Moto G8 Plus Review: The Moto G8 Plus Stays True To The Legacy Of The Moto G Series, Pros & Cons

Moto G8 Plus Review:- On the off chance that you’ve been taking after India’s smartphone industry for a whereas, you’d be mindful of the reality that indeed some time recently the Xiaomi and Realme of the world, there was a brand that demonstrated reasonable phones do not require compromising on any angle. Yes, we’re talking about Motorola, which revolutionized the mid-budget fragment with the launch of the G series, and after that rehashed the accomplishment within the entry-level with E extend. And presently the Lenovo-owned brand has presented the 8th cycle of the G series suitably named the Moto G8 and Moto G8 Plus.

Whereas the previous hasn’t been launched in India, the last mentioned has fair arrived in our nation. In case you’re pondering whether the G8 Plus resuscitates the enchantment of the G series which, truly talking, has been misplaced with the past few emphases at that point keep perusing.


Moto G8 Plus Review 2023

What's In the Article

The Moto G8 Plus brings more control to the table with a flexible camera framework cluster, stereo speakers, negligible bezels and an effective battery administration framework. It’s a competent budget gadget, in spite of the fact that it’s got a couple of issues. The company’s popular G-series phones center on giving the finest conceivable encounter at a budget cost point, initiated by a slick, stock Android interface.

They’ve been among our best cheap phones for a number of a long time presently. The Moto G8 Plus brings more esteem to the table with a flexible camera system, stereo speakers, negligible bezel and effective battery administration. Due to the later advancements within the budget smartphone fragment, we’re seeing an deluge of highlights streaming down from the high-end phones, and as a result, there’s much more to encounter with low-cost phones nowadays.

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Moto G8 Plus Review

Moto G8 Plus Details

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About Moto G8 Plus

Distant evacuated from the Moto G that got the series begun in 2013, the Moto G8 Plus we have for you nowadays points to keep up with the times with a enormous show, huge battery, and Quad Bayer cameras. The Moto G8 Plus has an bizarre turn on the over common equation as well. Like its brother from another lineup, the Moto One Activity, the Moto G8 Plus features a committed ultra wide-angle video camera that’s turned 90 degrees so you’ll hold the phone in representation, and still capture correctly oriented video. Spicing up the spec sheet is the nearness of stereo speakers a welcome locate in this fragment, and a include carried over from the G7 Plus.

Essentially to this forerunner, the Moto G8 Plus comes in a single 4GB/64GB trim level, in spite of the fact that it does one-up the G7 Plus with a more up to date and more productive Snapdragon 665 chip. It has misplaced the devoted miniaturized scale SD opening, in any case on the off chance that you get the double SIM form. The G8 Plus runs Android 9.0, and we would have enjoyed to be seeing Android 10 on phones that launch this time of the year, especially ones with generally light program customizations just like the Moto’s. It’s moreover rubbing us the off-base way simply can’t truly take photographs with the ultra-wide cam that’s a level of commitment to video that appears constraining for the client. Besides, let’s see what you’re getting.

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Moto G8 Plus Price in India 2023

The Moto G8 Plus can be depicted as a lovechild of the One Action (review) and One Vision (review) smartphones both in terms of highlights on offer as well as its cost tag. In reality, its inquiring cost of Rs 13,999 is precisely the same as the One Action’s MRP, demonstrating that the brand is getting back to the great ol’ days when it got the estimating condition spot on.

Moto G8 Plus Features

The Moto G8 Plus takes after on from the Moto G7 Plus, which arrived fair eight months prior in 2019. The company’s well known G-series phones center on giving the most excellent conceivable encounter at a budget cost point, initiated by a flawless, stock Android interface. They’ve been among our best cheap phones for a number of a long time presently. The Moto G8 Plus brings more esteem to the table with a flexible camera framework, stereo speakers, negligible bezel and efficient battery management. Due to the later advancements within the budget smartphone section, we’re seeing an convergence of highlights streaming down from the high-end phones, and as a result, there’s much more to involvement with low-cost phones nowadays.

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Design And Display

The Moto G8 Plus is quintessentially a mid-range advertising, and that’s apparent as before long as you lay your eyes on it. Not at all like the One Vision and One Activity gadgets, which worn the modern-looking punch-hole cut-out, the G8 Plus plays it secure by highlighting a waterdrop indent up best. The raise board isn’t much diverse, with a vertically-aligned camera cluster and the notorious batwing symbol of the brand that copies up as a unique finger impression peruse. Interests, the essential camera has been set independently, and whereas there are two extra sensors, the laser autofocus gives the impression of being another camera. The module extends out very a bit, and thus the gadget doesn’t sit level on a surface.

