TANGEDCO TNEB Aadhar Link Online @nsc.tnebltd.gov.in

TANGEDCO TNEB Aadhar Link Online:- As per the latest update or guidelines, if you are Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Consumer & you have attached your Aadhar Card number with TNEB Accounts. You should do it online mode. TN generation & distribution Corporation Aadhar Linking is very important for all consumers who want to get benefits for subsidy.

It is necessary for all Tamil Nadu Electricity Board  Consumers to link their Aadhaar Card with their Tamil Nadu generation & distribution Corporation Accounts through online mode from the official website nsc.tnebltd.gov.in, nsc.tnebltd.gov.in. Consumers can also check How Link their TNEB Number with their Aadhar Card, How to site TNEB Aadhar website Online Process.

TANGEDCO TNEB Aadhar Link Online

Tamil Nadu generation & distribution Corporation has started the process of linking electricity service connections of domestic consumers with their Aadhar as per the recently issue government order. In which it has been made mandatory to continue receiving subsidies. TANGEDCO Chairman & Managing Director Rajesh Lakhoni said a separate site to link Aadhaar has been make available on the official website of discoms.

Customers can link their Aadhaar online by clicking the link and entering their customer number & Aadhaar number and uploading a copy of their Aadhaar card. Customers can also link Aadhar while making EB bill payments online. He clarified that subsidized power for consumers will continue and Aadhaar linkage is meant to give rise to proper data. TANGEDCO had already provided a website on its official website for the consumers to link their Aadhaar.

TANGEDCO TNEB Aadhar Link Online

TANGEDCO TNEB Aadhar Link Online Details

Name of the Company Tamil Nadu generation & distribution Corporation Limited.
Aadhar card link to Tamil Nadu Electricity Bills
last date
Category Current Affairs
website nsc.tnebltd.gov.in

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About TANGEDCO TNEB Aadhar Link Online

The Government of Tamil Nadu, India, owns the power generation and distribution company known as Tamil Nadu Electricity Board. It was established as a successor to the former Tamil Nadu Electricity Board as a regulated monopoly under section 131 of the Electricity Act. By number of customers, it is the largest State Electricity Board in the nation. According to the Electricity Supply Act of 1948, the Madras State Electricity Board was established on July 1st, 1957, to replace the former Electricity Department of the Government of Madras, which was under the direction of the Department of Power.

It regulated the state’s electricity supply or was in charge of electricity generation, distribution, and transmission. It changed its name to Tamil Nadu Electricity Board later. The Government of Tamil Nadu made the decision to split TNEB into two subsidiaries in October 2008.TNEB Limited became a holding company on November 1, 2010, with two subsidiaries: Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited, which is in charge of power distribution, and Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation Limited, which is in charge of power transmission.

nsc.tnebltd.gov.in Link With Aadhar Card 2022

All Tamil Nadu Power Board Buyers are illuminate that the Aadhaar card interface is obligatory with an EB number. According to the rules of the Focal Government to create legitimate information on appropriation beneficiaries and said that endowment will be deduct for the individuals who don’t connect Aadhaar. TANGEDCO officials stated that linking Aadhaar is required in order to receive the government subsidy for the first 100 units consumed, and that those who do not link Aadhaar will continue to receive the subsidy.

Individual customers who pay you make Aadhaar reimbursements for linking their service connection. The first 100 units of domestic connections are covered by the state government’s subsidy and if the total consumption does not exceed 500 units, the consumption fees for the second 100 units are reduced by 50%.Candidates must therefore link their TNEB number to their Aadhar card using the direct links listed below and follow the instructions.

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Benefits of Doing TANGEDCO Aadhar Card Link Online

We are all aware that the Aadhar Card is genuine and contains complete information about its holder. It is now required for all procedures, such as opening a bank account or receiving a ration, in Tamil Nadu and other states. Therefore, in order to receive future benefits from government departments, the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board now requires an Aadhar Card link to the TANGEDCO TNB Connection Number. Here in this article, we are attempting to give data On the best way to Connection Aadhar cards to TNEB Association Number On the web.

We have gathered all of the information and have provided a straightforward method for linking your Aadhar Card to the service here. Customers who will use their electricity to pay their next bill must now link their TNEB Connection Number to their Aadhar Card. Since the connection number on your Aadhar card has not yet been update, you must complete this procedure before paying the connection bill.

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How to Check TANGEDCO TNEB Aadhar Link Online?

