Motorola Razr 40 Ultra Review: style, oomph and pizzazz, folded into one, Pros & Cons

Motorola Razr 40 Ultra Review – Whereas the starting elation and bewilderment around foldable smartphones has ebbed, the fervor is beautiful much lively. After the advancement, it’s time for brands to seize the modern tech by the horns and appear us what we, the buyers, can do with it, and how it can offer assistance improve our lives. Maybe, this can be why we’re seeing very a couple of modern choices in foldable presently, and more brands bouncing into the shred.

Motorola is an ancient hand in spite of the fact that, and its latest Razr 40 Ultra comes in as a follow-up to past models within the Razr series the same run which could be a rebirth of the company’s famous clamshell that set tongues swaying and the markets buzzing back within the day. Separated from spec bumps, the most up to date demonstrate brags changes and refinements, and a couple of world-firsts as well.

Motorola Razr 40 Ultra Review 2023

Alter can be great or awful, and whereas Motorola as a company has seen its reasonable share of alter, the Razr series of phones which was to begin with discharged in 2004, has too advanced very a bit. Fans of the initial RAZR V3, which basically incorporates millennials (counting myself), might discover the not-so “edgy” plan of the latest Razr 40 Ultra iconic but it still may be a exceptionally critical step within the advancement of the foldable smartphone.  Motorola’s top-end and most premium smartphone in India for around two weeks and here’s why I think it could be a amusement changer. Whereas the show does bolster an always-on include.

The phone’s foldable display is nothing short of impressive, providing users with a larger screen when needed and a compact form factor for easy portability. The camera system on the Razr 40 Ultra is also outstanding, capturing stunning photos and videos that rival those taken by professional-grade cameras. Powered by a high-performance processor and ample RAM, this phone delivers lightning-fast speeds and seamless multitasking capabilities. Whether you’re browsing the web, streaming videos, or playing graphic-intensive games, the Razr 40 Ultra handles it all with ease. With its cutting-edge technology and exceptional user experience, the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra is truly in a league of its own.

Motorola Razr 40 Ultra Review

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Motorola Razr 40 Ultra Details

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About Motorola Razr 40 Ultra

The Motorola Razr 40 Ultra incorporates a adjusted by and large appearance which looks lean whether it’s collapsed (15.1mm) or open (6.99mm). I like that both parts of this foldable sit level against one another with no hole between them. This moreover includes to its generally thin appearance when collapsed, compared to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, which may be a parcel thicker. Motorola has moreover done a great work with the phone’s two rear-facing cameras which nearly sit flush with the cover display’s glass surface. This cover show itself is something to observe, and just like the raise board it is additionally made of Gorilla Glass Victus. Firstly, Motorola has done a phenomenal work of implanting the two cameras into it with close culminate set patterns around each camera and the isolated Driven streak.

Furthermore, there’s the 3D curved-edge glass screen which wraps around the beat edges of the metal outline, giving the Razr 40 Ultra a really cleaned and premium appearance. What’s curiously approximately this edge-to-edge cover show is that it too gives one half of the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra a customizable skin or wrap up, and all you wish to do is alter the backdrop to alter how it looks. Without a doubt, Motorola missed out on an LTPO board on the front show as having a backdrop always on (like on an iPhone 14 Master), would have for all time changed the see of the beat half of the gadget. Whereas the show does bolster an always-on include, it is as it were empowered  for a number of seconds when you move the phone, some time recently returning to its mirror-black appearance.

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Motorola Razr 40 Ultra Price in India 2023

Of course, the Razr 40 Ultra isn’t without imperfections. The warming issue when utilizing the camera app is the essential one. But at Rs. 89,999, it is still difficult to discover a foldable which is overflowing with so numerous highlights, and looks smooth whereas pulling it all off. here’s 12GB of RAM and 256GB of UFS 3.1 capacity, with no room for expandable memory. The extra capacity over the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s base show with 128GB of capacity, does make the Razr more appealing in terms of capacity space.

