Mitali Sharma Wiki, Bio, Caught taking Bribe, Posting, Air Rank, Family

Mitali Sharma Wiki:- Mitali Sharma is a government officer who was caught taking a bribe in Jharkhand, India. She was posted as an assistant registrar of the cooperative department in Koderma district, where she conducted a surprise inspection at a local cooperative society and demanded Rs 20,000 from the authorities there in exchange for not taking action against them.

A member of the society filed a complaint with the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB), which set up a trap and arrested Sharma red-handed while she was accepting Rs 10,000 as the first installment of the bribe. The incident took place on July 7, 2024, and the video and photos of her accepting the bribe went viral on social media.


Mitali Sharma Wiki

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Mitali Sharma is also a popular YouTuber who runs a channel named Mitali This Side!! with over 353K subscribers. She uploads videos about her life as a medical student, her travel experiences, her family, and her hobbies.

Mitali celebrated her 19th birthday on June 6, 2021, and shared a vlog about it on her channel. She also has an Instagram account with over 100K followers where she posts pictures of herself and her friends.

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Mitali Sharma Wiki, Bio, Caught taking Bribe, Posting, Air Rank, Family

Mitali Sharma Wiki Details

Name Mitali Sharma
Father’s Name Mukesh Sharma
Occupation Assistant Registrar (Koderma) – First Posting
Age 19
AIR Rank 68
Recent Case Found guilty of a corruptive behaviour
Bribe Demand Rs 20,000
Bribe Amount Taken Rs 10,000
Local Organisation from which bribe was asked Vyapar Sahyog Samiti
Inspection Date 16th June 2024
Department that conducted Inspection Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB), Hazaribagh
Case Number 05/23
Mitali Detained Date 7th July 2024
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Mitali Sharma is a native of Bada Bazar, Hazaribagh, Jharkhand. Her father’s name is Mukesh Sharma. She is a graduate of St. Columba’s College in Hazaribagh and has a master’s degree in commerce from Vinoba Bhave University. Mitali cleared the Jharkhand Public Service Commission (JPSC) exam in 2020 and secured the 11th rank in the state. She joined the cooperative department as an assistant registrar in November 2020 and was post in Koderma in January 2021. This was her first posting as a government officer.

Caught taking Bribe

It is not easy to get a government job in India. It requires a lot of preparation and effort. But some people do not appreciate their work. They indulge in corruption or bribe-taking, which is unacceptable. The government employees already get a good salary from the Indian government; why do they need more money, which is strange.

The case is not close yet. The probe will go on to find out more details about the incident.

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Mitali Sharma is a young woman of 21 years. The young generation is the hope of our nation. They have more enthusiasm, energy, skills and intelligence than the older ones. But they lack one thing that is essential for success: ‘patience’.


She was an Assistant Registrar (Koderma) for about 8 months before she was caught. Here is what happened in the case. Mitali Sharma went to a local organisation in Koderma and noticed some anomalies in the functioning of Vyapar Sahyog Samiti, Koderma. She then demanded a bribe from the authorities and threatened to take severe action against them if they did not pay.

Rameshwar Prasad Yadav, who is a member of this Samiti, reported the issue to ACB, Jharkhand. The Bureau collected the evidence and set up a trap to catch Mitali red-handed. ACB succeeded in arresting Mitali for her crime.

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News about Bribe

The Anti-Corruption Bureau, Hazaribagh, shared the news. They nabbed Mitali Sharma red-handed as she was taking a bribe of Rs 10,000. The government officer was handcuffed after being proven guilty.

Her pictures of taking bribes have gone viral. This has tarnished her reputation among others. Her hard work, dedication and aspirations have gone down the drain after this incident.

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