Aadhaar Update form online – Aadhaar card change/update form PDF download via direct download link

Aadhaar Update form online- When applying for an update to their Aadhar card, individuals frequently become unsure of the required application form. People will update their Aadhar card information, which includes their mobile number, name, address, and date of birth. Let us tell you that all kinds of applications can be easily completed using the same form. Every kind of update to your Aadhar card does not necessitate the use of a specific form. One of the mandatory identity documents that should be available to every Indian resident is the Aadhar card. The PAN card will lose out to the Aadhar card when it comes to local verification.

A document that is used to verify a person’s address, name, and date of birth is the Aadhar card. The government will have access to each individual’s thumb impression with the assistance of the Aadhar card number, which is printed on every Aadhar card.


Aadhaar Update form online

An Aadhaar card is a unique identification number with 12 digits. It is regarded as a necessary document for proving one’s identity and address. Additionally, the Aadhar card is required to receive various government benefits and subsidies. However, in order to avoid any delays, it is of the utmost importance to update your Aadhaar. To update the address, name, date of birth, gender, mobile number, and email address on the Aadhaar card online through the UIDAI portal or offline by visiting the Aadhaar Enrolment/Update Centre, select one of the options listed below.

The UIDAI website lets you directly download an Aadhaar update form, also known as the Aadhaar enrolment correction update form. We will walk you through the process of downloading the online Aadhaar update form in this blog.

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Aadhaar Update form online

Aadhaar Update form online Details

Name of an Organization Aadhaar Card
Form Aadhaar Enrolment/Update Form 2024
Category How To Guide
Issue Authority Central Government
Type Pdf
Official website uidai.gov.in

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Aadhaar Correction Form Apply Online

If you want to make any changes to the information on your Aadhaar, you must submit the Aadhaar Correction Form. The enrollment procedure also calls for the use of the same form. Some of the information include in the form include the Pre-Enrollment ID, UID, biometric update, name, gender, address, email ID, mobile number, date of birth, and age.

Aadhaar Correction Form Gazetted Officer Format

Download the Aadhar correction form from the UIDAI’s official website and follow the steps below before filling it out:

1 Step : Print the Aadhaar rectification form that was download.

2 Step : Complete the form by entering the information request, including your Aadhar number, name, father’s or husband’s name, birthdate, and full residential address.

3 Step : Put your signature in the appropriate spot and deliver the document to the appropriate authorities.

Aadhaar Enrollment Correction Update Form Online

The steps to fill the Aadhaar correction form online are as follows:

1 Step : Go to UIDAI’s official website first.

2 Step : Next, select “Aadhaar Enrolment/Update Form” from the “Downloads” section under the “My Aadhaar” button in the upper left corner of the website.

3 Step : Fill up the form with your 12-digit Aadhaar number and captcha code.

4 Step : Next, choose the button for OTP generation. Press the “Submit” button after entering the OTP that was sent to the register cellphone number in the necessary box.

5 Step : Choose the fields on the Aadhar correction form where changes need to be made and enter the update information.

6 Step : Edit your scan papers to reflect your Aadhaar changes and modification requests in step six.

7 Step : The site will produce an Update Request Number (URN) for future use after receiving the Aadhaar enrolment form. You can enquire about the update’s status by calling this number.

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Aadhaar Enrollment Correction Update Form Offline

Following are the steps to fill your Aadhaar update form offline:

1 Step : Go over to the local UIDAI Aadhaar rectification facility.

2 Step : Request the “Aadhaar Update Form” and fill it out with the necessary information where you need to make changes or modifications.

3 Step : Include the request papers in the form’s attachments section and turn them in to the appropriate authorities.

4 Step : The fourth step is the distribution of a URN, which may be use to monitor the status of changes.

Aadhaar Card Name Change Form

If you have officially change your name, it is imperative that you update your Aadhar card. You are able to quickly modify your name in the document using the Aadhaar enrollment process.

1 Step : Go to the UIDAI SSUP (Self Service Update Portal) official website and log in with the correct information.

2 Step : Choose the Aadhaar update option after logging in. You will then be sent to the Aadhaar rectification form via the portal.