Motorola Razr 40 Ultra Features

Motorola’s Razr 40 Ultra gets a IP52 rating which is one of the as it were foldable to offer tidy assurance, but water assurance is or maybe essential. To review, Samsung’s World Z Flip 4 comes with an IPX8 rating, which is superior when it comes to surviving sprinkles of water but has no assurance against clean. Oppo’s Discover N2 Flip on the other hand offers not one or the other, formally besides. The unused water-drop pivot utilized within the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra reduces the wrinkle on the inward collapsing show, but it does not overlay level, so the phone continuously has this marginally concave appearance when open.

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Design and displays

When it comes to a foldable smartphone, particularly one that employments the flip shape figure, the plan should be one of the most talking focuses. And I must say that Motorola has nailed it with the Razr 40 Ultra. This phone is truly one of the sexiest, sleekest phones I’ve had the joy of utilizing. Its plan, slimness and adjusted edges do make it a tad elusive. Worth including that the pivot feels durable and is decently solid as well, which implies that the phone can remain open at any point, and unless you resort to a few deft hand developments and finger tumbling, you’d require both hands to open the flip.

Most importantly, thanks to the sort of pivot it employments, the Razr 40 Ultra doesn’t have any gaps visible within the center when the phone is collapsed, and when opened, there’s scarcely any wrinkle on the most show either. Everything fair includes to the course it oozes. There’s IP52 rating as well, showing that the phone is safe to sprinkles but you way better not spill expansive sums of fluid or utilize it in overwhelming rain.

Cover screen and usability

The Razr 40 Ultra’s cover screen merits its possess sub-section it’s fair that great. From the viewpoint of foldable smartphones which have two screens the external screens, or cover shows as they’re called, are imperative to the item recommendation. Estimate things for beyond any doubt, additionally , what you’ll do on them. And the Razr 40 Ultra’s cover screen nails it in that regard it’s not as it were the biggest cover screen on a flip foldable I’ve attempted, it’s moreover the foremost useful. You see, Motorola hasn’t forced any major confinements in terms of what you’ll be able do it.

The cover screen’s UI is basically isolated into panels you’ll scroll through comprising a domestic screen, contacts, apps, calendar, diversions, climate, Spotify, Google News etc. You’ll be able select which panels you need shown and stow away the others, and there are a few customization alternatives accessible as well. In any case, in case you employ any other music spilling app rather than Spotify, you could be a tad disillusioned since the music board as it were works for Spotify at the minute.

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In terms of optics, the Razr 40 Ultra comes prepared with a 12MP essential camera with OIS, and a 13MP ultrawide. At that point there’s the 32MP front snapper coordinates into the centrally-aligned punch gap on the most show. The shooting modes incorporate the normal ones like representation, slow-mo, large scale, master, etc, whereas plunging into “More” gives additional choices like timelapse, double capture for both stills and recordings, spot colour for stills and recordings, display, etc. The camera app interface running on the most screen moreover has the alternative to empower a see on the cover screen at the same time so that the individual you’re shooting can alter the frame as they need.

As you’ll envision, the Razr 40 Ultra’s cameras aren’t greatly flexible, since there’s no committed fax sensor. By and large, the pictures shot in sunshine see satisfying, in spite of the fact that the colours show up a bit quieted, and the energetic extend isn’t extraordinary. The ultrawide sensor oversees fine as well, in spite of the fact that it’s not essentially more extensive than the essential shooter. Low-light shots are affirm, though need detail, but the devoted night mode makes a difference very a bit in livening them up.

Software, performance, and battery

Motorola’s phones are known for their clean, bloatware-free, near-stock usage of Android, and the Razr 40 Ulta sticks to the same approach. It runs Android 13 and incorporates tons of signature Motorola highlights that can come in very helpful. Separated from a plenty of customization alternatives, three-finger screenshot, and swipe to part, there’s stuff like Moto Secure that comprises secure organizer and other valuable security highlights. At that point there’s the Moto app that incorporates motions and highlights like mindful show etc. Fast dispatch for the camera and chop-chop activities to flip the electric lamp are highlights that we’ve come to appreciate over the a long time as well.

