Oppo Find N Hands-on Review: Hits the Jackpot With its Compact Form Factor, Pros & Cons

Oppo Find N Hands-on Review – Foldable phones so distant have had the issue of being either as well huge and bulky, or as well little with a modest cover show and destitute battery life, and I do not think anyone could be a fan of the obvious wrinkle within the center. Enter the Oppo Find N, the company’s to begin with commercially accessible foldable phone that understands all these issues in one go.

It’s delightfully compact to hold when collapsed with the cover show covering about the whole front surface. And it unfurls into this pocketable tablet-sized show that’s wide but not as well tall, which DOESN’T HAVE A Wrinkle Within The Center. At slightest one that’s not quickly obvious. You’ll be able utilize it like a standard scaled down phone in its collapsed frame, profiting all the comforts of the compact shape figure, but can too kick back and unwind with a bigger screen to observe an scene or get a few genuine work done.

Oppo Find N Hands-on Review 2023

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Foldable smartphones are the following enormous thing, with companies counting Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, and presently Oppo all fiddling with the foldable frame figure. In spite of being comparatively late out of the entryway with the Oppo Find N, the company appears to have struck gold, with highlights, plan, and usefulness that regularly outperform the competition, and at a cheaper cost point as well.

The as it were capture? It’s a China-only smartphone for presently, with no plans for Oppo to launch the Discover N globally and that’s a enormous dissatisfaction considering the stellar foldable encounter on offer. The phone feels reassuringly durable when collapsed, with a near-complete seal that keeps the tremendous lion’s share of clean and earth absent from the inner show and pivot when put in a stash. The periodic bit of clean or build up can still show up, but it’s no place close as much of a stress as with the unmistakable crevice of the Z Fold 3.

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Oppo Find N Hands-on Review

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About Oppo Find N Hands-on

Oppo’s INNO Day occasions have been altogether curiously with the Air Glasses and the promising Mari Silicon X Imaging NPU, but without a question, the Discover N was the genuine showstopper. The notorious Discover arrangement is getting its to begin with foldable smartphone, and it’s looking phenomenal. The modern Oppo Find N is littler than the foremost later Galaxy Fold, and it utilizes a gapless plan cordiality of its restrictive Flexion pivot. But it also gets the most excellent include the Fold can offer its Samsung-made foldable Energetic AMOLED screen or at slightest a contracted adaptation of it. So, the Find N is built around a 7.1-inch foldable AMOLED screen made by Samsung.

It underpins energetic 120Hz, HDR10+ and has the same sharpness as the Fold3’s – approximately 370ppi. Not at all like the Fold, the Find N features a punch-hole for the internal selfie camera rather than an under-screen one. We can’t say we intellect that. The Find N has another screen on the exterior, of course. It’s a about bezel-less 5.49-inch AMOLED, too punctured, with 402ppi thickness and Gorilla Glass Victus security. The revive rate for this board is settled at 60Hz. Both screens bolster wide color, are similarly calibrated for sublime color coordinating, and can offer up to 1000nits of top brightness.

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Oppo Find N Hands-on Price in India 2023

Attention smartphone enthusiasts! The highly anticipated Oppo Find N has finally arrived, and we’re here to give you an exclusive hands-on review. Packed with innovative features and boasting a sleek design, this smartphone is set to take the tech world by storm. But what about the price? In this blog post, we’ll not only dive into the exciting features of the Oppo Find N but also reveal its price tag. So, get ready to be blown away as we explore everything this incredible smartphone has to offer.

Oppo Find N anticipated cost in India begins from ₹99,990. It’s delightfully compact to hold when collapsed with the cover show covering about the whole front surface.

Oppo Find N Hands-on Features

It’s delightfully compact to hold when collapsed with the cover show covering about the whole front surface. And it unfurls into this pocketable tablet-sized show that’s wide but not as well tall, which DOESN’T HAVE A Wrinkle Within The Center! At slightest one that’s not quickly obvious. You’ll utilize it like a customary smaller than expected phone in its collapsed shape, profiting all the comforts of the compact shape calculate, but can too kick back and unwind with a bigger screen to observe an scene or get a few genuine work done.

And all this, for fair a small more than the cost of the Universe Z Flip 3. It costs 8999 RMB in China, which generally comes down to one lakh seven thousand. But some time recently you get your trusts up, this won’t be propelling in India. Oppo said it’s arranging to keep it China-only for the minute, and I do not think anybody from China is perusing this audit, but in case it does go worldwide, there’s a part of reasons to purchase it.

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It all begins with the plan. Oppo said they tested with numerous foldable frame factors, including a rollable one, some time recently focusing down on this plan. And I think Oppo has hit the big stake with this one. It’s fair as compact as the iPhone 13 Smaller than expected, but the foldable show interior won’t make you miss out on the Pro Max Ultra encounter. The raise board features a iced glass wrap up with a camera module exceptionally associated to the Find X3 Pro, there’s dual speakers at the foot, unique mark sensor inserted within the control button, and a THICC pivot with Outlined FOR Discover engraved on it.

It doesn’t carry an official IP certification but Oppo said the phone can survive a few sum of water sprinkles, but not the total swimming pool treatment. There’s too Gorilla Glass Victus on best of both the shows. The pivot is the building showstopper of the Find N. Since not at all like the Z Fold 3 which still doesn’t near totally, the Find N doesn’t indeed permit a lean sheet of A4 paper to pass through the overlay. It close level like a book. How did Oppo finish this?


