Moto E3 Power Review: Competent But Outclassed By Competition, Pros & Cons

Moto E3 Power Review:- Rewind to the midnight of May 13th, 2014. A phone was almost to go on deal on Flipkart. Numerous individuals over India were holding up to press their mouse, and were prepared to buy one (or possibly two) for themselves. But as destiny would have it, they couldn’t. Flipkart’s servers had slammed tossing up an mistake 502 message. The e-commerce heavyweight had thought little of the request. Well, the reason for all this dramatization was the Moto E (1st era) a phone that sort of really re-imagined the budget smartphone fragment back at that point. The Moto E had a sticker cost of Rs 6,999, and advertised a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 SoC with smooth execution over the board.

What more may one inquire for at the price?  In spite of the fact that, a part has changed since at that point. Flipkart has updated its servers. Motorola is presently possessed by Lenovo. And most critically, Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Coolpad, Meizu, Huawei, and Lenovo itself, have taken centerstage within the budget smartphone race. Motorola has been cleared out to play capture up.


Moto E3 Power Review 2024

What's In the Article

When Motorola made its comeback to the Indian showcase in 2014, the budget-friendly Moto E played a major part in its victory. The company gotten a enormous reaction to the primary Moto E launch, driving Flipkart servers to crash and units to go out of stock inside seconds. Motorola taken after the same procedure with its second-generation Moto E (Review) but didn’t very accomplish the same level of victory in India much obliged to more grounded competition. Presently, post takeover, Lenovo is launching the third-generation Moto E. There’s however a alter this time; the demonstrate that’s launching is called Moto E3 Power, and it’s a variation of the Moto E3 for India.

The Moto E3 Power is certainly prevalent on paper much appreciated to its greater battery, and twice the sum of memory and inbuilt capacity. But will that be sufficient to require on the likes of a few well known budget smartphones within the nation? As it were time will tell. We went through a few time with the unused Moto E3 Power at its launch occasion in Unused Delhi, and here are our to begin with impressions.

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Moto E3 Power Review

Moto E3 Power Details

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About Moto E3 Power

The Moto E3 Power runs near-stock Android 6.0 Marshmallow with exceptionally negligible changes from the company. The unit that we played with had the Google Presently launcher which was set as the default. There are not numerous third-party apps introduced on the phone which is nice for users as they get the foremost out of the 16GB of onboard capacity. The phone bolsters capacity extension via a microSD card (up to 32GB). Also, Lenovo is additionally advertising two a long time of free photo capacity on the Google Photographs app. This modern phone is fueled by a 64-bit 1GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6735P processor, and has 2GB of RAM. For those commonplace with the Moto E series of smartphones, the past Moto E show was fueled by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Within the time we went through with a Moto E3 Power demo unit.

Remain tuned for when we put this phone through its paces for a point by point survey. One of the greatest advancements on the Moto E3 Power is within the camera office. This phone sports an 8-megapixel raise camera with Driven streak, with highlights like 720p HD video capture and burst mode. It moreover incorporates a 5-megapixel front-facing camera with a beautification mode. The camera app on the Moto E3 Power launched rapidly after tapping on the symbol. In our brief time with the gadget, we found that pictures taken beneath ordinary lighting appeared fresh, with great sums of detail. On zooming in, we be that as it may saw pixilation within the corners.

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Moto E3 Power Price in India 2024

At Rs. 7,999, Lenovo’s Moto E3 Power Control appears like a not too bad by and large bundle. The gadget will be accessible only through Flipkart from midnight on Monday with bounty of launch offers. There are not numerous third-party apps introduced on the phone which is nice for users as they get the foremost out of the 16GB of onboard capacity. The phone underpins capacity development through a microSD card (up to 32GB).

