Motorola Edge 20 Review 2024 – Price, Design, display Battery Performance and software, Finally Reveled

Motorola Edge 20 Review – At last, the Moto Edge 20 is here. There appears to be a major catch at the company’s conclusion to put the phone on deal and convey them to clients. The worldwide widespread influencing shipment and coordination’s appears to be having a cascading impact presently on phone deals in India. In truth, this year, you’re progressing to discover it exceptionally intense to purchase the tech products merely really need. Besides, coming back to the Edge 20, on the off chance that you’re arranging on picking this phone up, I am beyond any doubt you’d have one major address.

The moo weight of the Edge 20 makes it simple and comfortable to utilize, in spite of the fact that the big show will require you to extend your thumbs to reach the top. The Edge 20 is IP52 appraised as well, which implies it is splash-resistant. Motorola ships a 30W Turbo Control charger within the box at the side this smartphone.


Motorola Edge 20 Review 2024

What's In the Article

Motorola’s new Edge series is looking to create a check within the sub showcase in India. The company has propelled two smartphones so distant, the Motorola Edge 20 Fusion and the Motorola Edge 20. I’ve as of now checked on the Motorola Edge 20 Fusion, and found it to be a great choice for somebody trying to find a competent gadget running near-stock Android. The Edge 20 brags of a more capable processor, the next revive rate show, way better cameras, and 5G bolster. I put it to the test to discover out.

The Motorola Edge 20 feels like a chocolate bar within the hand. It is rectangular, thin, and tall. I moreover found it to be reasonably light at 163g. The front of the Motorola Edge 20 is overwhelmed by a 6.7-inch show with a camera gap at the best. It has lean bezels all around which allow it a premium see. The outline is made of an aluminum combination and feels tough to the touch.

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Motorola Edge 20 Review

Motorola Edge 20 Review Details

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About Motorola Edge 20 Review

Back in July, Motorola disclosed an energizing trio of Edge 20 smartphones with many shared key highlights HRR OLED screens, 108MP essential shooters, 5G connectivity, and 30W quick charging. Nowadays, we are going be investigating the Motorola Edge 20. With a effective Snapdragon 778 chipset and a 3x tele camera, the regular Edge 20 show is the foremost adjusted one of the trio. There’s a Professional show with a lead Snapdragon 870 SoC and 5x periscope camera, whereas the Lite show runs on the essential Dimensity 720 stage and has no zoom camera. Some time recently we proceed, we need to caution you not blend up”>to blend up this Motorola Edge 20 with the US-exclusive Motorola Edge (2021) that’s a adjusted Edge 20 adaptation.

So, the primary thing you’ll quickly take note approximately this unused Motorola Edge 20 is that it isn’t a bended smartphone just like the unique Edge, fair on the opposite. It has beautiful level sides, screen and raise board and is fantastically lean at 7mm. As normal, the Edge 20 is splash-proof much appreciated to its water-repellent construct. The Motorola Edge most noteworthy include is the 6.7″ OLED screen with 10-bit colors and 144Hz revive rate. It bolsters a energetic revive rate as well, but we are going conversation more almost this in our show area. For presently, let’s say it beyond any doubt looks extraordinary on paper.

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Motorola Edge 20 Price in India 2024

The Motorola Edge 20 is estimated at Rs. 29,999 for the solitary setup, which is 8GB of RAM and 128GB of capacity. You are doing get two color choices, Iced Pearl and Iced Emerald. I had the last mentioned for this review.

Motorola Edge 20 Features

The Motorola Edge 20 feels like a chocolate bar within the hand. It is rectangular, thin, and tall. I moreover found it to be decently light at 163g. The front of the Motorola Edge 20 is ruled by a 6.7-inch show with a camera gap at the best. It has lean bezels all around which grant it a premium see. The outline is made of an aluminum combination and feels durable to the touch. Motorola has put the control and the volume buttons on the correct, with the last mentioned being situated somewhat higher than perfect. The power button too has an coordinates unique mark scanner and encompasses a decent click feel when squeezed.

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I truly just like the Motorola Edge 20’s plan notwithstanding of certain clear blemishes, which I will come to in a bit. The flat-edge plan, which made a comeback with the iPhone 12 series, is presently streaming down to a few Android phones, counting the Moto Edge 20. Moreover, the Edge 20, in spite of being a enormous phone, is thin and light; distant more so than the Nord 2 or the Galaxy A52s.  That’s primarily since it is an all plastic development with the littlest battery of the three.

In comparison, the Nord 2 does feel more premium much obliged to its glass back. As for the Galaxy A52s, Samsung employments plastic as well but I discover the Edge 20’s Iced Emerald color and matte outline more appealing. The Samsung’s back is sweet looking as well but the plastic edges coated in a glossy fake metal wrap up looks cheap. Same is genuine for the Nord 2’s outline.


