Post Graduate Diploma Program in Data Science at IIIT Bhagalpur in 2024, Fees, Course, Admission, Application, Syllabus, Cut off, Placement, Review, Facility

Post Graduate Diploma Program in Data Science at IIIT Bhagalpur:- The online course for the PG Diploma Programme in Data Science equips students to launch and advance their careers in the discipline.

In the vast subject of data science, key information is extracted from both structured and unstructured data sets using scientific methods, processes, systems, and algorithms. This new knowledge is then applied to a wide range of application areas in the form of actionable insights and new learnings.


Post Graduate Diploma Program in Data Science at IIIT Bhagalpur

What's In the Article

All professionals are targeted for this postgraduate diploma programme in data science training, which covers topics related to the field such as machine learning algorithms, programming in Python and R, Tableau data visualisation, and NLP concepts. The programme is delivered virtually and consists of lectures by lecturers from around the world, IBM Hackathons, hands-on labs, and capstone projects.

In collaboration with Post Graduate Diploma Program in Data Science at IIIT Bhagalpur, Vitti developed the syllabus for the PG Diploma Programme in Data Science. Through this programme, candidates will be able to fully understand and obtain experience with machine learning and data science. After finishing this postgraduate course, candidates can take the IBM Exam and get a digital badge and certificate from IBM.

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Post Graduate Diploma Program in Data Science at IIIT Bhagalpur

Post Graduate Diploma Program in Data Science at IIIT Bhagalpur Details

Parameter Description
Established 2017
Exam GATE, JEE Main
Courses 3 Degrees and 14 Courses
Institute Type Institute of National Importance
Category Courses
Student Count 238
Faculty Count 10
Official site

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About IIIT Bhagalpur

Established through a Public-Private Partnership, the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Bhagalpur is a nationally significant institution. It is a cooperative venture between MHRD, the Government of India (50%), the Government of Bihar (35%), and BELTRON (15%). The institute, one of the IIITs, was established by a parliamentary legislation and began operations in 2017. “Value Creation, Innovative Ideas & Transformational Leadership” is the institute’s stated mission, which aims to develop the best leaders and resources possible for the future.

Bengaluru College of Engineering (BCE) currently supports the institute by donating buildings and all other campus amenities. IIIT, Bhagalpur has received 50 acres of land from the Government of Bihar for their permanent campus, on which work is expected to begin shortly. Although the institute is relatively new, it receives guidance from IIT Guwahati to ensure that it has all the resources, knowledge, support, and top-notch faculty members it needs to accomplish its objectives and give students the finest education possible. For a duration of four years each, the institute presently provides undergraduate B.Tech degrees in three separate branches: computer science and engineering (CSE), electronics and communication engineering (ECE), and mechanical engineering (MEA).

IIIT Bhagalpur Courses & Fees Structure 2024

Those who are interested in applying to IIIT Bhagalpur can review the school’s price schedule to obtain a general sense of how much money they will need to pay. Those who are given seats at IIIT Bhagalpur must submit the required money in accordance with the fee schedule in order to be confirmed as admitted.

The candidates can pay the Post Graduate Diploma Program in Data Science at IIIT Bhagalpur fee offline with a Challan or online with NEFT. The fee schedule for IIIT Bhagalpur in 2023 includes information on the required payments for academic fees, semester fees, dining fees, hostel fees, and other expenses.

The cost of every B.Tech programme offered by IIIT Bhagalpur is the same. At the time of admission, candidates must present the other documents and the payment receipt for the IIIT Bhagalpur tuition. View the IIIT Bhagalpur fee schedule in detail by reading the article below.

