Realme GT 2 Review 2024: Price, Design, display Battery Performance and software, Finally Reveled

Realme GT 2 Review – The Realme GT 2 was launched at a or maybe sad time. Inside a week of its revealing, Realme moreover reported the GT Neo 3, which nearly instantly made the GT 2 out of date at slightest on paper. It came ‘outta nowhere’ (a WWE fan would get this). This was unordinary, as Realme for the most part incorporates a great record of hyping gadget launches, particularly their GT series. All things considered, I have been utilizing the Realme GT 2 for nearly a week, and my encounter with it has been for the most part positive. So has it been repressed by the Realme GT Neo 3? Let’s discover out in this review.

Realme has since reported the GT 3, which numerous would accept would be the follow-up to the GT 2. Well it may well be a successor in title, in spite of the fact that not so much elsewhere. The GT 3 trench the plan we cherished so much on the GT 2, beside the noteworthy screen and compact measure.


Realme GT 2 Review 2024

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Final year the first Realme GT didn’t get a Pro adaptation, so the vanilla had to carry the burden of being the company’s top-end smartphone. This year, be that as it may, the Pro is showcased as the brand’s “most premium lead ever” whereas the vanilla Realme GT2 is the lead executioner of sorts. Most of the equipment and highlights from the GT2 Pro streamed down to the standard GT2 advertising a comparative client involvement whereas inquiring €200 less. Beyond any doubt, it misses the LTPO2 show and “settles” for a Snapdragon 888 SoC instep, but we would contend that Qualcomm’s lead chip for 2021 will be more than sufficient for the tremendous lion’s share of clients. The chip can handle lovely much everything you toss at it besides.

Realme GT 2 Review

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About Realme GT 2 Review

Smartphone plans are frequently underrated. Which has driven to endless smartphones coming out with comparative plan aesthetics with the as it were thing diverse is the camera board and choice between a matte and a shiny wrap up. Gratefully, the Realme GT 2 may be a breath of new discuss that breaks the dullness. The smartphone highlights a biopolymer raise board which was outlined in collaboration with famous Japanese mechanical creator Naoto Fukasawa.

The company claims the fabric is environment-friendly and whereas we cannot prove that claim, the quality of the plan is something ready to consent for. The finished design and the biopolymer plan gives a premium feel to it. The variation I utilized was Paper White. On the back board, one side was taken up by the marginally raised camera board and the other was taken by a moderate Realme branding along side the signature of the originator. Plans are a individual inclination, but I found it very special and delightful.

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Realme GT 2 Price in India 2024

Realme GT 2 offers something one of a kind. But in case that recommendation is worth setting yourself back by Rs. 34,999, could be a choice you have got to create. The smartphone borrows a number of specs from final year’s Realme GT and includes some more key equipment functionalities to circular it all off.

Realme GT 2 Features

It may be a tired line presently that each smartphone looks the same, in any case it is no less genuine for that reality. With the same fundamental shape and patterns overwhelming the space for a long time, generally all of the gadgets that are launched nowadays generally take after one another and can often be troublesome to tell separated. This is often as it were exacerbated by the preponderance of dark and white phones, any energizing flashes of color are an special case instead of the standard. The Realme GT2, gratefully, isn’t perplexed to appear off a little.

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Realme had taken a major jump in terms of plan with the Realme GT 2 Pro, and the same corrective treatment has been taken after within the GT 2, except for a couple of cost-saving changes. The GT 2 comes with a plastic outline rather than metal and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 rather than Victus. The Realme GT 2 highlights the same ‘Paper Tech Master’ plan on the back as well, which the company says is made from a biopolymer. I ought to say, it does feel like paper, and it too helps in grasping it appropriately.

In spite of the fact that Realme says they have outlined the Realme GT 2, keeping the environment in intellect, they didn’t expel the charger from the box. Much obliged to this fabric, the raise of the phone stands up to fingerprints and smear marks. By the way, you’ll be able moreover draw on the back with a pencil and delete it with an eraser, take a see at the picture underneath.

