Check PPF Account Balance Online, By SMS, Missed Call, Statement

PPF Account Balance Online- With a 15-year maturity period, the Public Provident Fund, or PPF for short, is a long-term, government-backed investment. It is the preferred investment option for millions of Indians since it offers risk-free and tax-free rewards. Because this investment is made over an extended period of time, it is advisable to perform periodic PPF balance checks. You can currently check both online and offline for your PPF balance. Proceed to the nearby bank location to discover the amount deposited into your PPF account. To learn more in-depth details about the PPF Account Balance Check, continue reading below.

PPF Account Balance Online

The Public Provident Fund is among the market’s most lucrative choices for tax-saving investing (PPF). With a 7.1% annual compound interest rate now available, a PPF scheme offers an opportunity to gradually accumulate a sizeable financial cushion. Every financial year, a minimum investment of Rs. 500 and a maximum investment of Rs. 1.5 lakhs can be made into a PPF account. Since one cannot withdraw funds before to maturity, it is advised that the PPF passbook be examined once a month to obtain a summary of the amount deposited into the account and the total amount available.

PPF Account Balance Online

PPF Account Balance Online Details

Name PPF Balance
Full Form Public Provident Fund Balance
Category Government Scheme
Methods to Check PPF Balance Offline Mode at a Bank
Online Net Banking
Post Office

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Benefits of Checking PPF Balance

The following are some of the main advantages of a PPF Account Balance Check:

  • Someone who regularly checks the balance of his PPF account may simply find out how much interest he earned on each investment. This rate is subject to change every three months, according to the Finance Ministry.
  • Throughout the loan, the interest rate fluctuates. At the conclusion of each fiscal year, the user’s PPF account is credited with this interest.
  • The corpus that will be received once an account matures can be predicted by regularly examining the PPF account cheque balance.
  • It is possible to take a partial withdrawal from your PPF investment after five years. Therefore, the amount of money that a person will get after the withdrawal will be disclosed through regular checks on the PPF balance.
  • The availability of cash in times of need might be the most significant feature of the PPF balance check.
    25% of the outstanding PPF amount may be awarded to the individual in the year before to the credit application period.
  • To cover their essential expenses, borrowers can take out a loan against their PPF balance without having to provide any collateral. The loan application period is three to six fiscal years for the borrower.

PPF Account Balance Check Methods

The following are the many ways to check your PPF balance:

  • Check your PPF balance offline at a bank.
  • Check your PPF balance online via net banking.
  • Check your PPF balance via the post office.

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PPF Account Balance Check Procedure through Offline Mode at a Bank

You can check your PPF balance offline by visiting the bank and updating your passbook if you have a PPF account with any financial institution but haven’t enabled net banking. The following is the process to check your PPF balance at a bank using the offline mode:

  • You receive a passbook from a bank when you open a PPF account.
  • This passbook contains your PPF account number, debits and credits to your account, bank branch details, and your PPF account balance.
  • If you would like your PPF account passbook updated, you must visit the bank branch on a regular basis.
  • The passbook will show you the current balance as well as a detailed record of every transaction performed on the PPF account.

PPF Account Balance Check Online Through Net Banking

To check your PPF balance via online Net Banking, follow these steps:

  • You need to link your PPF account to your current bank savings account. Certain financial institutions may only allow you to open a PPF account if you currently own a savings account.
  • Make sure your bank account has a working net banking system.
  • To view the details of any of your accounts, including the PPF account, you will need to register using your net banking login credentials.
  • After logging in, you may view the balance in your PPF account.
  • Some of the extras offered by online banking include the digitalized transfer of funds into your PPF account, the establishment of continuous security protocols for your PPF account, the download of PPF balance check statements and other additional features and services.

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Procedure to Check PPF Balance through Post Office

The following is the process to check your PPF balance via the post office:

  • PPF accounts can only be opened in head post offices or sub-post offices, where this service is accessible to anyone.
  • To check your PPF account balance, you’ll need your PF account number and establishment code; this information is shown on the page.

PPF Account Balance Online FAQ’S

How can I check PPF balance online?

They will then have to log in to the PPF account portal of their respective bank using their username and password.

Can I manage my PPF account online?

View your PPF account under your 'My Accounts' section in the logged in section.

Can we fill PPF account online?

The application form can be filled up online itself and submitted to the bank along with your KYC documents. The first deposit to open the PPF Account can also be paid online along with the application.

How can I link my PPF account in SBI net banking?

You need to log in to your internet banking account, navigate to the 'Services' option and click on Link Your PPF Account.

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