IIIT Bhagalpur B.Tech Fee Structure – Academic 2023-27

Head of Fees Semester I (At the time of Admission) Semester II/IV/VII Semester III/V/VII Semester VIII
One-time Admission Fee Rs 8,700
Caution Mobey (refundable) Rs 10,000
Tuition Fees Rs 1,08,900 Rs 1,08,900 Rs 1,08,900 Rs 1,08,900
Other Institute Fees Rs 12,250 Rs 11,250 Rs 12,250 Rs 11,250
Convocation Fee Rs 3,000
Total Rs 1,39,850 Rs 1,20,150 Rs 1,21,150 Rs 1,23,150

IIIT Bhagalpur Fee Structure 2023 – Hostel

Heads Fees
Hostel Fees for Girls Rs 16,000
Hostel Fees for Boys Rs 22,000
Mess Fees (food0 for Girls and Boys Rs 16,000 (Approx., for 4 months)

IIIT Bhagalpur Fee Structure 2023 – Payment Instructions

The only ways for candidates to pay the IIIT Bhagalpur entrance fee are through Challan or NEFT. The payment details for the charge are provided below.

  1. Semester fee (Academic)
  2. One-time Payment in Autumn Session and
  3. One-time Payment at the time of admission (Autumn Session)

Applicants should check the fee structure of IIIT Bhagalpur carefully before applying for admission.

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B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering

  • Offered by: IIIT Bhagalpur
  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Total Fees: ₹ 9.78 L
  • Seats: 150

B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering

  • Offered by: IIIT Bhagalpur
  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Total Fees: ₹ 9.78 L
  • Seats: 75

B.Tech Mechatronics Engineering

  • Offered by: IIIT Bhagalpur
  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Seats: 60

B.Tech Mechatronics and Automation Engineering

  • Offered by: IIIT Bhagalpur
  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Seats: 60

Filter by Stream

  • Engineering And Architecture
  • Sciences

B.Tech Mathematics and Computing

  • Offered by: IIIT Bhagalpur
  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Seats: 27

M.Tech Electric Vehicle Technology

  • Offered by: IIIT Bhagalpur
  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Seats: 5
  • Accepted Exams: GATE

M.Tech Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

  • Offered by: IIIT Bhagalpur
  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Total Fees: ₹ 2.68 L
  • Seats: 5
  • Accepted Exams: GATE

M.Tech VLSI and Embedded Systems

  • Offered by: IIIT Bhagalpur
  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Total Fees: ₹ 2.68 L
  • Seats: 5
  • Accepted Exams: GATE

Filter by Degree

  • E /B.Tech
  • E /M.Tech.
  • D

M.Tech Signal Processing and Machine Learning

  • Offered by: IIIT Bhagalpur
  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Seats: 5
  • Accepted Exams: GATE

M.Tech Microwave and Communication Systems

  • Offered by: IIIT Bhagalpur
  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Total Fees: ₹ 2.68 L
  • Seats: 5
  • Accepted Exams: GATE

Ph.D Electronics and Communication Engineering

  • Offered by: IIIT Bhagalpur
  • Duration: 6 Years

Data Analytics for Machine Learning with R

  • Offered by: IIIT Bhagalpur
  • Duration: 4 Years 2 Months
  •  Online
  • Total Fees: ₹ 40.00 K

Filter by Study Mode

  • Full Time

Artificial Intelligence Master Analyst Program

  • Offered by: IIIT Bhagalpur
  • Duration: 12 Years 6 Months
  •  Online
  • Total Fees: ₹ 1.65 L

Ph.D Mathematics

  • Offered by: IIIT Bhagalpur
  • Duration: 6 Years

Ph.D Computer Science and Engineering

  • Offered by: IIIT Bhagalpur
  • Duration: 6 Years

Ph.D Mechatronics and Automation Engineering

  • Offered by: IIIT Bhagalpur
  • Duration: 6 Years

Machine Learning with Python

  • Offered by: IIIT Bhagalpur
  • Duration: 4 Years 2 Months
  •  Online
  • Total Fees: ₹ 35.00 K

Deep Learning with Python

  • Offered by: IIIT Bhagalpur
  • Duration: 10 Weeks
  •  Online
  • Total Fees: ₹ 30.00 K

