Aprilia RS440 Price in India 2024, Booking, Features, Colour, Waiting Time

Aprilia RS440:- The sportbike arena is one that demands unbridled performance, cutting-edge technology, and a touch of passion. In this realm, Aprilia has long been synonymous with excellence, crafting motorcycles that seamlessly blend power, innovation, and aesthetics.

The year 2024 sees the dawn of a new era as Aprilia introduces the eagerly anticipated RS440, a sportbike that promises to redefine the standards of sport riding. In this article, we delve into the standout features, design aesthetics, advanced technology, and the sheer thrill of the Aprilia RS440 2024, exploring how it represents a harmonious fusion of performance and passion.


Aprilia RS440

What's In the Article

The Aprilia RS440 2024 is more than a motorcycle; it’s a work of art that embodies the brand’s commitment to visual excellence. Its design is characterized by sleek lines, dynamic angles, and a sense of purpose that exudes both power and sophistication.

The aerodynamic fairing not only enhances the motorcycle’s visual appeal but also optimizes its performance by minimizing air resistance.

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Aprilia RS440 Price in India 2023, Booking, Features, Colour, Waiting Time

Aprilia RS440 Details

Name of the vehicle Company Aprilia
Vehicle Name Aprilia RS440
Article about Aprilia RS440 Price in India 2024 Booking, Features, Colour, Waiting Time
Category Bike News
Website www.aprilia.com

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The twin LED headlights not only lend the Aprilia RS440 its signature look but also provide exceptional visibility, ensuring safety during night rides. Every contour, every curve is a testament to Aprilia’s dedication to creating a motorcycle that’s not only visually stunning but also aerodynamically efficient.


At the heart of the Aprilia RS440 lies a high-performance engine that’s engineered to deliver an exhilarating ride. The 440cc powerplant generates a potent combination of horsepower and torque, translating into swift acceleration and thrilling speed. Whether it’s conquering straightaways or carving through corners, the RS440’s engine offers precision performance that’s the essence of sport riding.

The sport-tuned suspension and chassis contribute to the motorcycle’s exceptional handling capabilities. The RS440 is not just about raw power; it’s about control and responsiveness. With each twist of the throttle, riders experience a symphony of power, control, and a connection between rider and machine that’s at the core of sportbike passion.

Advanced Features

The Aprilia RS440 isn’t just a motorcycle; it’s a showcase of cutting-edge technology. The digital instrument cluster provides riders with a wealth of information, from speed and gear position to fuel level and engine diagnostics. This high-resolution display ensures that riders remain informed while immersing themselves in the riding experience.

Furthermore, the RS440 comes equipped with advanced rider-assistance systems that enhance safety and performance. Rider modes allow for customizable performance characteristics, adapting the motorcycle’s behavior to suit different riding conditions. This level of technology speaks to Aprilia’s commitment to creating a motorcycle that’s not only exhilarating to ride but also intelligent and intuitive.

Comfort, Ergonomics and Handling

Sport riding requires a motorcycle that seamlessly blends performance with rider comfort, and the Aprilia RS440 achieves this balance flawlessly. The ergonomics are designed to encourage an aggressive yet comfortable riding posture, allowing riders to fully engage with the machine without sacrificing comfort.

The suspension setup is finely tuned to provide a smooth ride, absorbing road imperfections and ensuring optimal traction during high-speed maneuvers. Whether cruising on open highways or attacking twisty backroads, the RS440’s handling and comfort guarantee an engaging and enjoyable ride.

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Safety and Craftsmanship

Safety is paramount in any sportbike, and the Aprilia RS440 is engineered with this principle at its core. Advanced braking systems, including antilock technology, ensure consistent stopping power and stability, enhancing rider confidence even in demanding situations.

Furthermore, the craftsmanship that goes into creating the RS440 is a testament to Aprilia’s commitment to engineering excellence. Every component is crafted with precision, resulting in a motorcycle that’s not only high-performing but also reliable and built to last.

Defining Sport Riding: A New Chapter

The debut of the Aprilia RS440 2024 is a momentous occasion in the realm of sport motorcycles. It’s a motorcycle that redefines what’s possible, offering riders an extraordinary blend of performance, technology, and style. As the RS440 takes to the streets and racetracks, it’s poised to leave an indelible mark on the sport riding landscape.

