Revamp Moto RM Mitra Price in India 2024, Booking, Features, Colour, Waiting Time

Revamp Moto RM Mitra:- In the ever-evolving landscape of transportation, the quest for sustainable and efficient solutions has taken center stage. Electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged as a promising answer to the challenges posed by climate change and urban congestion.

In this dynamic context, Revamp Moto has introduced the RM Mitra, an electric vehicle that marries innovation, design, and environmental consciousness. This article delves into the details of the Revamp Moto RM Mitra, exploring its features, design, technology, and the impact it could have on the future of urban mobility.


Revamp Moto RM Mitra

What's In the Article

Revamp Moto has established itself as a trailblazer in the realm of electric vehicles, driven by a commitment to reshaping urban mobility. The company’s philosophy centers on crafting vehicles that are not just mode of transportation, but a means to harmonize human needs with sustainable living. The RM Mitra, Revamp Moto RM Mitra latest offering, epitomizes this ethos by delivering an electric urban mobility solution that is as pragmatic as it is forward-looking.

Revamp Moto RM Mitra Price in India 2023, Booking, Features, Colour, Waiting Time

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Revamp Moto RM Mitra Details

Name of the vehicle Company Revamp
Vehicle Name Revamp Moto RM Mitra
Article about Revamp Moto RM Mitra Price in India 2024, Booking, Features, Colour, Waiting Time
Category Bike News

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The Revamp Moto RM Mitra design is a careful balance between contemporary aesthetics and functional form. The vehicle’s compact dimensions make it ideal for navigating congested city streets, while its sleek lines and innovative accents ensure it stands out in any urban setting. The streamlined bodywork not only enhances that visual appeal but also contributes to its aerodynamic efficiency, maximizing its range and performance and power.

The use of lightweight materials contributes to the vehicle’s agility, further facilitating its maneuverability. The incorporation of distinctive LED lighting, both for illumination and aesthetics, lends the RM Mitra a distinctive character, making it instantly recognizable on the road.

Elevating Efficiency: Electric Propulsion

The heart of the Revamp Moto RM Mitra is its electric propulsion system, a cornerstone of its efficiency and sustainability. Powered by advanced lithium-ion batteries, the Mitra delivers instantaneous torque, ensuring brisk acceleration and smooth performance. The electric motor’s silent operation not only reduces noise pollution but also adds to the serene experience of navigating urban environments.

The Mitra’s regenerative braking system is another aspect that contributes to its efficiency. By converting kinetic energy during braking into stored electric energy, the vehicle maximizes its range and minimizes energy wastage. This forward-thinking approach highlights Revamp Moto’s dedication to harnessing technology to create greener and more efficient transportation solutions.

Connected Mobility

The Revamp Moto RM Mitra goes beyond being just an electric vehicle; it’s a connected mobility solution. The integrated smart display serves as the vehicle’s command center, providing real-time information on battery status, range, and navigation. Additionally, smartphone connectivity enables users to access essential features remotely, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of urban travel.

This fusion of technology and transportation reflects Revamp Moto’s understanding of modern urban lifestyles, where connectivity is a central aspect of daily routines.

Speedometer Digital
Tripmeter Digital
Seat Type Single

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Environmental Stewardship: Driving Sustainability

In a world grappling with the challenges of climate change and pollution, the Revamp Moto RM Mitra role in promoting sustainable transportation cannot be overstated. With zero tailpipe emissions, reduced noise pollution, and minimized energy consumption. The Mitra addresses multiple environmental concerns associated with conventional internal combustion engine vehicles.

Revamp Moto’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the vehicle itself. By advocating for electric mobility solutions, the company contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of urban transportation and creating a more habitable environment for future generations.

Urban Revolution: Transforming Urban Mobility

The Revamp Moto RM Mitra holds the potential to revolutionize the way we perceive and experience urban mobility. Its compact size and nimble handling make it a natural fit for crowded city streets, offering a solution to congestion and limited parking space. The Mitra’s electric nature makes it a frontrunner in the transition toward cleaner transportation options, ultimately contributing to improved air quality and reduced noise levels in urban areas.

As cities around the world grapple with the challenges of urbanization, the RM Mitra’s introduction marks a significant step toward alleviating some of these concerns. By providing an efficient and sustainable mode of transportation, it empowers individuals to make environmentally conscious choices while also enhancing their quality of life.

Revamp Moto RM Mitra Specification

The e-bike includes a large group of connections and offers a guaranteed scope of 140km. It can likewise accomplish a maximum top of 65kmph, making it a rapid electric bike. The Revamp Moto RM Mitra embodies the marriage of innovation and sustainability, offering a glimpse into the future of urban mobility. As cities continue to grow and evolve, the need for efficient and eco-friendly transportation solutions becomes more urgent. Revamp Moto’s commitment to redefining mobility paves the way for a greener and more sustainable future.

Range 140 km/charge
Body Type Electric Bikes

Safety Features

Speedometer Digital
Tripmeter Digital

Dimension and Capacity

Load Carrying Capacity 200 kg

Motor and Battery

Swappable Battery Yes
Transmission Automatic


Wheels Type Alloy
Tubeless Tyre Tubeless

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It will be accessible in two variations: Lite and standard. The previous will be estimated at under Rs 1 lakh, including Fame 2 and state endowments. While the last option will associate with Rs 25,000-30,000 dearer than the lite variant. While the Light is wanted to be launch in August 2024. The standard variation will be launch several months after the Lite hit in the market.

How to book Online Revamp Moto RM Mitra?

Booking the Revamp Moto RM Mitra online can be a convenient and straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Research and Choose the Dealership: Start by researching authorized Revamp Moto dealerships or official websites in your region or country. Ensure that the dealership you choose is legitimate and authorized to sell Revamp Moto scooters.
  2. Check Availability: Once you’ve found a suitable dealership or website, check the availability of the Revamp Moto RM Mitra. Some dealerships may have the bike readily available, while others might require you to pre-order or wait for stock availability.
  3. Visit the Official Website (If applicable): If Revamp Moto offers online booking directly through their official website, visit their site and navigate to the booking or product page for the Revamp Moto RM Mitra.
  4. Contact the Dealership (If applicable): If the dealership doesn’t have an online booking system. You can contact them directly through phone or email to inquire about the booking process. They will guide you through the necessary steps.
  5. Fill out the Booking Form: If you’re booking through the official website. You will likely be required to fill out a booking form. This form may ask for your personal details, contact information, address, and possibly some identification documents.
  6. Select the Model and Variants: Choose the specific model and variant of the Revamp Moto RM Mitra you want to purchase. Verify all the details, including color options, features, and accessories.


The Revamp Moto RM Mitra is more than just a vehicle; it’s a symbol of progress, an embodiment of technology. And a testament to the potential of electric mobility in the market. By embracing solutions like the RM Mitra, we take a step toward harmonizing our transportation needs with the well-being of our planet, ensuring a cleaner, quieter, and more sustainable urban landscape for generations to come.

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Revamp Moto RM Mitra FAQ’S

What happened to Revamp Moto after Shark Tank?

Despite losing the deal to Gupta and Mittal during Shark Tank, Grover invested in Revamp Moto after the show. During an interview with Raj Shamani, Grover revealed that he was approached by the founders of Revamp Moto for an investment.

What is the price of revamp mitra?

The Revamp Moto RM Mitra 02 is an upcoming B2B utility electric scooter priced at Rs 1.06 lakh (ex-showroom). The e-scooter features a host of attachments and offers a claimed range of 140km. It can also achieve a top speed of 65kmph, making it a high speed electric scooter.

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