Python for Data Analytics

  • Offered by: IIIT Bhagalpur
  • Duration: 7 Weeks
  •  Online
  • Total Fees: ₹ 35.40 K

Post Graduate Diploma Program in Data Science

  • Offered by: IIIT Bhagalpur
  • Duration: 11 Months
  •  Online
  • Total Fees: ₹ 2.75 L

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The Highlights

  • Course provider Vitti AI
  • 10 Industry Projects
  • 10 Interactive Live Modules
  • Offered by IIIT Bhagalpur
  • 2 Capstone projects
  • 800 Hours of Learning
  • Project-based Learning

Programme Offerings

  • Projects
  • Learning Management System
  • assignments
  • online learning
  • Workshop
  • Learning aid
  • reference materials

Courses and Certificate Fees

Certificate Availability Certificate Providing Authority
Yes IIIT Bhagalpur

PG Diploma Program in Data Science Fees

Course Fee Rs. 2,75,000 + GST

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students can register in data science courses after completing their 10+2 year. A minimum of 50% in class 12 is required for admission to UG data science courses, whereas a minimum of 50% in engineering or a similar discipline upon graduation is required for admission to PG data science courses.

Certification Qualifying Details

Candidates will receive the Post Graduate Diploma Program in Data Science at IIIT Bhagalpur certification via Vitti AI after finishing all courses, assignments, and class activities.

What you will learn

Data science knowledge Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence Knowledge of Data Visualization

Upon the completion of the IIIT Bhagalpur PG Diploma Programme in Data Science, applicants will get knowledge of data science, data analysis, and data visualisation. In addition to data science techniques, candidates will gain knowledge of artificial intelligence and software engineering.

Who it is for

Sales Representative

Software and IT professionals, domain experts, freshmen, marketing and sales representatives, and engineers who wish to learn data science in-depth would all benefit from the PG Diploma Programme in Data Science course.

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Step to Apply for Admission Details

To register for the Post Graduate Diploma Program in Data Science at IIIT Bhagalpur course, take the actions listed below:

  • To view the official course detail page for the PG Diploma Programme in Data Science, click on the provided URL.
  • (
  • To continue, click the ‘Pay Now’ option.
  • After completing the necessary fields, click “Submit”.
  • You will receive an email with your credentials as soon as the course payment is made.
  • To begin learning online, enter your credentials and log into the Vitti AI website.

The Syllabus

Introduction to Programming and Data Structures

  • Programming Overview
  • Python Programming
  • Fundamentals, Installation, Basic Syntax
  • Data or Variable Types & Basic Operators
  • Decision making & Loops
  • Numbers & Strings
  • List, Tuples & Dictionary
  • Functions & Modules

Data Science and Data Analysis

  • Data Science Landscape
  • Data Science Overview
  • Data Science Domains
  • Data Science Roles
  • Data Science Methodology
  • Data Analytics in Practice
  • Data Analytics Methodologies
  • Data Science Method
  • Explore And Prepare Data
  • Business understanding
  • Explore data
  • Prepare data
  • Understanding data
  • Represent and Transform Data
  • Statistics and representation techniques
  • Data transformation
  • Represent and transform unstructured data
  • Data transformation tools
  • Data Visualization and Presentation
  • Decision-centered Visualization
  • Fundamentals of Visualizations
  • Common Graphs and Common Tools
  • Data Science On The Cloud
  • An integrated environment for Data Science projects
  • Cloud-based Data Science Lifecycle
  • Data Science capabilities on the cloud
  • Mathematics In Data Science
  • Ethics For Data Science

