Google Pixel 7a review: a flagship-killing camera champ

Google Pixel 7a review – While talking almost smartphone brands within the high-end lead portion, Google’s title as it were finds a specify after the likes of Samsung and Apple. Be that as it may, the Mountain View-based tech giant’s A-series phones, which are moderately more reasonable, have picked up critical consideration, particularly in India. I have with me the Google Pixel 7a, a successor to final year’s popular Pixel 6a (review).

A quick look at the spec sheet appears that the Pixel 7a isn’t all that diverse from the regular Pixel 7 (review). In any case, the unused A arrangement phone carries a sticker cost of Rs 43,999, which is lower than what the Pixel 7 is as of now retailing for. In this survey, let’s discover out in case the Pixel 7a can be your every day driver and how diverse it as as compared to the normal Pixel 7.

Google Pixel 7a review 2023

What's In the Article

With the launch of the Pixel 7a, Google have overhauled and made strides on their mid-range arrangement – not as it were in terms of processor choice, but moreover with brand-new highlights. Moreover, the Android smartphone is beyond any doubt to awe much obliged to its extraordinary battery life and long overhaul supply. The Google Pixel 7a is the coordinate successor to final year’s Pixel 6a.

As anticipated, the web giant’s mid-range smartphone has acquired both of its more seasoned siblings’ SoC a veritable high-end chipset. Aside from this, Google have moved forward on a entirety part more: The phone’s OLED screen presently contains a higher revive rate which is able lead to a smoother picture, remote charging capabilities and the USB harbour has been given a makeover, as well. This all implies the phone isn’t as well distant behind the Pixel 7 now.

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Google Pixel 7a

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About Google Pixel 7a

The Google Pixel 7a borrows its plan from its forerunner, the Pixel 6a – but it is presently accessible within the colors Ocean (light blue), Charcoal (dark), Snow (white) and Coral. The last mentioned is our test device’s color. It features a not too bad show to surface range proportion of 81 per cent – its bezels, in any case, are certainly thicker than both of the more costly models. Indeed so, the Pixel 7a could be a comparatively compact smartphone. The back of the Google smartphone is presently made of a 3D thermally shaped plastic, which looks and feels comparative to glass. As it were once you compare them closely do you take note this fabric being a small more gloomy. The front is ensured by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and the aluminum utilized within the case is 100 per cent reused.

The phone’s construct is nice. On the off chance that you attempt to turn it, it as it were squeaks a small and there are no obvious crevices on the gadget. As it were the back of the case contains a marginally greater jabber between the best of the camera module and the outline. The SIM card opening is nearly consistently associated to the outline and the cover as it were contrasts marginally in color from the rest of the case. The Pixel 7a’s battery is immovably coordinates into the case and cannot be exchanged out yourself. The smartphone is IP67 certified – meaning it is clean confirmation and ensured against the occasional submersion in new water.

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Google Pixel 7a Price in India 2023

Both the Pixel 7a and Pixel 7 share the basic perspectives of a Pixel phone, counting exceptional picture preparing, AI-driven highlights, a energetic show, and conventional battery life. Whereas the Pixel 7 is as of now estimated at Rs 49,999 on Flipkart, the Pixel 7a is accessible at a more reasonable cost of Rs 43,999, making it an alluring alternative for those looking for a top-notch smartphone involvement from Google.

Google Pixel 7a Features

In the event that there’s one thing that has ended up inexhaustibly clear it’s that the Pixel 7a isn’t that distinctive from the normal Pixel 7. Differences lie as it were within the screen assurance forthright, the determination of the pictures snapped, the IP rating, and the need of a 256GB capacity variation. I feel that for most clients such contrasts can ended up irrelevant when talking almost the smartphone encounter as a entirety. Of course, the Pixel 7a misses out on effective preparing capabilities, and its charging speeds are none as well incredible compared to other counterparts like the OnePlus 11R. All things considered, in case you’re within the advertise for quality point-and-shoot photography and a superlative Android involvement, at that point the Pixel 7a would be the way to go.