The Edge 20 has the biggest 6.7-inch AMOLED show with a quick 144Hz revive rate, 576Hz touch inspecting rate, back for HDR10+, and a 10-bit color board. The on paper specs are super duper noteworthy. In comparison, the Nord 2 pales in comparison with as it were 90Hz. The A52s does offer 120Hz, which is lovely great. One thing you would like to note approximately the Edge 20 is that it is set to Auto revive, by default. And, you ought to know that Auto revive can only go up to 120HZ. So, you’ll got to physically switch to 144Hz, in case you need a quicker revive rate. Which by the way, isn’t as well much of an advantage over the 120Hz board on the World A52s in terms of speed. I couldn’t tell the contrast with my exposed eyes. But yes, the Edge 20 is super smart and smooth to utilize.

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The on-paper camera specs of the Motorola Edge 20 looks phenomenal. You get a 108MP primary camera, a 16MP ultrawide shooter, and an 8MP fax with 3x optical zoom capabilities. Typically a appropriate triple camera setup with no corners being cut anyplace. Furthermore, on the front you get a 32MP selfie camera. Head over to this article to know how the phone passages in camera execution. By and large, the Edge 20’s camera execution can be categorized as one where the brand tries to toss everything at the divider and a few things adhere.

Moo light execution needs a parcel of work. On the other hand, the Galaxy A52s contains a pleasant and adjusted camera setup. But, it is the Nord 2 that proceeds to be my choose for the most excellent super mid run camera phone because it gets the essential and selfie camera execution fair right, indeed in the event that you do not get great additional items. But, that’s me. You may incline toward Edge 20 for its assortment.


One of the reasons why the Edge 20 is an magnificent phone is since it features a close Stock Android encounter with phenomenal Motorola highlights. From chop-chop to open the camera to customizing choices with Moto Styles, I discover it super agreeable to utilize. Additionally, you do not get any bloatware either. More vitally, Motorola’s Prepared For feature, which is exceptionally comparable to Samsung’s Dex, could be a great differentiator as well. The Nord 2, on the other hand, is the primary phone from OnePlus to really coordinated Color OS’ codebase and it could be a bit of a mess at the minute. There are UI irregularities and irregular include pop ins that happen unwittingly. Fundamentally, it doesn’t feel as clean as past Oxygen OS usage.

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The Motorola Edge 20 has the unused Snapdragon 778 super mid-range chip interior it, which is the same SoC interior the Galaxy A52s as well. Apparently, the Dimensity 1200 interior the Nord 2 may be a far more capable chip. And, in the event that you’re a tireless gamer, at that point I’d propose simply choose up the Nord 2. Since, whether it is AnTuTu or Nerd seat or 3DMark, the Nord 2 has the leading scores among these phones. And, you too get bolster for quicker UFS 3.1 inner capacity, which is UFS 2.2 on the Edge 20.

The Andro seat numbers clearly exhibit the difference between read/write speeds. Moreover, Motorola seems to be throttling the CPU execution of the Snapdragon 778G processor a part, which is obvious from our CPU throttle test. The SD778G may be a exceptionally steady SoC, as you may tell from the A52s’ last throttling score. Apparently, Motorola is doing this to guarantee way better battery life, which I will come to in a bit.

Battery Life

I must concede, I completely went into the audit of the Edge 20 anticipating it to have normal battery life much appreciated to the moderately more modest 4000mAh unit interior it. But, I really got anyplace between 5-6 hours of Drunkard with 144Hz revive rate continuously on, much appreciated in portion I accept to the throttling of the SD778G SoC. Besides, the icing on the case is merely can anticipate up to 7 hours with auto revive on. That’s nearly as great as the battery tuning of the Samsung Galaxy A52s, which contains a bigger 4500mAh unit. Also, the Edge 20 charges speedier in under an hour and 15 minutes with the 30W Hyper Charge tech.

As for the Nord 2, it doesn’t final as long as the other two phones, but you’ll be able squeeze out close to 6 hours of Drunkard from it. But, the Nord 2’s advantage is the super quick 65W charging speeds which can beat up your battery from to 100 in under 30 minutes, which is insane.

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Motorola Edge 20 Review 2024 FAQ’S

Is it worth buying Motorola Edge 20?

With a versatile camera system, a good screen, strong battery life, decent performance and pleasant software, the Moto Edge 20 is a great pick for most people, and earns our recommendation.

Is Motorola Edge 20 Pro worth buying?

The Motorola Edge 20 Pro checks a lot of boxes. However, the handset is caught between two fires and struggles to make its mark, seeing how buyers can spend less and get similar performance with the iQOO 7, or step up to more well-rounded devices like the Mi 11X Pro.

Is Motorola Edge 20 is waterproof?

Yes, the Motorola Moto Edge 20 Plus is water resistant with a rating of IP52.

How many updates does Motorola Edge 20 have?

The Motorola Edge (2022) will be the recipient of three years of Android updates which will take that model from Android 12 to Android 15 before it loses support. This model will also be eligible to receive four years of bi-monthly security updates.

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