Kerala Voter List 2024 ID Card, District Wise Voter List PDF Download

Kerala Voter List:- Kerala Voter List 2024 ID card, District Wise Voter catalogue PDF Download links can be checked right here and official site. The Kerala Voter List 2024 obtained declared by the directives published by the Election Commission of India. In contrast to previous years’ practices, the CEO of Kerala has created this catalogue available on the web.

The person doesn’t have to attend the office to validate their data physically. They can do a minute-by-minute check of their data straight on the portal. Please read the object regarding Kerala Voter List 2024 and other related details.


Kerala Voter List 2024

What's In the Article

Voting is a right guaranteed to each people of India. Since India suit independent in 1947, selecting its leaders via a democratic procedure has been 1 of the pillars upon which the nation’s administrative formation depends. The voters in India are the most important aspect of the success of the democratic procedure, which assists India recognize the distinction of being one of the biggest democracies in the world.

It is necessary to the system’s structuring to have a populace knowledgeable respecting the voting process and the rights to which they’re entitled. The 1st step in getting a successful voting system is elevating the level of voter education respecting the voting method and the demanded necessary to be eligible to cast a ballot. When it comes to helping & educating its people, the government of Kerala has created significant achievements in recent years. It is specific true respecting obtaining a Kerala Voter List 2024 and the many stages that come before it.

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Kerala Voter List 2024

Kerala Voter List 2024 Overview

Name Of The Article Kerala Voter List 2024
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Eligibility For Kerala Voter ID Card 2024

The following is a catalogue of the need that applicants must meet to be eligible for voter registration and to verify one’s data on a Kerala Voter ID Card 2024 list –

  • To qualify for a Voter Identification Card, a candidate must be a people of India.
  • They must be Kerala residents to way in their data on the Kerala Voter ID Card 2024.
  • Applicants must be minimum 18 years old & registered to vote.

Importance Of Kerala Voter List 2024

  • A constituency’s electoral roll is a document containing a catalogue of all voters registered to vote in that constituency.
  • Regardless of the criterion, there is no discrimination opposed to anybody on the voter registration record.
  • Also, the records guarantees that the voting procedures will occur methodically.
  • The list as well assures that if your name isn’t present on the list, you can’t vote.
  • Updating the voters’ catalogue is specially significant because all separately who have turned 18 can now vote.
  • People whose names seem to calm be on the voters’ list, even though they have passed away, will have their names erased.
  • Updating voter registration rolls make sure that the list doesn’t involve fake voters.

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Kerala Voter ID Card Registration 2024?

People can utilize the facilities offered on the portal to register themselves as voters. They can register as voters or overseas voters, object to the inclusion of names, rectify entries, follow the progress of their application, and transpose within an assembly. To do any of these things, follow the following tips –

  1. Go the official site for the CEO of Kerala,
  2. Search for the “E-Registration” alternate & tap on it.
  3. Select the appropriate alternate.
  4. You’ll at the NVSP, where you can apply for any of the alternate upper.

How to Download the Kerala District Wise Voter List?

Do you want to know the voting percentage of each district in Kerala? If so, you can download the district-wise voter list here. The voter list includes the name of the elector, their electoral roll number, the constituency they are registered to vote in, and the voting percentage for that constituency. So whether you’re a candidate or a voter, this is a resource you need to have on hand.

  • Visit to
  • Search the alternate labeled “PDF Electoral Roll” on the right-hand side of the page.
  • A new page with a link to the state’s comprehensive voter registration catalogue will show.
  • Select the state where you have voter registration.
  • A list of the districts in your state will show on the screen.
  • Choose your district by tapping on it.
  • You can see a list of the names of ACs on the site after you tap on the district’s name.
  • To way in your voter registration, select the name of the AC.
  • Select the “Draft Roll” choice on the menu next to your polling location.
  • The Kerala Voter List 2024 will show on your screen.
  • Install your voter ID.

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Importance Of Kerala Voter List 2024

  • A list of all voters registered to vote in a constituency is called the electoral roll for that constituency.
  • The voter registration list is not discriminating against anybody, regardless of the criteria.
  • The list also ensures that the vote will be conducted methodically throughout the process.
  • You can’t vote if your name isn’t on the list, according to the list.
  • Since all people who have turned 18 may now vote, updating the voters’ list is particularly important.
  • The names of individuals whose identities appear to be still on the voters’ list after they have passed away will be deleted.
  • The list does not include fake voters because the voter registration rolls are updated.

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