SEBA Re-Checking of Answer Scripts 2024, Streamline Your Results with Online Application Process

SEBA Re-Checking of Answer Scripts:- The eagerly awaited results of the HSLC/AHM Examination, 2024, were just made public by the Board of Secondary Education, Assam (SEBA), and they were released on May 22, 2024, at 10 AM. The SEBA HSLC/AHM Exam, 2024, which was held from March 3rd to April 1st, was designed to assess students’ academic performance.

However, SEBA provides a helpful option for people who may be dissatisfied with their results to recheck their answer scripts. Candidates can utilize this service within the allotted time range thanks to the convenience of online application. Let’s look more closely at the procedure and advantages of using this re-checking option.


SEBA Re-Checking: A Simple & Effortless Procedure

SEBA understands the value of giving students a fair chance to ensure the accuracy of their answers. SEBA is aware of how important it is to evaluate students fairly and accurately in order to gauge their academic development. The SEBA Re-Checking of Answer Scripts provides an answer script re-checking facility to ensure transparency and allay any worries over the exam outcomes.

You can start the re-checking process and have your response scripts examined by following a simple method. The board has established an approachable and user-friendly online application procedure for rechecking answer scripts in order to enable this. Candidates can easily start their re-checking request by following a few simple procedures.

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SEBA Re-Checking: A Simple & Effortless Procedure

SEBA Answer Script Re-Checking Overview

Apply For SEBA Re-Checking of Answer Scripts
Exam HSLC/AHM Exam
Class 10th Class
Official web site Click here
Category Education News
Board SEBA
Result Date 22nd May 2024
Application Process Online
Application Fee Rs.350/-
Start Date 24th May 2024
Last Date 12th June 2024

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Ensuring Accuracy & Fairness for HSLC 2024

SEBA offers a helpful option for SEBA Re-Checking of Answer Scripts if you recently took the HSLC/AHM Examination, 2024 administered by the Board of Secondary Education, Assam (SEBA), and are worried about the validity of your results. You may make sure that your hard work and efforts are properly acknowledged and appraised by using this service. Examining the specifics of the SEBA answer script rechecking procedure will help you understand its advantages.

HSLC/AHM Examination, 2024: Essential Information

  • Name of Exam: HSLC/AHM Examination, 2024
  • Name of Board: Board of Secondary Education, Assam
  • Class Name : 10th Standard
  • Date of Exam: 3rd March to 1st April 2024
  • Type of Exam: Written Examination
  • Total Students: 4,22,174 Students
  • Declaration Date of Result: 22nd May 2024 at 10 AM.

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SEBA Re-Checking Application Fee: Ensuring Accuracy & Fairness

Candidates must pay the appropriate application fee in order to properly complete the online application process for the SEBA’s re-checking of answer scripts. Candidates can choose between applying for re-checking solely or applying for re-checking with a photocopy thanks to SEBA Re-Checking of Answer Scripts alternatives. You should be aware that the application fee varies depending on the option you select. The specifics of the charges that apply are as follows:

Re-Checking of Answer Script

Candidates have to pay Rs.350/- as each subject.

Photocopy of Answer Script with Re-Checking

Candidates have to pay Rs.550/- as each subject.

The Payment Method

Candidates must pay the aforementioned application cost using online payment options. There will be no free applications accepted.

Ensuring Accuracy & Transparency

Candidates must be aware that the SEBA Re-Checking of Answer Scripts process does not entail a comprehensive re-evaluation of the answer script. Rechecking involves the following processes and is primarily focused on particular aspects:

Re-totalling of Marks

The marks given by the examiner are meticulously recalculated during re-checking to ensure accuracy. This procedure aids in finding any potential mistakes or inconsistencies in the initial marking.

Assessment of Un-evaluated Answers

During the second check, all answers that were mistakenly overlooked during the initial evaluation are carefully examined. This makes sure that each response is properly evaluated and taken into account.

Correction of Marking Errors

During the second round of inspection, any differences that may have occurred due to human error or other causes are resolved. By doing this, you can sure that the grades will be submitted correctly and appear in the final product.

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Communication of Re-Checking Results & Issuance of Marks Sheet/ Certificates

Following the conclusion of the re-checking procedure, SEBA will formally notify the applicant of the outcomes. It is crucial to remember that the board strives to notify applicants of the SEBA Re-Checking of Answer Scripts within 30 days after the latest date the application was received.