The motorcycle’s arrival is more than just a technological feat. It’s an invitation to riders to embrace the thrill of speed, to explore the boundaries of their skills, and to embark on journeys that are as unforgettable as they are thrilling. The Aprilia RS440 beckons riders to experience the poetry of power. The symphony of precision, and the artistry of sport riding.

Aprilia RS440 Specification

As far as execution, the Aprilia RS440 is suppose to be fuel by a 450cc, liquid cool, equal twin motor. This engine will be connected to a six-speed gearbox and produce an inexact result of 48bhp and gloat a normal maximum speed of 180kmph. In the interim, the equipment, as seen on the test donkey of this bike, will incorporate topsy turvy front forks and a back mono-shock to deal with the suspension obligations. The slowing down arrangement will contain single circles on the two wheels. While the wellbeing net ought to incorporate double channel ABS.

Body Type Sports Bikes

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The Aprilia RS440 expected price is Rs 3.30 lakh to 3.60 lakh and it launch to be in Oct. 2024. The Aprilia RS440 2024 isn’t just a motorcycle; it’s a testament to Aprilia’s legacy of excellence. Its fusion of cutting-edge technology, breathtaking design, and exhilarating performance reflects the brand’s unwavering dedication to delivering motorcycles that surpass expectations.

How to book Online Aprilia RS440?

Booking the Aprilia RS440 online can be a convenient and straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Research and Choose the Dealership: Start by researching authorized Aprilia dealerships or official websites in your region or country. Ensure that the dealership you choose is legitimate and authorized to sell Aprilia motorcycles.
  2. Check Availability: Once you’ve found a suitable dealership or website, check the availability of the Aprilia RS440. Some dealerships may have the bike readily available, while others might require you to pre-order or wait for stock availability.
  3. Visit the Official Website (If applicable): If Aprilia offers online booking directly through their official website, visit their site and navigate to the booking or product page for the Aprilia RS440.
  4. Contact the Dealership (If applicable): If the dealership doesn’t have an online booking system. You can contact them directly through phone or email to inquire about the booking process. They will guide you through the necessary steps.
  5. Fill out the Booking Form: If you’re booking through the official website. You will likely be require to fill out a booking form. This form may ask for your personal details, contact information, address, and possibly some identification documents.
  6. Select the Model and Variants: Choose the specific model and variant of the Aprilia RS440 you want to purchase. Verify all the details, including color options, features, and accessories.


When riders mount the RS440, they’re not just climbing onto a machine. They’re entering a realm of pure exhilaration. Where every twist of the throttle evokes a surge of adrenaline and every corner invites mastery. The motorcycle isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a canvas for self-expression, a vessel for excitement, and a tribute to the essence of sport riding.

In a world that’s constantly evolving, the Aprilia RS440 stands as a timeless reminder of the thrill of speed, the allure of precision, and the beauty of a machine that’s been meticulously engineer for the pursuit of performance. It’s a promise of limitless adventures, heart-pounding escapades, and the enduring legacy of sport riding. With each acceleration, the RS440 forges a path into the future of sport motorcycles, inviting riders to join in the pursuit of excellence and the art of riding on the edge.

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Aprilia RS440 FAQ’S

What is the top speed of Aprilia 440?

Aprilia RS 440 Coming Soon | Launch Date, Expected Price, Top Speed & Specifications | BikeWale. The Aprilia RS 440 was spied testing recently in India. The RS 440 is expected to feature a 440cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin motor that is likely to produce 48bhp and is expected to have a top speed of 180kmph.

How much horsepower does the Aprilia RS 440 have?

Aprilia RS 440 is powered by a 440 CC Parallel-twin engine. The powerful engine produces 8.1hp @ 7250rpm and 8.7 Nm @ 5750rpm, ensuring the user gets the smoothest drive-off experience.

What is the price of Aprilia RS440?

Post its reveal, Aprilia USA will likely bring the RS 440 here by early 2024 at a near-$6,000 MSRP, right in line with the $5,899 RC 390 and $5,299 Ninja 400.

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