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Seva Sindhu 1 : KSRTC Student Bus Pass –The Seva Sindhu website portal was developed by the KSRTC and the state government of Karnataka. Paperwork and cash are not required anymore thanks to the services. This makes the bus pass processing process faster and accounts for every penny. To use the bus pass services, students and other travelers don’t have to go to the government or KSRTC offices. Nonetheless, they can sign in to the site page and solicitation administration at a reasonable cost. It works on all devices and is easy to use.

A one-of-a-kind online pass for Karnataka KSRTC students allows them to travel from one place to the next. Due to the ease of school transportation, the pass is offered at all bus terminals. The bus pass option is available at a low cost to students of any academic level. To offer fast processing, openness, and accountability in the system, the KSRTC offers an online bus pass. The KSRTC also offers bus passes to other passengers, such as employees and merchants, in addition to applicants. To qualify for the pass, the travelers must use public transportation every day. Students, employees, and merchants have all had bus passes delivered to them by KSRTC over the years. The bus officials, however, have decided to offer yearly passes instead of monthly passes after further discussion. Rs.50 per card should be charged to eligible applicants. For both express and regular services, the express options are available. Online sites can be used by students to verify bus pass details.


Seva Sindhu 1: KSRTC Student Bus Pass

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The Karnataka KSRTC student bus pass is a one-of-a-kind online pass that lets you go from one place to another. The pass can be obtained at any bus station, making school transportation less stressful. The bus pass facility is available to students of all levels for a reasonable fee. An online bus pass is provided by the KSRTC to facilitate quick system processing, transparency, and accountability. The KSRTC offers online access to bus passes to employees and traders, in addition to students who apply. To be eligible for the pass, the travelers must regularly take the bus.

Every month, KSRTC has provided bus passes to students, employees, and traders. However, after some thought, the bus authorities have switched bus passes from monthly to annual. Each card should cost Rs.50 to applicants who are eligible. Both ordinary and express services can use the express services. Students can look up information about their bus pass on websites online.

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Seva Sindhu 1 KSRTC Student Bus Pass

Seva Sindhu 1: KSRTC Student Bus Pass Details

Scheme Name KSRTC/BMCT Student Bus Pass
Launched By Karnataka Government
Last Date Available Soon
Category Government Scheme
Official Website


Bus Pass For Other Users

The Rajahamsa and low-class services are eligible for concessions from the KSRTC. Senior citizens over the age of 60 are eligible users. The basic bus fare is reduced by 25% thanks to the KSRTC. However, only residents of Karnataka are eligible for the privilege.

Required Documents to Avail of the Concession (any)

  • a passport issue by the Indian government.
  • Identity cards with the applicant’s date of birth, driving license, and proof of residential address from a recognize government agency or corporation are all acceptable forms of voter identification.
  • a KSRTC identity card for senior citizens.
  • a legal document for the directorate of the physically challenge and elderly welfare.

Bus Pass Concession for Physically Challenged People

People with disabilities can get a discount on bus passes from the KSRTC. But they have to be eligible in the following ways:

  • The state of Karnataka has a pass rate of Rs. for people with disabilities.
  • The bus pass costs 660 pesos and is provide to 40% of disable individuals.
  • Amblyopia, mental illness, dementia, locomotor disability, and patients with infect leprosy are all include in this category.
  • The city, suburban, ordinary, and express KSRTC, BMTC, NEKRTC, and NWKRTC buses are all accessible with KSRTC passes.
  • Passholders will travel 100 kilometers from their homes.

How To Register On Seva Sindhu Portal?

Students can travel to schools, colleges, and universities from their homes with the KSRTC student bus pass. Better and less expensive is taking the bus, which allows each student to travel 60 kilometers. Mofussil’s regular, express, suburban, and city services are utilize by the students.

  • Open the portal on the Seva Sindhu website.
  • Select the tab titled “department and services” from the menu on the homepage at
  • A new page detailing the bus pass’s requirements and eligibility requirements will be opened by the system.
  • Click “apply online” after reading.
  • Navigate to the “service plus” section, then enter your Aadhaar card to register as a new user.
  • The registration page will be display by the portal.
  • To finish the registration process, enter the necessary information and click the “Submit” button.

How to Apply for a Bus Pass (For Senior Citizens and People with Physical Disabilities)

  • The user must submit any necessary documents for verification in order to apply for and renew the KSRTC bus pass.
  • A form for applicants with disabilities must be complete, filled out, and submits.
  • The form is available for them to pick up at the Divisional offices in Karnataka.
  • The applicant should attach their proof documents after filling out the application form, which can also be found online: identity card, disability certificate, and other documents
  • The bus pass will be evaluate and issued by the KSRTC. The card should be renew annually between January 1 and February 28.
  • Any time of the year is eligible for new applicants to apply.

Bus Pass for Blind Individuals

The KSRTC provides blind individuals with a free bus pass that allows them to travel throughout the state. However, in contrast to other disabilities, which require 40%, the applicant must be blind. The applicant must provide proof documents, such as a certificate of complete blindness, an ID card with the District Welfare Office of Disable Persons and Senior Citizens’ seal and signature, and a medical report from a recognize medical officer, such as the Bangalore medical board, in order to use the services.

Types of Bus Pass

Daily pass

The daily pass allows users to travel within the city limits of Mysore and is only valid for that day.

  • Monthly Passes Students, business owners, and employees receive discount monthly passes.
  • Every day, the applicant for the pass travels between two points (residence and work).
  • Passes can be obtain by applicants at bus stations or online.
  • The KSRTC offers the photo identity card, which costs Rs. and has a one-year validity. 50 on each card.
  • The express pass can be use for both express and regular transportation.
  • The regular month pass can only be used for regular services.
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In this article, we will be concluding KSRTC Student Bus Pass. We will be discussing the various pros and cons of the pass and what you should do if you are considering purchasing one. We will also provide a summary of all the articles in this series so that you can keep track of what we have covered. Thank you for reading!

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