Candidates must submit the original mark sheets or certificates to the board office through the head of the relevant school in the case that there are any modifications to the marks. An acknowledgment from the institution’s leader should included with the submission. The updated marks sheet and certificates will issued by SEBA upon verification and receipt of the original papers.

It is important to keep in mind that SEBA will not deliver the mark sheets or certificates to the school, the candidate, or any other organisation directly. It is the candidate’s duty to deliver the original paperwork to the board office via the principal of the relevant institution.

The re-checking procedure guarantees openness and gives applicants the chance to rectify any potential inaccuracies or omissions in the initial assessment. SEBA strives to preserve accuracy and impartiality in the evaluation of students’ performance by adhering to the specified practises and instructions.

It is advised to consult the official SEBA communications or website for the most current and up-to-date information regarding the re-checking process as the information provided above is base on general principles.

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How To Check SEBA Re-Checking of Answer Scripts 2024 Online?

Candidates can quickly finish the application process online by following these steps if they want to apply for the re-checking of their answer scripts through SEBA Re-Checking of Answer Scripts:

Visit the Official SEBA Website

Visit the SEBA, Assam official website to informed about the most recent notices and details on re-checking. All relevant links and updates regarding the re-checking procedure can found primarily on the official website.

Locate the Re-Checking Portal

Look for the “Important Link” section at the bottom of the internet page as you scroll down. Locate the SEBA Rechecking Portal link in this section, and then click it. You will directed to the official web page for the rechecking procedure as a result.

Read and Understand the Instructions

Take the time to carefully read and comprehend all of the instructions offered once you have accessed the re-checking site. Before moving on with the application, pay special attention to the details and compile the necessary documents and information.

Fill in Roll Code and Roll Number

Fill out the appropriate fields in the “Apply Now” section of the portal with your Roll Code and Roll Number. These specifics are essential for correctly identifying and handling your application.

Select Re-Checking Option

Select whether you wish to submit the graded answer scripts for re-checking just or for photocopying along with re-checking. Depending on your needs and tastes, choose the best solution.

Subject Selection

List the subjects for which you want to request a recheck or a photocopy along with a recheck. To prevent confusion or inconsistencies, be sure to accurately choose the subjects.

Upload Admit Card

Upload your admit card in either.jpeg,.jpg, or.png format by scanning it and uploading it to the portal. The file should not exceed 500 KB. This process is necessary to authenticate your identity and approve your application.

Provide Contact Details

In the field provided, provide the necessary contact information. Verify the information’s accuracy a second time to avoid processing problems or delays. Applications that are not processed because of inaccurate information submitted by candidates are not the responsibility of SEBA Re-Checking of Answer Scripts.

Review the Information

Examine each and every detail you included in your application carefully. Before moving on to the following stage, make sure that all of the information is correct and comprehensive.

Make Payment

To continue with the online payment process, click the “CONFIRM AND PAY ONLINE” option. On the online payment page, fill out the essential information as directed. Click the “Pay Now” button in the bottom right corner of the page to confirm your payment. It is blue in colour.

Obtain ARN Number

Your Application Receipt Number (ARN) will sent to the registered mobile number of your account following a successful payment. Save the payment invoice on your computer for future reference.

Check Application Status

On the SEBA website, you can use the ARN to look up the progress of your application. Keep track of the development of your application for rechecking.

SEBA Re-Checking Important Dates

Application Start Date 24th May 2024
Application Last Date 12th June 2024
Result Declaration Date Notified Later
WhatsApp Group.          
Telegram Group              

SEBA Re-Checking of Answer Scripts FAQ’S

Is SEBA easier than CBSE?

CBSE is harder than State sheets in contrast with scoring great. It is more straightforward to get a 90% in state board than contrasted with in CBSE. State boards should be taken into consideration if you want better grades.

What is the pass characteristic of Seba?

To pass the SEBA tenth Outcome 2024, understudies should accomplish the base good grades set by the board. In order to pass, you must get at least 30% of the grade in each subject and in the whole.

How do I check the HSLC exam paper again?

Candidates who wish to have their evaluated Answer Scripts re-checked must submit an application via the SEBA’s online portal at and select the link “APPLY FOR RE-CHECKING OR PHOTOCOPY WITH RE-CHECKING OF ANSWER SCRIPTS,” along with any applicable fees, within twenty (twenty) days.

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