With the 4nm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 beneath the hood, together with 12 gigs of RAM and up to 512GB of quick UFS 3.1 capacity, execution isn’t reaching to be an issue. The 3,800mAh battery capacity appears unassuming relative to those of most smartphones available these days but isn’t as well awful for a flip foldable. With light utilization, you ought to be able to urge a day’s worth, but something else, might discover yourself searching for the charger by the conclusion of the day. The PC Check battery test logged 12 hours 30 minutes, which is a sensible score for this battery.

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Motorola Razr 40 Ultra Pros & Cons

Coordinate rivals come within the shape of the Discover N2 Flip from OPPO (survey) and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 (review), with each of them advertising marginally diverse capabilities in angles like photography ability, cover screen ease of use etc. The fundamental introduce, in any case, remains the same. The genuine test for the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra will come within the frame of the Galaxy Z Flip5, which has just been announced and is making its way to offline and online store shelves as you examined this.

As things stand as of now in spite of the fact that, I like what Motorola has done with the Razr 40 Ultra, particularly in terms of the plan and the cover show. Many program changes that may possibly move forward the camera capabilities may do ponders for it in general and make it indeed more compelling. Generally, it’s a phone that stands genuine to the flip foldable concept of fashion, adaptability and convenience and conveys on most center aspects.


  • The Motorola Razr 40 Ultra looks quite sexy and exudes class
  • The cover screen is large, and can run most apps
  • The performance is smooth and fluid
  • There are useful software features and hardly any bloatware



Motorola Razr 40 Ultra is a highly anticipated addition to the smartphone market. With its sleek design, innovative features, and powerful performance, this phone is sure to impress even the most discerning tech enthusiasts. The Razr 40 Ultra boasts a stunning foldable display that allows users to easily switch between a compact phone and a spacious tablet-like screen. This flexibility makes it ideal for multitasking, watching videos, or browsing the web with ease. The phone also packs a punch in terms of performance, with a fast processor and ample storage space to handle even the most demanding tasks. Additionally, the Razr 40 Ultra offers an impressive camera system that captures sharp and vibrant photos, ensuring that every moment can be beautifully preserved. With its cutting-edge technology and seamless user experience, the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra is truly a game-changer in the world of smartphones.

Motorola Razr 40 Ultra Review FAQ’S

Is Moto Razr 40 Ultra worth buying?

The Razr 40 Ultra is a significant advancement for the foldable smartphone industry. The prominent external display is undoubtedly indicating the future direction of the market, and it would be highly unlikely if it doesn't initiate a new trend of maximizing the screen space on the outer cover.

What is the refresh rate of the Moto Razr 40 Ultra?

The Motorola Razr 40 Ultra, on the other hand, has a 3.6-inch AMOLED display with 144Hz refresh rate, 1100 nits of peak brightness, and Gorilla Glass Victus protection.

Which is best Motorola or Samsung?

In general, if you are in search of a top-notch, high-performing smartphone, Samsung is the superior choice. Nevertheless, if you have a limited budget and don't need the same level of features and performance, a Motorola phone might be more appropriate for you.

Is Motorola RAZR 40 Ultra waterproof?

Motorola Razr 40 Ultra will come with an IP52 'water-repellent' rating, which is less than that of the Galaxy Z Flip 4's and even the 2-year-old Galaxy Z Flip 3's IPX8 rating for water resistance.

Which is better OnePlus or Motorola?

Both panels are of superb quality and have a 20:9 aspect ratio. They offer support for features such as HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and more. Additionally, both displays have a peak brightness of 1300 nits, so there won't be a significant distinction between them in your everyday usage.

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