  • Go to nsc.tnebltd.gov.in Aadhar upload.
  • Now, in the form for Aadhar linking, enter your TANGEDCO Service Connection Number.
  • You will be show your register mobile number.
  • Confirm and generate OTP.
  • Enter OTP and verify your TANGEDCO account.
  • Enter the Occupants details.
  • Enter Aadhar number to be link with the TANGEDCO Account.
  • Enter your name as in Aadhar.
  •  Upload your Aadhar ID.
  • Submit the form and save your acknowledgement receipt.


TANGEDCO TNEB Aadhar Link Online is a website which provides the latest information on Aadhar linkage. It provides all the relevant details about the process of Aadhar linkage and all the benefits that it offers. It also provides information on how to link your Aadhaar number with various schemes and services offered by TANGEDCO TNEB.


How can I link my Aadhar card with online?

Type Link Aadhaar Status into the search box on the e-Filing portal. View Link Aadhaar Status to enter your PAN and Aadhaar Number. A message will display your Link Aadhaar status after successful validation.

How can I link my Aadhaar card with TNEB Account?

It is simple to link your Aadhaar card with a TNEB consumer account. You must go to the official website and start the process.

Is it mandatory to link Aadhaar with TNEB Online?

To get a subsidy from the government, you must now link an Aadhaar card to a TNEB account in Tamil Nadu's state government.

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  1. Your instruction says; “Now, in the form for Aadhar linking, enter your TANGEDCO Service Connection Number.”. But I don’t see any “Form for Aadhaar linking”. Please help.

  2. Your instruction says; “Now, in the form for Aadhar linking, enter your TANGEDCO Service Connection Number.”. But I don’t see any “Form for Aadhaar linking”. Please help

  3. How this Aadhar number bill be useful when we link to EB bill receipt to the owners of house. How far useful after getting subsidy from Govt.

  4. My EB Card is my mother’s name, but, my mother already expired. No aadhar Card also.

    But, I am having my Aadhar Card and can I submit my aadhar card ?

  5. How de we able to confirm the aadhar is loaded for linking to tneb till the time of linking process is accepted or rejected?

    How to deregister the existing land line phone number which doesn’t have SMS facilities to receive OTP

  6. There is no clear details where the Aadhar details for the occupant who is occupying the house (predominantly Tenant) needs to be uploaded or the Landlord Aadhar needs to be uploaded for the letout properties? Could anyone help us?

  7. It’s a big issue now. I got aadhar in 2011. The regd mobile during aadhar issuance is not in use now. How can I get OTP on the existing new mobile.

  8. Worst site ever seen. Main info is how to link aadhar. That’s not explained properly & there is no link. If somehow we find the link & go there & enter details, it’s showing server error.

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  10. now i can link the Aadhar very easily only thing we can try three or four time
    to login the link
    It’s very useful and very very easy method to link the Aadhar to EB connection by online basis
    Thanks a lot

  11. I have linked with my eb service number with my adhar. It say adhar card linked
    successfully. But I have not received any acknowledgment or message.
    How to check.

  12. I purchased a Flat recently. In the EB card the name change has not been effected. In the service center I gave my Aadhaar No; ( not that of previous owner) and asked them to link. I don’t know whether it is linked or not and am not getting proper answer from the service center. I have not received any sms. Should I try once again to link?

  13. ஆதார் இணைக்கும் போது என்னால் owner option தேர்வு செய்ய முடியவில்லை. Tenant option மட்டுமே select செய்ய முடிந்தது. வேறு வழியின்றி submit செய்து உள்ளேன். மீண்டும் செக் செய்தபோது ஆதார் submitted for Owner/Tenant என்று வருகிறது. இதற்கு என்ன அர்த்தம்?

    • ஆதார் இணைக்கும் போது என்னால் owner option தேர்வு செய்ய முடியவில்லை. Disabled by default.Tenant option மட்டுமே select செய்ய முடிந்தது. Unable to process further what to do?

  14. ஆதார் இணைக்கும் போது என்னால் owner but service connection name not transwer option தேர்வு செய்ய முடியவில்லை. Hence, I submitted under the tenant option. If any solution kindly inform.

  15. If erroneously wrong aadhaar number is linked to someone else’s Tneb account what to do to correct it, delink Aadhaar number from Tneb account wrongly linked.

  16. This is what TNEB people attitude. TNEB people wont respond for any of the common people queries. But the same people before getting the appointment order from TNEB, beg, barrow and dance to get the order and show as if loyal and sincere to the core. But once they get the appointment order from TNEB, then the attitude changes immediately as if the the salary is for heating their seat in the TNEB office. Why should this Govt advertises at common people money to vote bank and not servicing the basic queries? I hope the day is not longer for the govt employees to become like BSNL people who are today in deep shit and none is aware of the word “BRIBE”. So the privatization should be the only choice to get proper response.


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