Moto E3 Power Features

This modern phone is fueled by a 64-bit 1GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6735P processor, and has 2GB of RAM. For those commonplace with the Moto E arrangement of smartphones, the past Moto E show was fueled by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Within the time we went through with a Moto E3 Power demo unit, we found that the smartphone was responsive to touch inputs and speedy sufficient with multitasking. Apps launched rapidly without delays. Remain tuned for when we put this phone through its paces for a point by point audit. One of the greatest advancements on the Moto E3 Control is within the camera division. This phone sports an 8-megapixel raise camera with Driven streak, with highlights like 720p HD video capture and burst mode.

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Have you seen the Moto G4? Well, the Moto E3 Power, at to begin with look, looks strikingly comparative to its senior kin. It has the same plastic body with a somewhat finished raise, which cuts a good looking figure. Too, the trademark Motorola dimple isn’t as recessed because it utilized to be. This implies that your file doesn’t normally fit interior the dimple any longer, something we woefully miss.  Minor bandy aside, we just like the reality that the raise cover is really detachable. A few people might moreover appreciate the reality that the battery is detachable. The detachable battery is really one of the reasons why the Moto E3 Power is thicker, at 9.55mm, than numerous other smartphones within the same cost extend. It is heavier as well at 153 grams.

In any case, this added heft really makes it consoling to hold. Once you expel the raise cover, you’ll notice that Lenovo has given two isolated micro-SIM card spaces and a microSD card opening. This means simply do not ought to stress approximately battling with a half breed opening, where you’ve got to select between employing a SIM card or a microSD card. There may be a chrome-finish trim that runs along the edges of the phone. The control button and the volume rocker set on the correct edge of the phone offer conventional material criticism. There are edges on the control button that made it less demanding for us to recognize it from the volume rocker.


The Moto E3 Power includes a 5-inch 720p (HD) IPS LCD screen, which deciphers to a pixel thickness of 294 PPI. The pictures and content on this show looks fresh, and unless you really watch closely (or with a amplification glass) you’d be difficult squeezed to discover any sort of pixilation. As is the case with most IPS LCD boards, the colors are not exceptionally soaked and see satisfying to the eye. But the dark levels are not exceptionally profound. In addition, the color temperature of the screen was a small as well warm for our enjoying.

The most extreme brightness level of the Moto E3 Power’s show isn’t exceptionally tall, which in turn influences the clarity of the screen in coordinate daylight. The show has an versatile brightness setting that alters the brightness levels based on the encompassing light. It works well. The show moreover comes with Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3 for assurance.

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As is the case with most Motorola smartphones, the Moto E3 Power moreover comes with a near-stock involvement of Android. The phone runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow and on the off chance that the past is any sign at that point it ought to be overhauled to Android Nougat, sooner than most Android smartphones out there. This is often a major advantage that that Moto E3 Power has over its competition. Well, there’s not much to say around the working framework per se.

It comes with an app drawer and a radio player, which is truly a irregularity on smartphones these days. You moreover get Google Presently, Now-on-Tap, and a have of other cool Android features present in Marshmallow. In spite of the fact that, the computer program embellishments simply get with other Motorola phones, like Moto Voice and Moto Activities. are lost in this phone. We especially miss chopping the phone twice to begin the streak or turning your hand twice to open the camera app.


Motorola has included greater sensors on the Moto E3 Power the third time around. The front camera can presently shoot pictures in 5MP determination, though the raise can shoot 8MP pictures; it is additionally upheld by a raise flash. During our testing, we taken note that the 5MP front camera could be a comparatively way better entertainer than the raise camera. Selfie darlings will be cheerful with the points of interest captured by the front camera in sunshine. We captured a few sharp selfies with a normal colour tone to the generally picture. In spite of the fact that, we are for the most part not fans of the magnificence mode. It tends to falsely brighten the picture. And truly, it makes us ponder in case a reasonableness cream like Reasonable and Beautiful ought to get the rap for advancing more pleasant skin as the gold standard in skin tone.

This is often for the exceptionally to begin with time that the front camera on a Moto E arrangement phone has been so good. The 8MP raise camera can take a few great pictures with better than average sharpness in sunshine as well, but we still taken note a few clamor (grain) when zoomed in. As long as you do not expected to blow up the pictures, your captured shot ought to work for taking little 4×6 printouts or to share it on social media. In reality, one of the test shots taken utilizing the Moto E3 Power that we shared on social media had individuals pondering what phone was utilized to capture it.