Artificial Intelligence

  • Introduction to AI
  • AI Landscape
  • AI impact in the world today
  • History and Evolution of AI
  • AI Explained
  • AI Technologies
  • Summary & Resources
  • AI Industry Adoption Approaches
  • AI Industry Impact
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Smart Robotics
  • Future Workforce and AI
  • Summary & Resources
  • Problem Solving Through Search, Bayesian Networks, Propositional Logics
  • Introduction To Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Ai Issues, And Ethics.
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • NLP Overview
  • NLP Explained
  • Virtual Agents Overview
  • Virtual Agents for the Enterprise
  • Summary & Resources
  • Computer Vision
  • Computer Vision Overview
  • AI Vision through Deep Learning
  • Computer Vision for the Enterprise
  • Experiments
  • Summary & Resources
  • Future Trends for AI
  • Artificial Intelligence Trends
  • Limits of the machine and human
  • AI predictions in the next 5 years
  • Summary & Resources

Software Engineering

  • SDLC
  • Software Requirements
  • Feasibility Study
  • Importance
  • Version Control
  • GitHub
  • Software Testing

Capstone Project

  • Design Thinking And Innovation
  • Industry Required Problems
  • Expert Lectures From Industry

Statistical Methods

  • Introduction to Random Variable
  • Mean
  • Variance and Covariance of Random variable
  • Probability Distribution, Continuous Probability Distributions
  • Stochastic processes and Markov chains
  • Area under curve
  • Regression analysis
  • Multiple regressions

Machine Learning

  • Introduction to ML
  • Classification
  • Regression
  • Clustering
  • Supervised and Unsupervised learning
  • Bias and Variance
  • Evaluation metrics
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Linear and Logistic regression
  • K-means
  • SVM
  • Decision Tree
  • Random Forest
  • Ensemble
  • LDA
  • Recommendation system
  • Ethics

Deep Learning

  • Introduction to Deep Learning
  • Difference to Machine Learning
  • Neural network
  • Multilayer perceptron
  • SGD
  • loss functions
  • Deep Neural Network
  • Optimizers
  • Hyperparameter
  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Recurrent Neural Networks
  • LSTM

Advance Deep Learning

  • CNN Visualization
  • Autoencoder Decoder
  • GAN
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Deep Generative Models
  • Advanced Object Detection: YOLO v3
  • Image Segmentation: FCN, SegNet, UNet
  • Deep Learning Model Optimization
  • Compression
  • RBM
  • DBN

Capstone Project

  • Design thinking and innovation
  • Industry-required problems
  • Expert lectures from industry

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IIIT Bhagalpur Cut-Off 2022 (Gender Male)

Course Category Opening All India rank Closing All India rank
B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering General – All India 23767 42877
B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering General – All India 42805 57481
B.Tech Mechatronics Engineering General – All India 53662 68306

About Cutoff at IIIT Bhagalpur

There is a cut-off point for admission to each Post Graduate Diploma Program in Data Science at IIIT Bhagalpur. Students at the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Bhagalpur are chosen solely on the basis of merit. The JEE Main exam, in addition to completing the class 10+2 exam with maths and physics as required subjects, is the prerequisite for college admission. The college provides courses in computer science and engineering, electronics and communication engineering, and mechanical and electronics (B.Tech.).

B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering















B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering














B.Tech Mechatronics (Mechanical + Electronics)














The 2019 cutoff dates are shown above. While we examine the contributing elements.

  • The JEE Main exam: it is evident that the test is getting harder every year. Everything is dependent on the questions posed and the pupils’ ability to respond.
  • Previous year cut off: This year’s designation as tougher or not is based on the previous year’s cut off.
  • Candidate competition: As the course’s demand and educational level rise, so will the level of competition. Increasing point values will aid in determining the cut-off.

The relationship between scores and seat capacity is inverse. To be admitted to the institute, students must receive a sufficient score.








B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering





B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering





B.Tech Mechatronics ( mechanical + electronics.)





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IIIT Bhagalpur Placements

A student should be able to do something with their education, be it get a job or continue their studies. Students are given this chance through placements, where they are exposed to hiring practises of some of the best businesses in the business. The Indian Institute of Information Technology, Bhagalpur offers a venue for employers to hire students. The official website of the institute states that only a small number of reputable businesses hire graduates.

Among the businesses that have visited the campus in 2020 are Amazon, National Instruments, Publicis sapient, Maq software, Practo, Medlife, and Pindexx. A small number of other noteworthy businesses have also agreed to hire the pupils.