It’s certainly brilliant, but I’ve continuously respected the wrinkle as a minor bother of employing a foldable phone. The genuine issues emerge from the cover show being either too little or as well contract. But the Find N gets around it with a bended 18:9 cover show on the front measuring 5.49-inches, and a huge 4:3 board interior measuring 7.1-inches. The result is you get the leading of both universes. The cover show is large sufficient to be utilized autonomously. Whip it out of the take to answer to a message like you’d on a ordinary smartphone, or unfurl it for a large-screen encounter.

You get the finest of both universes. To keep the costs in check, the external show is only 60Hz but the 7.1-inch UTG screen interior gets the total LTPO treatment with variable revive rate of up to 120Hz. As a result, there’s a discernible contrast within the UX going from the cover show to the internal show, and it sort of incentivizes you to utilize the inward show more due to its smoothness.

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Utilizing the phone feels shockingly normal. I can’t say the same almost Samsung’s foldable. Both the Flip and Flip had me relearn my smartphone propensities all over once more. The Flip had me flipping it open for everything exterior of fair looking at my notices, whereas the Flip 3 felt unnaturally contract and tall to indeed carry around within the take. The Find N is flawlessly pocketable. Folding and unfurling could be a two-hand work. And the pivot did feel a small too stiff for my enjoying. But it’s a free-form pivot, meaning you’ll be able keep it collapsed at any point between 45 to 120 degrees. Anything more than this, and the phone consequently settles for the closest resting state. This lets you keep the phone raised for a steady video, or a time pass.

The cover screen can moreover be utilized as a viewfinder for the raise cameras. Oppo has moreover made changes to Color OS 12 to create room for the expansive screen. A basic two finger swipe along its spine parts the screen to run two distinctive apps. That’s likely the best split-screen motion I’ve experienced. To begin with party apps are, of course, custom-made for the foldable shape calculate. The Settings app gets a two column format, the console is part from the center for superior writing, and you’ll be able get to multi-app split-screen formats you routinely utilize in a snap.


All said and done, the Find N is exceptionally much a lead smartphone. The foldable frame calculate aside, it has the Snapdragon 888 beneath the hood combined with 12GB LPDDR5 RAM and 512GB UFS 3.1 capacity. That’s fair as capable as the Z Fold 3, but Oppo too overseen to incorporate a bigger 4500mAh battery in a littler chassis. So, at slightest on paper, I’m anticipating the Discover N to convey longer battery life than the Z Fold 3. More than the benchmark scores, I needed to know whether this plan can handle the Snapdragon 888 with all its warm frailties. Whereas the centers weren’t throttled much, there was a noteworthy increment in surface temperature, which makes me ponder in case there’s still a few more work cleared out to fulfill control clients.

The camera stack incorporates a 50MP Sony IMX 766 sensor for the essential camera, along side a 13MP fax focal point with 2x optical zoom and a 16MP ultrawide camera. For selfies and online gatherings, there’s a 32 MP camera on both the cover show and within the internal show. More than how the photographs come out, I needed to see on the off chance that the benefits of the foldable frame calculate was utilized by the camera. And for the foremost portion, it does. The pivot turns the phone into its possess tripod, letting you suspend the camera at any point between 45 to 120 degrees, otherwise you can utilize the cover show as a viewfinder.

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Oppo Find N Hands-on Pros & Cons

The Oppo Find N is probably the best foldable in the market right now, with premium build quality, great performance, and high-end snappers that leave Samsung’s top-end foldable in the dust. We just wish you could buy it outside of China. That’s not the case with the Oppo Find N though; it sports a compact 5.49in display with an 18:9 aspect ratio for a more typical slab smartphone experience when folded, with the added bonus of being much more compact in the pocket than its rivals too.

The bezel surrounding the outer display is slightly thicker than 2022 flagships, and there is a centrally-placed hole-punch camera that’s wider than some might like, but these aren’t elements that detract from the overall experience in fact, it’s something that you’ll likely not notice within a day or two of using it.


  • Incredible foldable hardware
  • Great triple camera
  • Impressive battery life
  • Surprisingly budget-friendly


  • No Google Play (but can be sideloaded)
  • No water-resistance
  • Not available outside of China


The Oppo Find N is a true jackpot when it comes to compact smartphones. With its sleek design and impressive features, it definitely stands out from the competition. The phone’s compact form factor makes it easy to hold and use with one hand, without sacrificing screen size or performance. The Oppo Find N offers a range of pros, including its powerful processor, stunning display, and impressive camera capabilities. However, like any device, it also has its cons, such as limited storage capacity and no expandable memory option. Overall, the Oppo Find N is a solid choice for those looking for a compact smartphone that doesn’t compromise on performance or style.

Oppo Find N Hands-on FAQ’S

Oppo Find N Hands-on price in India?

OPPO Find N Fold is a Android v12 phone, speculated price is Rs 99,990.

What is the battery capacity of Oppo Find N Hands-on?

The battery capacity of Oppo Find N Hands-on is 4500mAh.

What is the display size of Oppo Find N Hands-on?

The display size of Oppo Find N Hands-on is 7.1 inches.

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