display’s crease, a result of the hinge design. Having seen it in the Z Fold 3, it’s evident that Samsung has managed to decrease its visibility in the successor, slightly. But don’t think that means it’s not noticeable.

How many folds is a Samsung Z fold good for?

The folding mechanism feels strong and built to last. In fact, Samsung promises the device will survive a minimum of 200,000 folds.

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