  • The Placement Procedure is as follow:
  • The college’s placement cell, which arranges employment possibilities with reputable organisations, is involved in the placement process.
  • The Job Announcement Forms (JAF) are completed and emailed to the placement cell.
  • It is necessary for the interested students to send their resumes to the placement cell.
  • A date for recruitment is announced following the cell’s and the enterprises’ coordination.
  • The firms have a pre-placement conversation to learn more about the pupils.
  • Multiple phases of recruitment are involved, including topic knowledge interviews, group talks, and individual interviews.
  • The procedure differs depending on the company. Jobs specified in JAF are provided to students who pass all rounds.
  • Depending on the circumstances, either IITG or IIIT Bhagalpur may host the interview.
  • The placement cell is how the call letters will go to the kids.

Placement Highlights

Based on available data, approximately half of CSE students and 41 percent of ECE students were placed in reputable companies. Just a small number of businesses have visited the campuses in the short four years.

With its excellent placement, internship, and training records, IIITBH is already among the top for technology-related courses and has a great possibility to become even better in the coming years. Along with offering a variety of platforms, the institute also trains its employees appropriately and helps students prepare for placement. As a mentor, IIT Guwahati has been crucial to IIITBH’s development at every stage.

Placement Partners/Top Recruiters

  • Tata Steel
  • Livguard
  • ExpertsHub
  • R.K. Automation
  • SmartBrdge Technology

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IIIT Bhagalpur Reviews on Infrastructure, Campus, Placement

College Infrastructure

Our college was just founded in 2017, and as of right now, its facilities are decent. The libraries and classrooms are immaculate and nicely furnished. The cuisine is hygienic and the living areas are spotless.


I’m a first-year student studying computer science engineering. The instruction is of high calibre. Yes, we are informed on all the most recent changes in our industry. Yes, I believe that my education has prepared me for this position.


Our college was founded relatively recently, in 2017, under the guidance of IIT Guwahati. As a result, our college’s first class will graduate in 2021. As of right now, nothing is known regarding the placements.

Value for Money

For us, the expense is close to Rs. 140,000 per semester. Yes, the money is well spent.

Campus Life

Here at the common activity centre, we have a lot to enjoy, including sports, music, board games, the gym, and several extracurricular activities.

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IIIT Bhagalpur Facilities

One of the best technical universities in the country is the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Bhagalpur, which is situated in one of Bihar’s greatest cities. It is an emerging technology institute that the MHRD specifically established. The institute’s official admissions period started in August of 2017. It operates under IIT Guwahati’s supervision. Initially, Bhagalpur College of Engineering (BCE) assigned interim campuses. The Ganges River flows around the institute, adding to the breathtaking surroundings. The city’s abundant natural resources make it important from an economic, commercial, and industrial standpoint.

This is one among India’s IT institutes with the quickest rate of growth. The college’s infrastructure was thoughtfully designed to create an environment that is kind to the environment and provides staff and students with peace of mind when they enter the campus. In addition to offering a virtual classroom to help students better understand concepts, conference rooms, computer labs, hostels for students from across the nation, banks, ATMs, guesthouses, and medical emergencies, the college also offers safety and security to its staff and students.

