Samudrayaan Matsya 6000: What Is It? Objectives & Significance

Samudrayaan Matsya 6000:- The Samudrayaan Mission 2024, design by the Ministry of Earth Sciences and the Indian Institute of Ocean Technology (IIOT), will send deep sea explorers down to a depth of up to 6000 metres, or 6 kilometres, to conduct research. India’s first man underwater mission is being watch closely by the entire nation. Therefore, we made the decision to develop comprehensive mission information, including the Samudrayaan Mission 2024 Launch Date, the Mission Objectives, and more.

According to the information we have receive, oceanographers have create the MATSYA 6000 Submarine that will transport them to the sea bed for additional research. This document contains the entire list of Samudrayaan Mission 2024 Objectives, which will be useful to you. You could also look at the Samudrayaan, also known as Matsya 6000 Features, to learn more about the module’s specifications. India has been given a 75,000 sq km area in the centre of the Indian Ocean where they will finish their research.


Samudrayaan Matsya 6000

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The Samudrayaan 2024 Mission, which will travel to a depth of 6 KM in the sea, has been launched as part of India’s Deep Sea Exploration Mission. As we all know, India is reaching new heights in space exploration. This mission aims to investigate polymetallic nodules, deep sea marine life, and climate change research. You are on the right page as you can find all the material relate to the Samudrayaan Matsya 6000 Mission here. I know that all of you are eager to see the full specifics of the mission.

This message is intend to inform you all that the Indian Institute of Ocean Technology (IIOT) has create the MATSYA 6000 Submarine for this mission, which is capable of travelling 6 km deep underwater and performing the process for a continuous 12 hours. It can survive underwater for more than 96 hours in an emergency. This is India’s first man undersea mission, and three Oceanauts will go beneath the surface to study the sea floor.

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Samudrayaan Matsya 6000

Samudrayaan Matsya 6000 Details

Mission Samudrayaan Matsya 6000
Ministry Ministry of Earth Sciences
Minister Dr Jitendra Singh
Type of Mission Manned Mission
Total Explorers in the Submarine 3 Oceanauts
Area to be Explored Central Indian Ocean Basin
Developed by Indian Institute of Ocean Technology
Submarine Name MATSYA 6000
Capable of Going 6 Km Down the Sea Surface
Endurance 12 Hours continuous Operation and Emergency Endurance of 96 Hours
Programme Launched in 2018
Samudrayaan Mission 2024 Launch Date October 2024
Samudrayaan Mission 2024 Budget Rs 8,000 Crore
Duration of the Mission 5 Years
Samudrayaan 2024 Mission Objective To Collect Polymetallic Nodule
Type of Article Tech

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Samudrayaan Mission 2024 Objectives

  • Check out the points below for the Samudrayaan Matsya 6000 2024 Objectives.
  • The primary objective of this mission is to mine polymetallic nodules in the 75,000 SqKM Central Indian Ocean Basin area.
  • Additionally, it seeks to conduct research on the causes of climate change.
  • Additionally, a long-lasting tidal energy plant is intend to be built.
  • In addition, MATSYA 6000 (Submarine) will have 3 Oceanauts on board, and they will all conduct research on the sea floor.
  • Additionally, Matsya 6000 seeks to run continuously for 12 Hours.

MATSYA 6000 Features

  • Check out the MATSYA 6000 features in the previously state areas, and you may learn more about the submarine after that.
  • First off, the Matsya 6000 is capable of carrying three oceanauts for the Deep Sea Exploration Mission and consists of numerous payloads.
  • The Samudrayaan Matsya 6000 Submarine can operate continuously for 12 hours and in extreme situations, it may operate continuously for 96 hours.
  • The MATSYA 6000 was test close to Chennai and descend 600 metres into the sea.
  • Following that, they confirm the mission, and it would shortly be launched far out to sea.

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Samudrayaan Mission 2024 Details

  • You must read the available points below to gain the information about the Samudrayaan Matsya 6000 Mission 2024 Details.
  • First of all, it will carry 3 Oceanauts and is India’s first crew mission for deep sea exploration.
  • Second, a mission has been start to collect polymetallic nodules from the sea floor. This mission will cover a sea floor area of 6000 square metres.
  • According to the knowledge we have, 10% of the PMN can provide India’s energy needs for the next 100 years.
  • The Samudrayaan and Oceanauts will carry out numerous more procedures in addition to this.

Samudrayaan Mission 2024 Budget

  • The Rs 8000 crore budget for the Samudrayaan Mission 2024 would be disperse over a period of five years.
  • 2018 saw the launch of the Deep Sea Exploration Mission, which was overseen by the Ministry of Earth Sciences.
  • In earlier missions, the Indian Institute of Ocean Technology create the MATSYA 6000 Submarine.
  • Additionally, the submarine underwent testing and a trial in the Indian Ocean region close to Chennai, when it descend 600 metres below sea level.
  • The Samudrayaan Mission 2024 Budget would be spent in its various phases in accordance with its needs.

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Deep Ocean Mission 2024 Launch Date

  • The Ministry of Earth Sciences launched the Deep Ocean Mission 2024 in 2018.
  • The Samudrayaan Matsya 6000 2024 Mission, design by the Indian Institute of Ocean Technology, is capable of diving six kilometres beneath the surface of the ocean.
  • Additionally, a sizable budget of Rs 8000 crore has been allocate to this project, which will be use for the Deep Sea Exploration project 2024.
  • For all the most recent information on the Samudrayaan 2024 Mission, keep an eye on this site.
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Samudrayaan Matsya 6000 FAQ’S

What material is the MATSYA 6000 made of?

Made of 80mm-thick titanium alloy, it will be able to withstand a pressure 600 times greater than that at sea level. It relies only on gravity, water, and lithium-ion batteries for power. It will also feature the ultra-short baseline acoustic positioning system (USBL).

Who built MATSYA 6000?

India’s first man submersible call the ‘Matsya 6000’ will carry three people to a depth of 6,000 metres to study deep sea resources. The submersible is being built by the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) under the Samudrayaan project.

What is the mission of MATSYA 6000 Samudrayaan?

After the success of the Chandrayan-3 lunar mission and Aditya L1 solar mission, India is preparing for a deep sea human mission. Under the Samudrayaan mission, three personnel will be launched in a self-propell human-occupied vessel (HOV) call the Matsya-6000 to a depth of six kilometres in 2026.

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