IOT Analyst Certification BY Jigsaw Academy in 2024, Fees, Course, Eligibility, Admission, Syllabus

IOT Analyst Certification:- Internet of Things (IOT) devices have the potential to provide enterprises access to a whole new level of data and improve the lives of users in the future. Organisations can examine and gather data from sensors by combining IOT with analytics.

Jigsaw Academy’s IOT Analyst Certification Course was intentionally created using a commercial approach that combines IOT and Analytics.


IOT Analyst Certification

The three courses that make up the IOT Analyst Certification Programme offer insights into a variety of IOT system-related topics, including data cleansing, data collecting, exploratory analysis, and final analysis. The certification programme also explains how advanced analytics and machine learning techniques can be applied to IOT data to create sophisticated IOT solutions.

For the convenience of the students, Jigsaw Academy also offers an IOT Analyst Certificate at the conclusion of the course and offers the option of online self-paced learning. For the IOT Analyst Certification programme, Jigsaw Academy will also provide learning resources like a capstone project, online Q&A discussions, access to mobile apps, case studies, and an IOT Hardware Kit.

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IOT Analyst Certification

IOT Analyst Certification Details

Article Name IOT Analyst Certification BY Jigsaw Academy
Year 2024
Category Courses
Official site

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Course And Certificate Fees


₹ 35,200

The cost of the IOT Analyst Certification Course, which includes the Programme Fee and GST, is listed below:

IOT Analyst Certification Fee Structure

Course Name Fee in INR
IOT Analyst Certification Rs. 35,200
Taxes Rs. 6,336
Total Fee Rs. 41,536

Eligibility criteria

Jigsaw Academy’s courses are perfect for students of various educational levels and backgrounds. Students do not require any prior analytics or IOT skills in order to enroll in the IOT Analyst Certification training. Students from non-IT backgrounds are welcome to apply and take this course to learn about IOT analytics.

However, because the course’s subject matter is quantitative, having a rudimentary understanding of arithmetic, statistics, or coding will offer students an advantage.

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Certificate Qualifying Details

You must also complete the program’s curriculum and take the course certification exam in order to be eligible for the IOT Analyst Certification. After you pass the test, Jigsaw Academy will provide you the certificate within a month.

What you will learn

Knowledge of it industry

You will own the following when you have finished the Jigsaw Academy IOT Analyst Certification Course:

  • The ability to offer perceptions into data collection, preliminary analysis, cleaning, preparing, and concluding analysis for IOT systems.
  • Skills required to design complicated IOT solutions using advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms on IOT data.
  • Having the ability to analyse and produce insightful reports from the vast amounts of data that IOT sensors have collected.
  • Proficiency in using pertinent Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure and analyse IOT application performance.
  • Understanding of how an IOT Ecosystem, which connects vendors and businesses through smart devices, actuators, and sensors, works and how to use its data.

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Who it is for

Big data developer, data analyst, and analytics engineer big data engineer

Step to Apply for Admission details

Following these steps will allow you to enroll in Jigsaw Academy’s IOT Analyst Certification Course:

  • First of all, go to
  • Find the “IOT Analyst Certification” course using the “Search Website” option. Visit the course page.
  • In the top left corner of the website, click the “Enroll Now” button.
  • Finally, pay the fee and go to the checkout.

The syllabus

Introduction to IOT Analytics

  • Overview of IOT (Internet of Things)
  • IOT Use Cases
  • IOT Data Overview
  • Reference Architecture and IOT Data Processing
  • KPIs in IOT Analytics
  • Human Activity Recognition: Case Study
  • Quiz

Advanced IOT Analytics with Machine Learning

  • Advanced IOT Analytics: Overview
  • Advanced IOT Anomaly Detection
  • Complex Event Processing
  • Advanced IOT Data Clustering
  • IOT Ecosystem Review
  • Vertical Use Cases
  • Industrial Internet Use Case
  • Frontier IOT Analytics Topics
  • Security for IOT
  • Data Visualisation for IOT
  • Time Series for IOT
  • IIOT Analytics – Annealing of Steel: Case Study
  • Life estimation of a turbofan: Project
  • Quiz
  • Hands-on exercises

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How it helps

IOT has sparked a technological revolution and ushered in a new era for analytics. Jigsaw Academy’s IOT Analyst Certification Programme covers a wide range of topics, including IOT apps, IOT application performance, IOT Analyst Certification, IOT data processing, IOT analytics KPIs, IOT ecosystem, and IOT analytics data analysis.

By 2023, the Big Data and Analytics market will be valued more than $75 billion, according to Statista’s analysis. IOT Analytics is a concept that is being used in practically all businesses across the globe to foretell future technological trends.

Students can learn about and engage with this new technological era through practical activities and assistance offered in the IOT Analyst Certification course. Additionally, it attests to your competence as a qualified IOT Analyst.

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IOT Analyst Certification FAQ’S

What is the duration of IoT course?

Postgraduate diploma in Internet of Things (IoT) is a premium course offered by the Indian Institute of Embedded Systems (IIES), a 5 months comprehensive IoT certification course that includes various programming and hardware modules.

Which is better for IoT Azure or AWS?

AWS IoT is designed for businesses of all sizes and offers a broad range of tools and services to build, deploy, and manage IoT applications. Meanwhile, Azure IoT provides a scalable and secure platform for IoT deployments, focusing on edge computing and analytics.

Can I get a job if I have AWS certification?

Certifications are beneficial in obtaining a good IT job, and AWS careers can be incredibly lucrative. The truth is that becoming “employable” requires much more than certification: you must also have relevant experience for the position you are going for. AWS credentials help you to differentiate among others.

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