OPPO F1 Plus Review: A Compelling All-rounder, Pros & Cons

OPPO F1 Plus Review:- The sheer number of smartphones within the advertise is mind-boggling, but most gadgets cut corners in a few division or the other, and the sole reason behind that’s the concentrated of competition. Modern smartphone brands entering the advertise each other day, exponentially developing request for value-for-money gadgets, and consumers’ intrigued in cutting-edge innovation, are all loaning to smartphone makers’ interest of bringing something imaginative to the table. We’ve had the selfie-centric OPPO F1 Plus with us for a whereas presently. Whereas the specs it offers sound like everything you would like from an all-rounder, it’s still a camera-centric phone.

Is it a jack of all exchanges, whereas being a ace of one? Or does it oversee to ace it all? Our full review answers all these questions. To entirety it up, the OPPO F1 Plus is without a doubt one of the leading looking smartphones you’ll get your hands on, without compromising on the ease of utilize.


OPPO F1 Plus Review 2023

What's In the Article

Oppo as of late made a unused category inside its smartphone lineup, called the F-series, with its central center being camera quality. The Oppo F1 (Review) was the primary demonstrate to kick-start this series back in January and nowadays the company has launched the F1 Plus, which was prodded many months back. Because it turns out, the F1 Plus is the same as the Oppo R9, fair rebadged for our showcase. The latter was announced final month alongside another variation called the R9 Plus for the Chinese showcase. The F1 Furthermore is additionally charged as a “Selfie Expert” smartphone owing to its high-resolution front camera.

In any case, this is often not simply an Oppo F1 Plus with distant better; a much better; a higher; a stronger; an improved”>a higher camera and greater screen – the company has included numerous more animal comforts that were lost within the make a big appearance demonstrate, which makes this an curiously item on its possess.

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OPPO F1 Plus Review

OPPO F1 Plus Details

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About OPPO F1 Plus

There’s no getting around the reality that the plan of the Oppo F1 Plus has been intenselymotivated” by the current iPhone plan. It’s not the primary time companies have drawn motivation from well known smartphones and it certainly won’t be the final. Oppo appears to have made endeavors to guarantee that the F1 Plus isn’t a coordinate sham, and the conclusion result is very fulfilling. The phone feels inconceivably premium in your hands much appreciated to the metal chassis and the adjusted glass edges within the front. It exceptionally light as well at 145g and is shockingly comfortable to utilize with one hand much obliged to very narrow bezels on either side of the screen. The show may be a 5.5-inch full-HD Ambled board which produces striking colors and great levels of brightness.

You indeed get Gorilla Glass 4 for assurance. We taken note that the beat half of the screen takes on a light blue tint after you tilt it forward, which is most recognizable on white foundations like web pages. At to begin with we thought it was due to the screen protect that comes pre-installed but it is in reality the show. We have illuminated capacitive buttons next to the domestic button, which has an coordinates unique mark sensor. The sensor works greatly well and is effortlessly one of the speediest we’ve utilized. It oversees to enroll your fingerprint fair some time recently you launch the button, making it about immediate. You too get a white notice Driven on the best. The volume and control buttons are put on either side of the phone and are comfortable to reach.

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OPPO F1 Plus Price in India 2023

OPPO’s phones have continuously been curiously but the company has had a history of messing the estimating up. The Oppo F1 Plus is estimated at Rs 26,990, which isn’t over the top, given that it’s a thin, lightweight, and wonderful smartphone, with a great show, glitch-free execution, better than average battery life, and a set of cameras which perform very well in most shooting conditions.