Crisp display and sound

The Realme GT 2 includes a 6.62-inch AMOLED show that comes with an FHD+ screen determination of 2400 x 1800 pixels. The screen underpins a 120Hz revive rate, but you too can want 60Hz within the settings. Since it doesn’t have the LTPO 2.0 innovation just like the GT 2 Professional, the auto-refresh doesn’t go down to insane moo frequencies. Since it’s an AMOLED show, you’ll see dynamic colors and great differentiate. It’s sharp, smooth, responsive, and clear. Additionally, it offers 1300 nits of brightness, which may be a huge number to claim. Indeed in spite of the fact that we didn’t take a Lux meter to confirm the claim, the substance on the screen was effectively unmistakable beneath the cruel sun of Delhi.

The Realme GT 2 comes with HDR10+ bolster and Widevine L1 certification, which implies you’ll be able observe Full HD substance on well known spilling apps. In any case, I taken note that the gadget does not bolster HDR recordings on the Netflix app. I checked with Realme, but they haven’t reacted however. We are, going in any case, upgrade our survey once we listen from them.

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Reliable performance

The processor is the major contrast between the Realme GT 2 and GT 2 Pro. Whereas the Realme GT 2 Prol packs a top-of-the-line Snapdragon 8 Gen-1 SoC, the Realme GT 2 gets the Snapdragon 888 SoC from 2021. It is supported by up to 12GB of RAM and 256GB of UFS 3.1 capacity. There’s bolster for 7GB virtual RAM as well. Indeed in the event that the chipset is from the past era, the Realme GT 2 is able of doing most of the things easily. Realme has included a 4,129mm square stainless steel cooling chamber to keep the processor cool.

The Realme GT 2 gets the work done, whether it’s common utilization or multitasking. I do feel that exchanging between apps seem have been marginally smoother, but it’s not something that huge to stress almost. While general usage could be a walk within the stop for the GT 2, things do get hot after you begin utilizing it expectation or outside. For illustration, I attempted exploring with the phone in Delhi’s about 50 degrees warm, and after 20 minutes, it got to be so hot that it was troublesome to hold it in my hand.

Primary camera is the MVP

The Realme GT 2 houses a triple camera setup with a essential 50MP Sony IMX766 sensor. Nearby it, you get an 8MP ultrawide and a 2MP large scale sensor. You get a 16MP selfie camera with a Sony IMX471 sensor on the front. The camera app is comparative to what we get to see on other Color OS and Oxygen OS gadgets. It has distinctive modes such as Night, Representation, Road, 50MP, etc. There’s too a More choice that lets you select Master, Pani, Ultra large scale, Film, Content scanner, and Starry modes.

The essential camera of the Realme GT 2 performed well in both sunshine and night. Take a see at a few of the camera tests underneath, these have been captured in sunshine. The handset has been awesome in capturing the subtle elements and replicating common colors. Photographs have a wide energetic extend, and I like how it doesn’t blow the colour of the sky.

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Good battery life

The Realme GT 2 packs a bulky 5,000mAh battery unit which endures a day on direct utilization. Amid my utilization, I was getting a screen time of six to seven hours which is reasonable but not reliable. I got these comes about after turning on auto-brightness mode, tall revive rate, all-day social media looking over, an hour of playing Youtube recordings, and half an hour of gaming and browsing on the web. Of course, you might press out an additional hour on the off chance that you keep the revive rate on Auto or moo mode.

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Realme GT 2 Review 2024 FAQ’S

Is Realme GT 2 worth it in 2024?

and a really good display. so just these options right here are already pretty good but the processor here also is on par with most of the flagships released at that. time. so the phone is pretty nice even in 2024 especially at this price.

Is Realme GT 2 good or bad?

Verdict. The Realme GT 2 is an accomplished high-end smartphone with a commendable screen, a great primary camera and more than enough performance.

Is Realme GT 2 heating issue?

Yes it has heating issues. While playing games, it heats a lot. In recent updates heating is reduced (but heats bit for me) for normal usage.

How many updates will Realme GT 2 get?

Realme has promised the phone will eventually get Android 14. Beta version of Android 13 available. Realme has promised the phone will eventually get Android 13. Realme GT2 gets released, ships with Android 12.

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