HP Victus 16 review: an incremental update

HP Victus 16 review – HP presented the Victus series final year as a unused standard tablet brand nearby the Sign and Structure gaming lineups. Not at all like most gaming-focused scratch pad on the advertise, it highlights an awfully downplayed plan. But with a assortment of setups to select from, it has the potential to compete with most entry-level and mid-tier performance-oriented scratch pad.

In truth, you ought to check out our review of the Victus 16 powered by Intel’s 11th-gen CPUs from final year. This year the company has revived the arrangement with the most recent Intel 12th-gen and AMD Ryzen 6000 series CPUs. I got a chance to check out the 16-inch variation powered by the modern Ryzen 7 6800H and here’s what my encounter was like.

HP Victus 16 review 2023

What's In the Article

HP’s Victus 16 may be a shockingly strong and effective gaming tablet that keeps up with the most recent diversions at a more reasonable cost. For the uninitiated, Victus is HP’s line of gaming-focused portable workstations that have marginally less control than the Omen series, but are more budget-friendly. It’s been a year since the HP Victus 16 was to begin with discharged and a bit like what HP planning.

It points to be a more reasonable alternative as compared to their Omen series but without relinquishing as well much.  And HP beautiful much accomplished that with sensible victory. So this year, we have it with upgraded internals on both the AMD and Intel forms. AMD Ryzen 6000 series and Intel 12th-Gen. We have the previous here and to cut to the chase, typically still exceptionally much a incredible reasonable gaming laptop but certainly do choose the proper one. Without assist ado, let’s conversation approximately this.

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HP Victus 16 review

HP Victus 16 Details

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About HP Victus 16

The HP Victus 16 is the primary passage in HP’s modern Victus line of gaming tablets, which appear expecting to be more reasonable options to HP’s existing Sign gaming tablets. But do not let that dim your intrigued: configurable with the most recent CPUs from Intel and AMD furthermore a few of the most smoking Nvidia GeForce RTX 30-series design cards, the HP Victus 16 is more than respectable as a gaming machine. If you’re seeking out for transportability, in any case, the Victus is difficult to suggest over other gaming tablets on the showcase. Furthermore, it has a few plan issues that make it a bit irritating to utilize on a every day premise without stopping in a reasonable number of peripherals.

This HP Victus 16 audit will diagram this laptop’s qualities and highlight its shortcomings, which are surmountable but eventually keep it from claiming a spot on our list of the best gaming tablets you’ll be able purchase. The Victus is accessible for arrange specifically from HP’s website, as well as at third-party retailers like Newegg and Best Purchase. The two built-in fans keep the machine pleasant and cool indeed in high-performance circumstances, and with three USB-A ports, one USB-C harbor, an HDMI out and indeed an Ethernet harbour, it’s got bounty of alternatives for stopping stuff in. Hell, I’ve looked at desktops that taken a toll as much as this portable workstation and do not have as numerous ports.

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HP Victus 16 Price in India 2023

The Victus is accessible for plan straightforwardly from HP’s website, as well as at third-party retailers like Newegg and Best Purchase. The base arrangement begins at Rs. 59,999, but that show comes with an more seasoned Nvidia GPU. To urge a demonstrate with one of the most recent Nvidia GeForce RTX 30-series laptop cards.

HP Victus 16 Features

The Victus 16 sports an downplayed dim silver chassis that features a part going for it. The two built-in fans keep the machine pleasant and cool indeed in high-performance circumstances, and with three USB-A ports, one USB-C harbor, an HDMI out and indeed an Ethernet harbour, it’s got bounty of choices for stopping stuff in. Hell, I’ve looked at desktops that taken a toll as much as this portable workstation and do not have as numerous ports. The Victus 16’s plan does have a few issues, in spite of the fact that. For starters, the laptop’s sharp, calculated tasteful sets with the enormous sans serif V embellished on the best of the case to provide the Victus a vibe that shoots straight past “genuine gaming machine and approaches company laptop for an fiendish enterprise in a sci-fi motion picture.

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HP is utilizing the same chassis from final year, so there aren’t a part of changes. The tablet is accessible in Mica Silver which may be a dim dim wrap up, whereas the Intel variation comes with a imply of blue that the company calls “Performance blue”. For a 16-inch note pad it looks a parcel like a 15-incher, but weighing 2.48kgs, it could be a heavy machine and I wouldn’t prescribe this on the off chance that you’re searching for something that’s simple to carry around. There are no shinning lights or colored complements, fair a straightforward glossy embellished ‘V’ logo on the top and a few branding close the pivot.