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Design and display

The Pixel 7a’s construct quality doesn’t feel as well diverse from the Pixel 7. It contains a back board with a shiny wrap up and matte-finished aluminum rails, comparative to the Pixel 7 in spite of the fact that the development is plastic rather than glass. In reality, as distant as measurements go, there’s essentially no distinction between the two. Even the camera visor on the back extends from one end to the other, features a metallic wrap up, and houses two camera sensors at the side a streak.

Two of the three color variations on the Pixel 7a, Charcoal and Snow, can moreover be found on the handset’s more seasoned kin. It would be simple to botch one phone for the other indeed for a prepared smartphone devotee such as myself. In terms of assurance, the Pixel 7a has an IP67 rating, as against the Pixel 7 which gloats a rating of IP68.


In the event that the Pixel phones are known most for anything, it is their image-taking ability. Whereas not harboring the foremost noteworthy of camera equipment, Google’s background computational calculations improve the ultimate shot to an extraordinary degree. The same is genuine for the Pixel 7a which includes a 64MP essential shooter (higher determination than the Pixel 7’s 50MP snapper) and a 13MP ultra-wide sensor. Once more, it things not what sensor is packed into the back of the 7a. The ultimate result, after having gone through Google’s AI wizardry, is what we are here for and boy does the handset convey.

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Performance and software

The smartphone is fueled by the same custom Tensor G2 SoC that Google presented on its lead Pixel 7 lineup. By no implies is the gadget a execution monster and I think the company does not expected it to be as well. In any case, the G2 is tuned to upgrade the foundation machine learning and computational chops that Pixel phones have gotten to be so capable at in later times. The Pixel 7a will not discover the finest asylum in benchmark numbers. Geek bench 5 by and large denied to download or sideload on the gadget. Antutu V9 returned a score of 717,397 and on the CPU Throttle test the gadget kept up fair 58 percent of its peak performance. Heavy-duty gaming is additionally not the finest with the phone’s graphical yield being constrained.


The Pixel 7a really has almost the same battery capacity as the Pixel 7 at 4,385mAh but it charges fair a bit slower at 18W. In terms of the by and large battery life, the 7a endures approximately six hours on a full charge, which I discover more than worthy for its estimate. Of course, this doesn’t involve any extraordinary GPU movement, which is likely to deplete the battery quickly. Juicing up the phone takes a few time, two hours to be correct, and after you see competitor handsets topping up in less than 30 minutes, the Pixel 7a’s charging can feel very moderate. In any case, I do appreciate the Pixel 7a counting remote charging, a highlight which needs in this cost extend.


Google Pixel 7a is a great option. With its stunning OLED display, impressive camera system, and long battery life, this phone has everything you need to stay connected and productive on-the-go. And with up to 17 hours of battery life, you can use your phone all day without worrying about running out of power. In addition to its hardware features, the Google Pixel 7a also comes with the latest version of Android software, providing access to a wide range of apps and features. Plus, as a Google product, it receives regular software updates and security patches, ensuring that your device stays up-to-date and protected. Google Pixel 7a is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and feature-packed smartphone at an affordable price point.

Google Pixel 7a review FAQ’S

Is Google Pixel 7a worth buying?

The Google Pixel 7A is a worthy purchase, however, it may not cater to everyone's needs as its processor isn't as powerful. This could be disappointing considering its price tag of Rs 43,999. Nevertheless, if you are looking for exceptional camera quality, advanced software features, wireless charging capabilities and an IP67 rating, then the Pixel 7A should definitely be on your list of options.

Is Pixel 7a overpriced?

Between the two, the Pixel 7 was launched at Rs. 59,999, but can now be found at around Rs. 55,999 online, making it more accessible than any of its predecessors.

Is Pixel 7a waterproof?

The Ingress Protection rating system rates the Pixel 7a as IP67, with a dust rating of 6 (highest protection level) and a water resistance rating of 7 (can resist water up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes). However, it's important to note that even with this classification, the device is not completely resistant to water damage in all situations.

Do Pixel phones overheat?

As per a report from 9to5Google on Monday, some users of the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 6 devices have reported facing battery drain and overheating problems after installing the May 2023 security patch.

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