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Presently, the execution of a phone is generally dependent on the system-on-chip it employments and for the exceptionally to begin with time, the Moto E3 Power employments a Mediatek chip – especially the 6735p quad-core SoC with a Mali-720 GPU. It too has 2GB of RAM, which ought to by and large suffice for most utilize cases. You too get 16GB of onboard capacity with the alternative to extend it up to 32GB employing a microSD card. On boot up, you get around 11.96GB of capacity for use.  In our testing period, we really taken note that the Moto E3 Power performed drowsily in day-to-day errands.

Opening apps took a tad longer than we anticipated it as well, and so does closing down different apps at once. Gratefully, these occurrences are not commonplace and it doesn’t truly break the in general involvement of utilizing the phone. But, the gaming execution of Moto E3 Power is especially underneath normal. Heavy-duty recreations like Asphalt 8 and Modern Combat 5 lagged appallingly amid our testing.


The 3,500mAh battery on the Moto E3 Power effectively endures a day on overwhelming utilization and more in case you do not thrust it to the brink. Usually still not near to the battery life you get on the Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime, which has sort of set a standard for battery execution in this cost range.  Moto guarantees fast charging and claims simply can get up to 5 hours of utilization on 15 minutes of charging time. This metric is exceptionally unclear since utilization designs might shift. Too, in our testing we taken note that charging the gadget from 0-100 still took a parcel of time – 2 hours and 20 minutes to be exact. In our committed battery life test, it endured a small more than 13 hours. In comparison, the Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime’s battery endured 14 hours.

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Moto E3 Power Pros & Cons

Well at long last, what do we think around the Moto E3 Power? It is certainly a major overhaul over the past era Moto E series phones – with superior cameras, greater battery, and by and large tried and true execution over the board. In any case, that might fair not be enough. Particularly since the budget section has the ruling winner Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime, which outclasses the Moto E3 Power with its common execution, gaming ability, way better battery life, and distant better; a much better; a higher; a stronger; an improved”>a much better show. The reality that it contains a metal body and a unique finger impression scanner doesn’t harmed either.

But, the Moto E3 Power does provide you with the affirmation of Android overhauls on time and an faultlessly great call quality.  Within the conclusion, your buying choice bubbles down to focusing in on what angle of the phone do you care approximately the foremost. On the off chance that you care around the program, a great selfie camera, and generally good telephony, then go for the Moto E3 Power, and on the off chance that you care for everything else separated from these three parameters, the Redmi 3S Prime can be distant better; a much better; a higher; a stronger; an improved”>a distant better alternative.


  • Decent 5MP front camera
  • No hybrid slot
  • Very good battery life
  • Superb call quality
  • Stock Android


  • Sluggish performance at times
  • Bad for gaming
  • Uninspired design
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Moto E3 Power Review FAQ’S

What is the camera nature of Moto E3 power?

Taking everything into account, the Motorola Moto E3 Power on the back packs 8-megapixel camera. It sports a 5-megapixel camera on the front for selfies. Android 6.0 is the foundation of the Motorola Moto E3 Power. 1 and packs 16GB of inbuilt stockpiling that can be extended by means of microSD card (up to 32GB).

Is fast charging supported by the Moto E3 power?

The E3 Power’s support for rapid charging is one of its most notable features. The quad-core, 1 GHz Mediatek MT6735P chipset is used in both phones. The display is a Corning Gorilla Glass 3-protected 720p IPS LCD. The telephones run the Android 6.0 Marshmallow working framework and there are no designs for a significant Android update.

Does WhatsApp work with the Moto E3 Power?

There are several ways to install WhatsApp on your Moto E3 Power. If your device has the app store “Play Store,” look for its icon and click on it. 2-Second step: At the highest point of the Play Store application store there is a web index, click on it and type “WhatsApp”.

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