Moto G5 Review: A Little Budget Phone That Packs A Big Punch, Pros & Cons

Moto G5 Review:- It’s been four a long time since Motorola made a comeback into the smartphone industry, and a part has changed since the first-generation Moto G a phone to a great extent mindful for rehashing the budget section in India. The presently Lenovo-owned company as of late took the covers off the Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus which able to securely say are its best G-series phones however.

The two phones see beautiful much indistinguishable, but they contrast on a few tallies under the hood. We’ve as of now checked on the Moto G5 Furthermore, but if the Moto G5 is the one you’re fascinated by, studied on. You’ll be able too long press to turn off the show, and hold down for somewhat longer to bring up Google Right hand. We found it exceptionally natural and conducive to multi-tasking, but in the event that you incline toward, you’ll empower onscreen controls.


Moto G5 Review 2023

What's In the Article

Presently that it is done with the Moto G5 Plus launch, Lenovo has presented its more affordable kin, the Moto G5, in India. The Moto G5 series has overseen to gather intrigued from shoppers in India ever since the Motorola brand made a comeback in 2014. Moto G phones are well respected as all-rounders with sensible cost labels.

Sudhin Mathur, Overseeing Chief, Motorola Versatility India and Official Chief, Lenovo MBG India told us at the Moto G5 India launch on Tuesday that there are approximately six million Moto G shoppers in India. He included that Moto G has been one of their most prevalent smartphone ranges within the nation. Lenovo is energetic to capitalize on that with its unused Moto G5 series.

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Moto G5 Review

Moto G5 Details

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About Moto G5

The Moto G5 looks for all intents and purposes indistinguishable to its kin, but there are many minor changes its plan. It moreover ships in a really similar retail bundle, with as it were the “Plus” moniker lost. The G5 features a littler screen, but its body isn’t much littler. At the worldwide dispatch, Lenovo had state that the plan of the Moto G5 arrangement is propelled by the premium Moto Z family, and you’ll be able see that impact. To compare, the Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime too encompasses a 5-inch screen but is more compact. The Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus both have a particular see which makes a difference them stand out. At their unveiling at the MWC 2017 exchange appear, Lenovo claimed that both phones are built utilizing Aluminum 6000, but it isn’t as apparent on the Moto G compared to its greater kin.

A part of individuals might lean toward Xiaomi’s Redmi 3S Prime and Lenovo’s K6 Control for their all-metal unibody plans. The Moto G5 fit well in our hands, and the chrome lining over its front looks great. The Micro-USB harbor is on the foot, whereas the 3.5mm sound harbour is on beat. The control and volume buttons are on the right. Unlike the Moto G5 Plus, the Moto G5 has a removable battery. Whereas a parcel of individuals will like this, our greatest gripe is that the SIM openings as well as the microSD card opening are adjoining to the battery compartment, which implies you have got to turn off the gadget each time you need to switch SIMs or swap a microSD card.

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Moto G5 Price in India 2023

In entirety, the Moto G5 may be a budget phone that fair works. Disregard the iffy plan components and the marginally soak cost tag of Rs 11,999 on the off chance that you need an affordable phone that’s a dependable every day driver this can be your best wager. The 3GB of memory shows up satisfactory for most occupations, in spite of the fact that we wish that the company had launched the variation with 32GB of capacity. With 16GB, as it were around 10GB of space is free to clients, which can be anticipate to fill up quick.

Moto G5 Features

The Moto G5 has been launched in India inside three weeks of the greater Additionally variation. The Moto G5 Plus, which propell on Walk 15, has so distant seen colossal reaction in India and was claimed to be the fastest offering smartphone on Flipkart in its cost fragment. Be that as it may, the Moto G5 will be an Amazon India elite and will have preload Amazon apps as well as a bargains gadget which is able revive each day appearing modern offers. The company is showcasing the unused Moto G5 heavily as a media utilization gadget, because it will moreover have the Amazon Prime video app preload.

The Moto G5 is closely relate to the Moto G5 Plus (Review), with a really comparative plan. One of its greatest highlights is its near-stock Android Nougat UI. The smartphone also packs a few better than average equipment, but will it be able to require on other well known smartphones within the same cost bracket? We discover out.

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Design And Display

Let’s set the record straight the Moto G5 isn’t a metal smartphone. It’s mostly plastic, with an extremely lean metal plate at the raise. That said, it looks very premium from the start much more so than past Moto G phones. And Moto’s utilize high-quality plastic, so it doesn’t feel cheap. The now-signature circular Moto camera module at the raise includes a pleasant touch, and not at all like the Moto G5 Plus, it doesn’t jut from the raise board. Our major peeve with the Moto G5’s plan is its detachable back board – it feels so 2014. If that’s not awful enough, you really ought to evacuate the battery to induce to the SIM and microSD card slots.  Our survey unit was gold, and Moto’s chosen to go with a gold belt as well, which makes this color alternative as well bling for our taste.

