Samudrayaan Mission 2023 Launch Date, MATSYA 6000 Features, Objectives

Samudrayaan Mission 2023- Under the Samudrayaan Mission 2023, which was created by the Ministry of Earth Sciences and the Indian Institute of Ocean Technology (IIOT), Deep Sea Explorers will conduct research by diving as deep as 6000 metres, or 6 km, into the sea. The entire nation is watching this mission, which is India’s first manned mission outside. Thus, we made the decision to develop all of the mission’s information, including the launch date of the Samudrayaan Mission in 2023 as well as its goals.

Oceanographers have created the MATSYA 6000 Submarine, which will transport them to the sea bed for additional research, according to information that has reached us. This post contains the whole set of goals for the Samudra Jayaan Mission for 2023, which might be useful to you. To learn more about the module’s specifications, you should also look at Samudrayaan, also referred to as Matsya 6000 Features. India has been given a 75,000 square km area in the Central Indian Ocean Base, where they will finish their study.

Samudrayaan Mission 2023

What's In the Article

The Samudrayaan 2023 Mission, which will travel to a depth of 6 KM in the sea, will be launched as part of India’s Deep Sea Exploration Mission, which has seen the country reach new heights in space exploration as we all know. The purpose of this mission is to investigate climate change, polymetallic nodules, and deep sea marine life. You’re all probably eager to view the full Samudrayaan 2023 Mission specifications, and if so, you’ve come to the correct place as all the information you need to know about the mission is right here.

This is to let you know that the Indian Institute of Ocean Technology (IIOT) has built the MATSYA 6000 Submarine, which can carry out a procedure for a continuous 12-hour period while submerged up to six kilometres deep in the sea. It can submerge for over ninety-six hours in the event of an emergency. This is India’s first manned underwater trip, with three oceanauts venturing below the surface to investigate the sea bed.

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Samudrayaan Mission

Samudrayaan Mission Details

Mission Samudrayaan Mission 2023
Ministry Ministry of Earth Sciences
Minister Dr Jitendra Singh
Type of Mission Manned Mission
Total Explorers in the Submarine 3 Oceanauts
Area to be Explored Central Indian Ocean Basin
Developed by Indian Institute of Ocean Technology
Submarine Name MATSYA 6000
Capable of Going 6 Km Down the Sea Surface
Endurance 12 Hours continuous Operation and Emergency Endurance of 96 Hours
Programme Launched in 2018
Samudrayaan Mission 2023 Launch Date November 2023
Samudrayaan Mission 2023 Budget Rs 8,000 Crore
Duration of the Mission 5 Years
Samudrayaan 2023 Mission Objective To Collect Polymetallic Nodule
Category Government Scheme

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Samudrayaan Mission 2023 Objectives

  • Examine the following points for the Samudra Jayan Mission 2023 Objectives.
  • The primary goal of this mission is to mine polymetallic nodules from the Central Indian Ocean Basin’s 75,000 square kilometres.
  • It also seeks to do research on the mechanisms behind climate change.
  • It also seeks to establish a multi-year-capable tidal energy plant.
  • In addition, three oceanauts will be carried by the submarine MATSYA 6000 to conduct research on the sea floor.
  • Furthermore, Matsya 6000 intends to carry out routine tasks for 12 hours.

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MATSYA 6000 Features

  • Examine the MATSYA 6000 Features listed in the aforementioned points to learn more about the submarine.
  • To begin with, Matsya 6000 has the capacity to carry three oceanauts as part of the Deep Sea Exploration Mission and has several payloads.
  • The MATSYA 6000 Submarine has a 12-hour continuous operating range, and in an emergency, a 96-hour operating range.
  • The MATSYA 6000 was tested close to Chennai and descended 600 metres into the sea.
  • Following that, the mission was verified, and it will shortly be launched well beneath the surface of the ocean.

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Samudrayaan Mission 2023 Details

  • The Samudrayaan Mission 2023 Details are covered in the points that are provided below; in order to obtain the information, you must read them.
  • To begin with, it is India’s first crew mission for deep sea exploration, and it will include three oceanauts.
  • Second, the goal of this expedition is to gather polymetallic nodules from the sea bed, which spans an area of 6000 square metres.
  • According to information that has reached us, 10% of PMN can provide India’s energy needs for the next 100 years.
  • In addition, the Samudrayaan and Oceanauts will carry out numerous other procedures.

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Samudrayaan Mission 2023 Budget

  • The budget for the Samudrayaan Mission 2023 is Rs 8000 Crores, which would be use over a five-year period.
  • Launched in 2018, the Ministry of Earth Sciences oversaw the Deep Sea Exploration Mission.
  • In earlier missions, the Indian Institute of Ocean Technology created the MATSYA 6000 Submarine.
  • Additionally, the submarine underwent testing and trials in the Indian Ocean region, close to Chennai, and descended 600 metres below sea level.
  • The entire budget for the Samudrayaan Mission 2023 would be allocated in accordance with the needs in each phase.

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Deep Ocean Mission 2023 Launch Date

  • In 2018, the Ministry of Earth Sciences initiated the Deep Ocean Mission 2023.
  • With a depth of six kilometres, the Samudrayaan 2023 Mission was created by the Indian Institute of Ocean Technology.
  • Additionally, a substantial budget of Rs 8000 Crore has been allocated to this project, which would be used for the Deep Sea Exploration project in 2023.
  • For all the most recent information about the Samudrayaan 2023 Mission, you should regularly check this post.

Samudrayaan Mission 2023 FAQ’S

What is the launch date for the Samudrayaan Mission 2023?

Samudrayaan Mission launch Date 2023 is in November 2023.

Who has developed the MATSYA 6000 Submarine?

MATSYA 6000 Submarine is developed by Indian Institute of Ocean Technology.

What is the Samudrayaan 2023 Budget?

The budget for the Samudrayaan Mission 2023 is Rs 8000 Crore, which will be allocated across various phases.

What is the objective of the Samudrayaan 2023 Mission?

The objective of this mission is to gather Polymetallic Nodules from the ocean floor.

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