How To Delete WazirX Account in Android Phone?

How To Delete WazirX Account in Android Phone – If you’re feeling frustrated with WazirX and want to get rid of your account for good, this guide is for you. In this article, we’ll walk you through the simple steps necessary to delete your WazirX account from your Android phone. We’ll also discuss the various reasons why you might want to do this and provide a list of tips on how to make the process as smooth as possible. So whether you’re just looking to cancel your subscription or permanently delete your account, this guide has everything you need.

One of the most widely used crypto exchange platforms, WazirX lets you trade a variety of coins and cryptocurrencies using your national currency. Users can buy cryptocurrencies by depositing money into exchanges. WazirX works on the same platform, and you can use a bank transfer to send money to the app. Your WazirX wallet receives the money, which can be used to purchase various cryptocurrencies. However, many new WazirX app users are confused about how to delete their account. Don’t worry if you’ve been curious about the same thing; here’s everything you need to know.


How To Delete WazirX Account in Android Phone?

What's In the Article

If you’re unhappy with WazirX and want to remove your account from our platform, this is the article for you. In this guide, we’ll show you how to delete your WazirX account from your Android phone. We’ll also provide tips on how to prevent future issues and keep your personal data safe and secure. So whether you want to cancel your subscription or simply want to remove your account from our platform, this guide will help you get started. Thank you for reading!

Numerous WazirX users frequently seek instructions on how to delete their accounts from the app. This is due to the difficulty of comprehending cryptocurrency and the possibility that users will find other apps more useful. The decision to close your WazirX account is final and cannot be undone. Therefore, we recommend that you close all open orders and withdraw funds from the WazirX app prior to beginning the process of permanently closing your WazirX account. You can then submit a request for the closure of your account by clicking this link: Submit a Request. However, the organization will keep some of your personal information for audit and compliance purposes in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

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How To Delete WazirX Account in Android Phone

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How To Delete WazirX Account in Android Phone Details

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About WazirX App

WazirX is one of the oldest crypto trading apps and was launched on March 18. It was founded by Nischal Shetty. The Indian government outlawed cryptocurrency trading in India shortly after WazirX went live. As a result, WazirX initiated peer-to-peer trading, more commonly referred to as P2P trading, in which individuals exchanged crypto without the use of money. Users of WazirX must be aware that they must successfully complete the KYC procedure before they can begin trading crypto.

How To Delete WazirX Account in Android Phone?

If you’re looking to delete your WazirX account on your Android phone, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll provide instructions on how to delete your WazirX account from your Android phone using the most common mobile operating systems. We’ll also discuss the different ways in which you can delete your WazirX account if you’re using a different mobile platform. So whether you’re using an Android phone or a different mobile platform, this article will help you delete your WazirX account easily and quickly.

WazirX Charges

  • Every transaction incurs a commission of 0.2% from WazirX. According to the organization, the 0.2% rate is one of the world’s lowest crypto exchange commission rates.
  • Additionally, users should be aware that making deposits and withdrawals from the app may incur fees. The cost of making a bank transfer deposit is Rs. 5.9, whereas the cost to withdraw money from the app ranges from Rs. 5 to 10, based on the withdrawal method used.


Digital money exchange is a wild business universally, with a huge number of individuals putting resources into the exchange. The computerize installment office uses an extraordinary installment arrangement of the distribute framework. Digital currency doesn’t include a bank interaction to execute reserves. The framework permits clients to send and get assets from anyplace whenever. A web-based business includes advance coins. The web contains in excess of 2,000 kinds of digital currencies. For instance, Bitcoin, WazirX, Ethereum and then some.

WazirX is a well known cryptographic money trade in India. Huge number of Indian occupants put their assets in WazirX for better returns. WazirX is creating and has start its token, to be specific the WRX coin. Enrolled clients’ exchange utilizing the WRX coin. It’s likewise given share (P2P) digital currency exchanges. This implies exchanging one-on-one (individuals to individuals) where clients purchase, sell and exchange through the WazirX stage.

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How To Delete WazirX Account?

Let’s say a WazirX customer want to close their account. They need to take the money out of the account and look for important information. To clear the account, the user can use the email process or make a verbal request. However, the account can also be remove from a device.

Deleting WazirX Using IPhone Device

  • The WazirX application is select by clicking on it on the apps.
  • Hole the application until it begins to shake and displays an X on top.
  • A confirmation to delete the app will appear on the screen when you click the “X.”
  • For the process to be finish, click the delete button.


  • Select “General” from the settings page for your iPhone.
  • Open every app that is install on your device by going to “iPhone storage.”
  • Click the “Delete WazirX” tab after selecting the WazirX app.
  • Accept the request and remove the application permanently.

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Delete WazirX App Using an Android Phone

  • Navigate to the app store on Google Play.
  • Select “My apps and Games” from the menu.
  • The available app will be display on the screen by the system.
  • Select the “uninstall” option for the WazirX app.

How To Delete WazirX App From The App Settings?

  • Go to the settings page for the
  • The support and contact us sections are next.
  • The choice will launch a brand-new application-specific website page.
  • Move on to the “Contact Us” section.
  • Obtain the contact form and provide the necessary information and justifications for deleting the WazirX account.
  • Complete the form and patiently await a response.
  • The specifics will be examined by the appropriate officers before the delete request is process.
  • The register email address will receive a confirmation email.

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Fee and Charges on WazirX Account

The platform has establish fees for the register user’s actions.

  • Withdrawal of funds Rs.5 to 10
  • Depositing funds Rs. 5.9 for every transaction.
  • Commission of 0.2% commission on every transaction.
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If you’re feeling frustrated with WazirX and want to take some action to remove your account, this guide will help you do just that. We’ll walk you through the process of deleting your WazirX account on your Android phone, step by step. By following these simple instructions, you’ll be able to remove your account and any associated data with ease. So if you’re ready to get rid of WazirX for good, read on to learn how to do just that!

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