The silver is much classier, and the dark front board includes a pleasant differentiate as well. Since the Moto G5 gets a 5-inch show, it’s exceptionally compact, but there’s a parcel of additional bezel on both the best and sides. The singular speaker is found over the show, whereas underneath you’ll discover the unique mark sensor and or maybe self-evident looking receiver.


One of the leading highlights of Moto phones is the nearly stock Android interface they come with, and the Moto G5 is no exemption. It’s especially reviving to utilize the phone, which is completely sans bloatware separate from the Amazon Kindle and Amazon Shopping apps. You moreover get Moto’s classy all-in-one climate, clock, date and battery gadget. The Moto app gives you get to to the brand’s signature customizations which come gather beneath Activities and Show. The previous lets you empower the previously mention one button route, as well as signals like chopping twice to enact the spotlight (more valuable than you’d think) and bending twice to dispatch the camera.

Moto Show appears you the time, date, etc., additionally notices when the screen off by lighting up as it were parts of the show. We like how fair the significant app symbols show up on an something else dark screen, and permit you to press them for more data.

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The Moto G5 Also has one of the most excellent cameras we’ve seen on a mid-ranger, with its 12MP Double Pixel shooter with f/1.7 gap able of a few beautiful astounding comes about. The Moto G5 takes a more standard approach. It gets the next determination 13MP camera with f/2.0 opening, short the Double Pixels. That’s lovely standard admission for a phone in its cost run, and the comes about compare. The Moto G5 can take nicely point by point photographs in sunshine, but can struggle with focusing for near ups. Colors are genuine to life for the foremost portion, and the HDR mode is especially great at adjusting highlights and shadows.

We were too wonderfully astound by the camera’s moo light execution it upgrades pictures taken in exceptionally moo light for comes about that are point by point and satisfying. The 5MP front camera by comparison is exceptionally baffling. Selfies turn out gloomy and grainy, and skin tones show up manufacture indeed within the best lighting conditions. The Moto G5’s camera app could be a moderate issue, but highlights most controls an normal client would require. You’ll be able head over to our Moto G5 Furthermore survey for more points of interest on that front.


Running a immaculate Android interface does have its points of interest, but maybe the most prominent of them all is the execution boost. The Moto G5 is an unimaginably smooth entertainer, and we had essentially no inconvenience with its Snapdragon 430 chipset which unexpectedly moreover powers another striking stock Android phone the upcoming Nokia 6 (first impressions). We confront scarcely any hiccups amid our testing period but for the uncommon app solidify, with the phone able to handle multitasking like a professional. Gaming was a wonderful involvement as well a 20-30 diminutive session of Dead Trigger 2 didn’t uncover any outline drops or slacks, and the phone remain cool all through.

The as it were issue when gaming or observing recordings is the amplifier, which has very low sound yield levels. You’ll unquestionably ought to contribute in a combine of earphones for this phone. The Moto G5 is prepare with 3GB of RAM which is bounty for multi-tasking, but the capacity may be a bummer at fair 16GB (fair 10GB accessible out of the box). There’s a microSD card space for development up to 128GB.

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The Moto G5 highlights a 2,800mAh battery a tad littler than the 3,000mAh unit on its greater kin. Indeed so, we overseen between three to four hours of screen on time on most days. This comprise utilization including phone calls, the complete bouquet of social media apps, WhatsApp and spilling video. In our video circle battery deplete test, the phone kept going for 8 hours and 31 minutes. In terms of network, the Moto G5 highlights double SIM, 4G, VoLTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, A-GPS and micro-USB with OTG.

Moto G5 Pros & Cons

We appreciate the number of enhancements Lenovo has made to its all-new Moto G5 compare to final year’s demonstrate, and it won’t disillusion you in every day utilize in the event that you do not have exceptionally requesting work to do. We moreover just like the truth that the company has paid consideration to plan, and the Moto G can stand glad following to its competition. The most recent adaptation of Android and the camera advancements are moreover continuously welcome. Be that as it may, warm administration and dull battery life make us a small less excite, and we trust that the company takes note of these issues for future models.

The Moto G5’s greatest fascination is its near-stock Android Nougat encounter, and the Google Collaborator include which is difficult to discover on any other gadget in this price fragment. Those trying to find options ought to consider the Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime which packs a parcel of the same equipment. The Panasonic Eluga Beam Max (First impressions), which was as of late revealed, might moreover be a not too bad alternative at this cost point.


  • Stock Android interface
  • Smooth performance
  • Fast, multifunction fingerprint sensor


  • Battery needs to be remove to access SIM slots
  • Limit storage
  • Loudspeaker is barely audible
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Moto G5 Review FAQ’S

How long does Moto G5 last?

The battery life of the Moto G5 is typical. On a normal day of mix use, you’re going to want to charge it up at night. We never drop below 10% before bedtime, even on a busy day of shooting photos and gaming, but it also never last beyond a day and a half.

Is Moto G5 plus good or bad?

Speaking of features, the new Moto G5 Plus has them in spades, even with the Moto G6 Plus and Moto G6 have launch. But the G5 Plus remains cheaper and has a fingerprint sensor, generous heaps of internal storage with microSD support, Google Assistant, fast charging, GSM and CDMA compatibility.

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