Jupiter Lifeline IPO GMP: IPO Date, Price, GMP, Details

Jupiter Lifeline IPO GMP:- You can invest in Jupiter Life Line Hospital Limited starting today, September 6, 2023; Then, on Friday September 8, 2023, investors will be able to bet on the issue. Investors will need to be cautious when betting on this issue. The price band for the Jupiter Lifeline GMP IPO has been fixed between Rs 695 and Rs 735 per share. Looking at the higher price bracket, the company aims to achieve its target of Rs 869 crore through this IPO. Currently, the GMP information on the company’s Jupiter Lifeline IPO clearly states that the price range, lot size and other details have been announced.

All types of investors reacted positively to Jupiter Lifeline Hospital’s IPO. The initial public offering begins on September 6, 2023 and closes on September 8, 2023. The allotment status of the Jupiter Lifeline Hospitals Limited IPO is expected to be determined on September 13, 2023. Repayments may begin on September 14, 2023 and shares will be credited on September 15, 2023. Jupiter Lifeline Hospital’s claim is expected to be listed on BSE and NSE on September 18, 2023.


Jupiter Lifeline IPO GMP

What's In the Article

Lifeline’s lot size has been set at 20 shares. Let us clarify for you about the Jupiter Lifeline GMP IPO news that the allotment of shares of Jupiter Lifeline is expected to be completed by September 13, 2023 and it is also said that the bidders The price selected by Jupiter Lifeline Shares will be awarded. The shares will be allotted to the demat accounts of these customers by September 15, after which it is highly likely that this IPO will be listed on September 18.

It should be noted that among the shareholders whose shares were offered in this IPO is Anuradha Ramesh Modi. Nitin Thakkar, Bhaskar P. Shah and Raghavan Sangeeta Rawat Hansmukh Rawat Rajeshwari Capital Market For more public information on Jupiter Lifeline IPO GMP, you will have to follow us till the end of this article.

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Jupiter Life Line IPO Overview

Article Title Jupiter Lifeline GMP IPO
Jupiter LifeLine Hospitals IPO open date From 06 Sep 2023
Betting date On 08 Sep 2023 Friday
Listing PRICE Across 900 Rs
Price band Rs. Per share 695-735 Rs. Per share
Jupiter Life Line Hospitals IPO issue size 869.08 crore Rs.
Category  Trending

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Jupiter Life Line Hospital IPO Time Table (Expected)

Category IPO open date Close date Allotment date Refunds Invitation date Credit of shares to demat Listing date UPI mandate confirmation cut Off time
Dates 06 Sep 2023 Wed 08 Sep 2023 fri 13 Sep 2023 wed 14 Sep 2023 thurs 15 Sep 2023, fri 18 Sep 2023, mon 08 Sep 2023 at 5 pm

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Jupiter LifeLine Hospitals IPO Details

Jupiter Lifeline GMP IPO was listed on September 6-8, 2023 and the listing date is yet to come. He was informed that the nominal value of the scrip would be Rs 10 per share. According to Jupiter LifeLine Hospital’s IPO details, 4,450,000 shares worth Rs 10 each, totaling Rs 327.08 crore, were offered.

All these stocks are listed on BSE and NSE. Notably, equity before and after the issuance is 58,191,859 and 65,566,022, respectively. Jupiter Lifeline’s GMP IPO size has been set at Rs 695 to Rs 735 per share. According to the information received, the total issue has increased to 11,824,163 shares or 869.08 crores.

How To Apply For Jupiter Life Line Hospitals Limited IPO

  • For the Jupiter Life Line Hospitals Limited IPO, investors must register through their existing trading account or can log in directly to the ASBA app through their online banking account.
  • Remember that you only need to pay the required amount at the time of registration.
  • And whatever amount is claimed, it will only be debited when given.
  • You can apply here for Jupiter Lifeline GMP IPO for retail listing to investors up to Rs 2 lakh per application and HNI or NNI listing above Rs 2 lakh, and information on minimum lot sizes will be clear after pricing.

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Jupiter Life Line Hospitals Limited Financial Highlights

Details Nival Revenue Sale increasement Benefit after tax Pet Margin Total Equity Total Assets Return on Equity Return on Asset Asset turnover Ratio
FY 21 490.27 -2.30 -0.47 246.44 788.91 -0.93% -0.29 0.62
FY 22 737.14 50.35% 51.13 6.94% 288.43 908.70 17.73% 5.63% 0.81
FY 23 902.96 22.50% 72.91 8.07% 363.91 985.53 20.04% 7.40% 0.92

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Jupiter Hospital IPO

IPO Jupiter Hospitals has become a renowned multi-specialty tertiary and quaternary healthcare brand based in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region and the Western region of the country, with hospitals in Thane, Pune and Indore under the name Jupiter.

If we talk about the financial position of Jupiter Lifeline GMP IPO, it seems that in FY21, the hospital recorded a net loss of Rs 2.30 crore, as per the above table. But in the next financial year i.e. in 2022, it also achieved a net profit of Rs 51.13 crore, and in the same year, i.e. in the current financial year 2023, its profit has increased to about Rs 72.91 crore. However, it is known that it will be listed on NSE and BSE on September 18.

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Jupiter Lifeline IPO GMP FAQ’S

Is IPO allotment based on luck?

IPO allotment is based on luck only when there is over subscription. As per SEBI guidelines, each retail investor should get at least one lot subject to availability of shares. But, if the number of retail investors is more than the number to whom one lot can be allotted, the allotment is done based on lottery method.

Is IPO allotment first come first serve?

No, the IPO allotment doesn’t happen on the basis first come first serve. The allotment process totally depends on how the IPO got responses from the investors. If the IPO is undersubscribed, then the investor may get allotted all the lots for which they have applied.

What is 3 bids in IPO?

In a book-building IPO, where the price range is set by the issuing company, an investor can place up to 3 bids. The investor has the option to submit bids with three different price and quantity combinations – Bid1, Bid2 and Bid3.

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