IIITBH’s Clubs and Other Activities

  • Technical clubs: The club hosts seminars, guest lecturers, technical workshops, internal hackathons, and other events. Students are invited to join the tech club so they may learn about events in the sector.
  • AI/ML clubs: In order to sustain the industrial needs, this club involves students in deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Among the things that are taught to the students are the fundamentals of Python, image recognition, and automation using OpenCV.
  • Coding clubs: To assist pupils with coding, the management established a coding club. Every month, events, seminars, and coding tests are held to evaluate students’ progress.
  • Robotics and IoT clubs: In order to foster students’ higher order thinking skills, this group actively engages in problem-solving activities and practical instruction. Few applications of microcontrollers, home automation systems, etc., have been taught to students. They know how to use Arduino as well.
  • Developer Student Club: This group serves as a link between the real world and theory. Students are inspired to become developers by it. The Android, Cloud, and Machine Learning sub clubs are among them.
  • Sports club: IIITBH promotes physical activity among its pupils. An annual inter-IIITBH sports event is held to discover students’ hidden talents.
  • Artificial: The outstanding IIITBH club encourages extracurricular activities and cultural virtues. A variety of abilities, including dancing, art, photography, literature, and quizzes, are showcased at the cultural fest. In order to hone these abilities, they also have distinct sub clubs.
  • Other activities: IIITBH has called for students to work on the subjects covered in the Smart India Hackathon as part of an internal hackathon. This opens up and puts pupils’ creative ideas to use.

Boys Hostel

There are five hostels at The Boys’ Hostel, totaling 107 rooms and 255 beds. Male dorms are equipped with internet access, power, and water supply around-the-clock. Regular sweeping and cleaning are done in the hostels. Students can play and use the ground to maintain their physical fitness on the playground in front of the dorms. In addition, the students can unwind in the TV room after classes. Other facilities offered by the hostel include a play area for both indoor and outdoor games and a mess.

Girls Hostel

There are 16 beds in 8 rooms at the girls’ hostel. The hostel has internet access, power, and water available around-the-clock. Regular sweeping and cleaning are done in the hostels. Students can play and use the ground to maintain their physical fitness on the playground in front of the dorms. In addition, the students can unwind in the TV room after classes. Other facilities offered by the hostel include a play area for both indoor and outdoor games and a mess.

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For unwell pupils, the institute also offers medical services. On alternate days, a visiting physician also makes an evening visit. Very unwell students are also assigned a sick room. The best hospitals are also located close to the campus for emergency situations.


The update on the college website’s homepage and the brochures state that the library was named after the well-known Vikramshila Dolphin Sanctuary, which is close to the town, and the internationally renowned Vikramashila University, which was founded in the ninth century. The library hall is open from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and can accommodate a minimum of 50 pupils at once. It has a large selection of electronics, communication, and information technology textbooks and references. Books for the famous library are supplied by a roster of distinguished publishers. The Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), a contemporary approach that eases the challenge of discovering books, is also included. Additionally, the library is student-friendly thanks to the use of self-check-in and self-check-out dropboxes.

T Infrastructure

In addition to offering a place for instruction, the Computer Centre offers other services to the entire IITBH community. It maintains computing resources, sends emails, and grants access to the internet. To give users access to the network, it has more than 300 nodes. Students living in dorms, sections designated for medical emergencies, and the entire building have access to the IITBH LAN. One of the top servers in use is the Dell PowerEdge R730. The timely renewal of hardware and software helps to ensure that staff and students never experience any problems. 1 Gigabit per second internet access is provided by the National Knowledge Network (NKN) throughout the clock. A single 20KVA power supply is constantly accessible to the UPS.

Guest Room/Waiting Room

There are five rooms in the IIIT Bhagalpur guest house. There are five AC rooms and one non-AC room. In addition to having a TV, sofa, milk with sugar, and wi-fi, the rooms offer double and triple beds.

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Post Graduate Diploma Program in Data Science at IIIT Bhagalpur FAQ’S

What is post graduate diploma in data science?

The Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science is a postgraduate degree programme that provides specialised training in Analytical Statistics, which is used in computational and biological sciences.

What is the salary package for IIIT Bhagalpur?

During IIIT Bhagalpur Placements 2023, students received an average salary of INR 15.5 LPA and the highest salary package of INR 46 LPA.

Which is better IIIT Kalyani or IIIT Bhagalpur?

IIIT Bhagalpur B. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering course is rated 4.3 out of 5 by 46 genuine verified students while IIIT Kalyani same course is rated 3.3 out of 5 by 17 students at Shiksha. Explore Shiksha for detailed comparison on all course parameters and Download free information on B.

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