OPPO F1 Plus Features

The Oppo F1 Plus is powered by MediaTek’s MT6755 octa-core SoC, which is additionally known as the Helio P10. It’s a 64-bit chip built on the somewhat more seasoned 28nm creation handle and packs in a Mali T860 GPU. Coupled with 4GB of RAM, the by and large execution is very a bit speedier than say, a Snapdragon 616. In AnTuTu, we got a score of 51,022 focuses while GFX bench returned 16fps within the T-Rex test. The phone moreover has 64GB of capacity, Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, Wi-Fi Coordinate, Miracast, and USB OTG. NFC and FM radio are two highlights that are woefully missed. Moreover, it wouldn’t have harmed to toss in bolster for Wi-Fi ac as well. The F1 Additionally underpins 4G for Indian groups and VoLTE.

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Our conclusion around the plan of the Oppo F1 Plus hasn’t changed since the day we to begin with checked it out. Similar to we said in our first impressions, the OPPO F1 Plus looks intensely inspired by the iPhone 6. Separated from some components here and there, the rest of the plan dialect has been nearly reproduced. Be that as it may, it works for the phone. It’s thin and lightweight, with somewhat bended edges. In spite of a huge 5.5-inch show, the phone can be effortlessly worked with one hand, all credit to its nearly non-existent bezels. The back boards sports the camera module on the beat cleared out corner. There are plastic decorates for superior call gathering, running parallel to the even edges. Minimal branding completes the raise board.

The proper edge houses the control button, in conjunction with an electable SIM plate, whereas the cleared out edge is domestic to the volume keys. The amplifier grille, micro-USB harbor, essential receiver, and the 3.5mm audio jack, all discover their way onto the foot edge, and thus, the best edge as it were houses the auxiliary receiver. The OPPO F1 Also employments illuminated capacitive route keys, in conjunction with a domestic button which moreover pairs as a unique finger impression peruse. Over the show you get the earpiece, went with by a few sensors and the front camera.


A full HD show on a 5.5-inch smartphone within the mid-range section is nearly a given these days, and typically precisely what the Oppo F1 Plus ships with. The screen on the phone looks sharp sufficient, with the content and symbols showing up fresh. In any case, in case you attempt truly difficult, it’s conceivable to observe pixels. The colours see excellent on the F1 Plus’ show. The immersion appeared close culminate to us, but there’s no alternative for you to customize the colours. There’s an alternative called Eye Security Display, which channels out all the blue light for you to utilize the screen for longer time periods without straining the eyes.

You see slight greens and blues on the extremes, but generally the seeing points are great. The brightness feels impeccably satisfactory inside, and whereas the screen looks somewhat washed out in shinning daylight, it’s still very clear. The screen is negligibly intelligent, which includes to the daylight neatness and in general seeing encounter. The touch reaction of the screen on the OPPO F1 Plus is noteworthy as well, and in general, it’s a show we have nearly no hesitations with.

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The essential camera is 13-megapixels, helped by an Driven streak. The brand is giving more significance to selfies with this gadget, because it has given a more capable 16MP sensor at the front. In spite of being a selfie-centric phone, the company hasn’t given a front-facing Driven streak. The camera app is beautiful straightforward. Swiping cleared out and right, or a most extreme of two taps is all you would like to get to any setting or mode. There are modes like Ultra HD, GIF, Twofold Exposure and Expert.

The last mentioned lets you tweak the ISO, screen speed and white adjust etc., additionally lets you shoot in Crude arrange. There’s motion back as well, so you’ll wave before the cameras to press. The 16-meg front camera captures great subtle elements and colors. Of course, the sunshine selfies turned out better than the ones we clicked in manufactured light, which appeared signs of slight noise. For low-light conditions you have got the screen streak, but it’s a small frail, and the pictures turn out grainy.


In terms of computer program, the Oppo F1 Plus offers the brand’s Color OS on beat of Android Candy, and being the Chinese smartphone that it is, it abstains from advertising the client an app drawer. You do not get a parcel of preloaded apps separated from all the ones from Google, and WPS Kingsoft Office. Be that as it may, the default browser on the phone does unpretentiously list websites like Shop Clues, Askme Bazaar, and Booking.com on the Speed Dial page. In terms of customization, a include called Lock screen magazine lets you subscribe to a bunch of distinctive channels, which can be anything extending from your possess pictures to anything you like and you discover a modern backdrop, each time you open your phone.