With that said, the gadget looks truly alluring in its Infinite Blue and Precious stone Pink tones, and indeed in spite of the fact that I’m one-sided towards the previous as it’s my favorite color, the last mentioned is truly eye-catching. Indeed without any favor slopes, the gadget pulls in consideration and much appreciated to the glass wrap up, too bounces off light in numerous headings. Tragically, as much as I liked the plan, the gadget could be a unique finger impression magnet and gets smeared inside minutes of using.


As pointed out prior, the Moto G8 Plus brings the finest of both universes. It does that by advertising the camera setup of the One Vision and swapping the ultra-wide camera with an ultra-wide activity camera, which has been turned 90-degrees. There’s no OIS however, but the EIS does come in convenient in getting smooth footage helped by the truth that you just can shoot effectively with a single hand without the require of pivoting the phone. On the interface front, the app is user-friendly and makes it simple for anybody to get it it instinctively. Tragically in spite of the fact that, there’s no way to capture pictures in 48-megapixel determination.

Worth noticing be that as it may, that in spite of highlighting a 48MP sensor, the G8 Plus captures the 12-megapixel yield and doesn’t let you shoot full-res pictures either. But the pixel-binning tech does appear supportive for low-light photography, with commotion levels kept to the least levels, and accurate color reproduction. Which means, the 25MP sensor yields 6-meg pictures by default, in spite of the fact that you are doing get an choice to capture selfies within the most noteworthy determination.

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Hardware And Software

Presently this is often an region where Moto fans could be in for a disillusionment. You see, the Moto G8 Plus draws control from Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 665 chipset. The octa-core chipset is based on the power-efficient 11nm creation handle and powers the likes of the Realme 5 (review) and Redmi Note 8 (review) both of which are estimated underneath Rs 10k. In any case, specs aside, the real-life execution on the Moto G8 Plus is commendable. It’s quick and there’s no slack either all much appreciated to Motorola’s optimizations and you’ll be able figure it clean computer program. Talking of that, the Moto G8 Plus boots Android 9.0 Pie without any sort of customizations separated from the brand’s signature features such as Moto Show.

Making a difference with the execution is 4 gigs of RAM, which guarantees apps stay within the memory and exchanging between them is momentary as well. As distant as gaming encounter is concerned, the Snapdragon 665 comes with the Adreno 610 GPU. This equipment empowers the gadget to run PUBG with smooth illustrations at tall outline rates, and adjusted at medium. Playing for around 30 minutes within the previous was lovely great and there wasn’t any slack as such. More critically, there weren’t any major warming issues either.  Unlike its forerunner, the Moto G8 Plus guarantees merely do not ought to carry a power bank with you. Its 4,000mAh battery offers long continuance and doesn’t require a recharge before a day and a half indeed after overwhelming utilization.

Moto G8 Plus Pros & Cons

The Moto G8 Plus could be a competent smartphone that points to deliver on all fronts. In the event that you’re trying to find a dependable day by day driver with no-nonsense program encounter, incredible show, great cameras, not too bad execution and capable battery life, the G8 Plus is the perfect handset for you. However, in the event that you begin taking each of its angles separated, at that point it doesn’t appear as noteworthy. The Redmi Note 8 Pro (review), estimated fair Rs 1,000 more offers amazing cameras, superior execution and battery life. The Realme 5 Pro (review) on the other hand, is accessible around the same cost point, but promises flexible imaging ability and smoother execution.

There’s also the Vivo Z1 Pro that features a higher screen-to-body proportion kindness its punch-hole show along side gloating a more powerful processor and a capacious 5,000mAh battery. In brief, the G8 Plus falls flat to be more noteworthy than the entirety of its parts. In case you do not see at the spec sheet and after that choose which phone to buy, at that point the G8 Plus gets a strong suggestion, but in the event that not, at that point it may not be among the best choices unless you esteem vanilla Android the foremost.


  • Good display
  • Bloatware-free software
  • Capable cameras
  • Impressive battery backup


  • The action camera is only for shooting videos
  • Can’t match the performance offered by the competition
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Moto G8 Plus Review FAQ’S

How much was the Moto G8 plus worth?

The Moto G8 Plus release date was October 25 2019, just a day after it was officially announced to the world. The rest of the Moto G8 series was announced in 2020, so the Plus model came much earlier. The Moto G8 Plus price comes in at £239 / AU$499 (roughly $310).

Why is my Moto G8 Plus slowing down?

If you’ve used many applications on the phone, it may get slow because the applications keep running in the background. Solution: End running applications. Slide your finger slowly upwards on the screen until the list of running applications is displayed.

How old is Moto G8 plus?

It is the eighth generation of the Moto G family. The G8 Play and G8 Plus were first released in October 2019, only 8 months after the previous generation. Other variants were released in March and April 2020.

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