Interview With Actor & Photographer S. Balachandar

S. Balachandar Interview with Actor:- He has honed his skills at capturing the grace and elegance of Bharatanatyam through his lens with over a decade of experience in the industry.

A wide range of clients, including individuals, small businesses, and large corporations, are featured in his impressive portfolio. His distinctive style, which emphasizes candid shots and natural light, is what sets him apart.


S. Balachandar Interview with Actor

He views photography as an art form that enables him to create timeless memories that can be treasured for years to come rather than just taking pictures.

In this exclusive interview, we delve deeper into the creative process, inspiration, and passion of this visionary photographer for capturing the beauty of the world around us. In this exclusive interview, tell us more about him.

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S. Balachandar Interview with Actor

S. Balachandar Interview with Actor Overview

Article Name S. Balachandar Interview with Actor
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Q1) When did you start having an interest in Photography? Was there any instance where you felt that you could take ahead photography in the future?

All of this started in 2007, when I was pursuing a PG Diploma in Animations and Multimedia while also trying my hand at small acting roles. Our group was required to collaborate with a variety of animation departments on the creation of a two-minute animated film as part of our final year assessment. The animation, camera work, and lighting of the storyboards were my specific duties.

A strange sensation came over me as I started working on the project: I realized that if I could so skillfully create shot frames and illuminate animated characters, I could also do the same with real-life subjects. My enthusiasm for photography was sown from this. Whenever I had a spare moment during my acting gigs, I would frequently sneak behind the cameraman and marvel at their techniques. Combining these experiences with my animation work sparked my interest in photography.

As a result, I began my career as a photographer, and I was hooked from the moment I took my first picture. It was an incredible feeling to be able to capture a moment in time and preserve it through my lens.

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Q2) A lot of people actually believe photographers are born with an inborn talent. Do you feel the same or do you feel that practice makes a person perfect and they have to keep on practicing?

Talent does not come naturally; rather, the passion and interest one has in a particular skill is what makes them want to learn and practice it constantly. One can get closer to perfection through consistent effort, but total mastery cannot be achieved. There is always room for growth and improvement in this art form, so even the most skilled photographers are not perfect.

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Q3) You are a professional Bharatanatyam dance photographer, videographer, & artist. Out of all genres tell us what inclined this genre of photography.

I watched my mother, Guru, as a child. Smt. I fell in love with Bharathanatyam as a result of Rajeswari Sundararaman’s instruction of numerous students. I started learning the nuances of Bharathanatyam as a hobby, but I thought that other photographers’ pictures were missing something. Since they were only interested in making money, I quickly realized that the gap was caused by their lack of knowledge and enthusiasm for the art form. I then made the decision to fill this void by undertaking my own Bharathanatyam photography. It was an instant love affair.

Q4) What do you love doing in your free time? Do you think it is important to have a hobby for every person?

I enjoy three different pastimes: dancing, playing cricket, and making Instagram reels. Hobbies enable us to approach work with renewed optimism and vigor by providing a break from routine and time to relax.

Q5) Tell us about some of your unique experiences in your photography career till now?

My first paid photoshoot was for a friend and his wife; sadly, they contacted me to document their divorce. I asked if they would like a final photo of them together while I was recording it, and they said yes. They decided to end their divorce and remain married after processing and giving them the pictures. He later called and credited my photos for their shift in perspective. Despite the fact that the shots were not perfectly framed, this was a one-of-a-kind and my favorite experience in photography.

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Q6) If you had to define your life in a sentence what would it be? A lot of young people want to take up photography as their profession but lack the confidence to do so. What would be your advice to them?

I believe that life should lived like a river—follow the current and everything will work out. Those young photographers considering photography as a career should keep these things in mind:

  • Prior to looking for other people’s approval, cherish your own photographs.
  • Focus on doing what you love because you can’t please everyone.
  • Do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do.
  • Improve your skills by regularly practicing.
  • Continue your education and keep up with the most recent fashions.
  • Learn the fundamentals of photography and try your hand at breaking them.
  • Don’t promise anything you can’t keep; always keep your promises.
  • Remember to smile and remain positive and humble.
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