There’s moreover a Theme Store to totally change the see and feel of the interface. Whereas the program on the total is not too bad, it does have some bugs. For occurrence, you can’t clear all running apps from the later apps screen. Some stay running,  and you get a incite saying “Your phone is within the best condition”. Getting to apps through the drop-down notice board is additionally buggy, and works as it were half the time. Additionally, some app notices do not appear up, in spite of the fact that the most recent program upgrade appears to have settled this.

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Performance And Battery

The Oppo F1 Plus is fueled by a MediaTek Helio P10 processor, which works in pair with 4GB of RAM. The phone handles ordinary utilize like a master. Exchanging between apps and browsing through the net felt like a warm cut cutting through butter. We didn’t experience any app crashes or solidifies, not one or the other did the phone hang. As a matter of truth, the smartphone didn’t indeed jump when we tossed overwhelming recreations at it as well. We played some of our favorites, just like the Black-top 8: Airborne, Dead Trigger 2, and Leo’s Fortune, and it was a bit of cake for the OPPO F1 Plus.

There was insignificant stammering, and the design rendered perfectly. In any case, the phone does warm up very a bit after long gaming sessions, or delayed utilize of GPS, or when it’s charged with a standard 1A charger. The OPPO F1 Plus is sponsored by a 2,850mAh battery which charged from zero to 100 percent in 45-50 minutes with the bundled VOOC charger. With a customary 1A charger, the F1 Plus takes around 160 minutes to charge totally.

OPPO F1 Plus Pros & Cons

OPPO’s phones have continuously been curiously but the company has had a history of messing the estimating up. The OPPO F1 Plus is estimated at Rs 26,990, which isn’t extreme, given that it’s a thin, lightweight, and lovely smartphone, with a great show, glitch-free execution, conventional battery life, and a set of cameras which perform very well in most shooting conditions. The program, as we said prior, is what keeps the smartphone from being an all-rounder. Be that as it may, the issues may be settled within the future with program upgrades. Tragically in spite of the fact that, the phone still can’t coordinate up to its rivals in terms of specs, which may acrid the bargain for numerous.

Major competitors for the Oppo F1 Plus are the Xiaomi Mi 5 (review), Coolpad Max (review) and Vivo V3 Max (first impressions). The Mi 5 includes a littler show, but we’ll say it once more, the OPPO F1 Additionally is fair as helpful, indeed with its bigger 5.5-inch screen. A front streak would have been incredible on this phone. but we’ll still prescribe the OPPO F1 Plus to those who’re all around selfies, and indeed to those who fair require a conventional and in vogue every day driver.


  • Slim, lightweight, and handy
  • Impressive set of shooters
  • Smooth performance
  • Decent battery life


  • Buggy software
  • Heats up occasionally
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OPPO F1 Plus Review FAQ’S

Is Oppo F1 In addition to 4G empowered?

Oppo presents the Android 5.1 F1 Plus with 64 GB. 1 candy double sim cell phone with 5.5 inch Screen. This gold touch screen versatile incorporates highlights like 4 GB Smash, 64 GB ROM, 13 MP back cam, 16 MP front camera, 0.2 secs fast finger impression open, double Sim 4G Volte, VOOC charging, variety operating system 3.0, bluetooth v4.

How much does the Oppo F1 Plus cost?

At Rs. 26,990, the Oppo F1 In addition to probably won’t be awesome “selfie telephone” however it’s surely quite possibly of the most exceptional contribution on the lookout.

Is Oppo F1 a decent telephone?

The Oppo F1 performs very well overall; the point of interaction works without a hitch and applications are responsive during performing various tasks. The telephone functions admirably on 4G and it and runs cool generally.

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