And whereas I do appreciate the non-flashy, clean aesthetics, the construct quality doesn’t feel amazing. The whole tablet is secured in a matte plastic wrap up which feels great to the touch. HP says that it has utilized post-consumer reused and ocean-bound plastics within the development of speaker lodging and cover. Whereas that might make you’re feeling great around supportability, the in general construct quality isn’t what I would call premium. The edges and corners feel sharp and the pivot component is ineffectively executed as the screen wobbles way more than it ought to.


The show on the Victus 16 measures at 16.1-inches with full HD determination with bolster for up to 144Hz revive rate. It’s a really standard-looking board with a appraised brightness of 250 nits, in spite of the fact that it doesn’t see exceptionally gloomy. HP as it were records 45 percent scope of NTSC, but since it is the same board as final year, anticipate color array scope of 65 percent sRGB and approximately 50 percent Adobe RGB. Basically it isn’t that dynamic, but it doesn’t see awful.

Having said that, this show isn’t reasonable for imaginative errands like photo or video altering where color precision is vital. The response times appear a bit moderate and there’s a bit of ghosting whereas playing fast-paced recreations. By and large, it is at standard with most gaming laptops that are accessible in this run. It isn’t the leading, but unquestionably not the most noticeably awful show that I have tried.

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Keyboard and trackpad

The console spreads pleasantly over the deck and comes with a devoted number cushion. The format is comparable to final year which incorporates five columns of regular-sized keys with a thin push on best for the work keys. The keys come with white backlighting, with clear and sharp letters, in spite of the fact that I wish the brightness was movable as there’s as it were the choice to either turn it on or off. The writing encounter was great with a satisfying travel separate and in general the keys are not very loud.

You are doing conclusion up straining your wrists due to the sharp edges of the laptop, but a part depends on the situation of your hands. The trackpad is nice and huge and feels responsive. It isn’t the foremost premium encounter in terms of the wrap up, and the cleared out and right clicks feel lovely normal.

Software and performance

The laptop comes with Windows 11 preloaded as well as a huge chuck of bloatware. Separated from numerous devices and utilities from HP, the tablet came with McAfee antivirus, Blast and Olufsen sound control and, for a few abnormal reason, Express VPN. Separated from those, the portable workstation moreover comes with the Sign Gaming center, which lets you switch between execution modes and screen the center equipment. It too encompasses a center for all your diversions, a rewards area, a garbage records remover, and a bunch of other things that do not truly have a genuine reason.

On best of that, the program feels like a placeholder for HP’s branding, which I by and by didn’t discover exceptionally engaging. Coming down to the center execution, the survey unit that I got included the AMD Ryzen 7 6800H, which is one of the most recent versatile processors from the company. It comes with eight centers and 16 strings, and can clock up to 4.7GHz.


The HP Victus 16 is a powerful gaming laptop that offers impressive performance and a sleek design. The laptop is equipped with the latest Intel processors and NVIDIA graphics, ensuring fast and responsive gameplay. It also features a comfortable keyboard with RGB lighting, allowing you to customize your gaming setup to your liking. In terms of connectivity, the HP Victus 16 offers a range of ports including USB-C and HDMI, making it easy to connect to external devices. Overall, if you’re in the market for a reliable gaming laptop that delivers top-notch performance, the HP Victus 16 is definitely worth considering.

HP Victus 16 review FAQ’S

Is HP Victus 16 worth it?

The HP Victus is excellent as a workstation. Its Intel Core i5-11400H CPU and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 dedicated GPU can handle heavy workloads like video editing and 3D animation. If you need even better performance, you can configure it with a more powerful Core i7 and RTX 3060.

Is HP Victus PC good?

The HP Victus 15L has enough gaming power for 1080p titles and eSports inside a compact, good-looking case, and elsewhere it has quiet operation and a reasonably low price. It's an unfussy, basic gaming PC, but you'll get a better case, motherboard and selection of components if you shop around elsewhere.

Is HP Victus 16 good for students?

Victus PCs are solid and robust computers created with gaming in mind; they have a fast processor and a dedicated graphics card. And, since gaming PCs are more reliable and have a higher performance than regular computers, Victus PCs provide students with a seamless user experience while multitasking without lagging.

Is HP Victus 16 future proof?

Most other Laptops with RTX 3060 that are affordable have a low TDP which brings down the overall gaming performance. However, this Laptop doesn't compromise anything. And lastly, it is future proof.

Does HP Victus last long?

HP Victus 15 has a short two-hour battery life even when on the lowest power settings. Despite its large 70 Wh battery pack, the Victus 15 lasts for just a fraction of most other gaming laptops when running on battery power.

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