3 Step : Complete the form and include all necessary supporting documentation.

4 Step : The site will provide you an Update Request Number when you submit the document form (URN).

5 Step : The URN may be use to monitor the status of the update. The name change will be update on the Aadhaar card when the verification is finish by a UIDAI agent.

You can go to the closest UIDAI Aadhar rectification facility if you don’t wish to change your name via the online option. There, you may make modifications or update the name on the card as well as ask for assistance. Carry the necessary documentation to support your request for an Aadhaar name change.

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Aadhaar Card DOB / AGE Change Form

There are three ways to update your age or date of birth on your Aadhaar card using the online form (before continuing, make sure your mobile phone is link to Aadhaar). These are as follows:

Through Online Mode

1 Step : Go to the UIDAI website’s official page.

2 Step : Choose “Update Aadhaar Card Detail Online” from the menu under “My Aadhaar” on the portal.

3 Step : You will be sent to the UIDAI Self Service Update Portal (SSUP) via the website.

4 Step : To continue on the new page, enter your 12-digit Aadhaar information and the captcha code.

5 Step : After that, select “Send OTP.” The cellphone number on file will receive an OTP. Put it in the space provide.

6 Step : Choose the date of birth (DOB) option, input the revise information or adjustments, and press the “Submit” button.

7 Step : Provide pertinent papers for processing and verification of your request.

8 Step : For request update, choose the “BPO” option.

9 Step : The portal will now provide you a URN number to use to verify the status of the request.

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Through Offline Mode

1 Step : Go to the UIDAI website’s official page.

2 Step : From the “My Aadhaar” drop-down menu on the webpage, choose “Update Aadhaar,” and then enter your postal code and state to find the closest correctional facility.

3 Step : To continue, input the captcha code after choosing the state, city, and sub-district in the appropriate areas.

4 Step : The UIDAI site will bring you to a new page with all the information on correctional facilities around you after you submit the necessary information.

5 Step : Find out the location’s address and go there. Keep your birth certificate, other important papers, and your Aadhaar with you at all times.

6 Step : Get the Aadhaar update form from the centre and complete it with the most recent DOB and age.

7 Step : In order to cross-verify your identification, the Aadhaar enrollment centre will get your biometric information.

8 Step : Pay the processing fees (if any) and obtain the URN to monitor the status of the update.

Through Post

1 Step : Go to the official UIDAI portal and select the “My Aadhaar” menu on the home page.

2 Step : Choose “Download Aadhar Enrollment Form” and print off the page.

3 Step : Complete the form by accurately filling it out and signing it.

4 Step : Provide the necessary supporting documentation while submitting the Aadhaar card DOB/age change request.

5 Step : Send the complete form and supporting documentation through fast post to the location of the nearby enrolling center.

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Aadhaar Card Address Change Form

To change the address linked with the card through the Aadhaar update form, follow the steps mentioned below:

1 Step : Go to the UIDAI website’s official page.

2 Step : Choose “My Aadhaar” from the menu in the upper left corner of the page. Choose “Update Demographics Info Online” from the drop-down menu.

3 Step : Next, choose and press the “Proceed to Update Aadhaar Connection” button.

4 Step : Complete all the address information and other fields on the UIDAI Aadhaar Correction form.

5 Step : Type in your Aadhaar number and the captcha code that appears in the box.

6 Step : Input the OTP that was obtain on the cellphone number register. Choose “Demographic Data” in the newly open window.

7 Step : On the following page, change the address and press the “Proceed” button. Provide the necessary papers in the Aadhaar update form to verify the address change and support it.

8 Step : In order to submit your request for the modification, click the “Submit” button at the end.

Aadhaar Card Documents Change Form

To edit or update the documents for your Aadhar, follow the procedures list below:

1 Step : Access the UIDAI website and select the option to update Aadhaar online. Connect to the website.

2 Step : You will be sent to the Aadhaar signup form via the portal. Input the information and include the update papers in the attachments.

3 Step : After completing the submission successfully, the site will provide you the URN so you may monitor the status of your Aadhaar update and refer to it in the future.

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Aadhaar Card Introducer/HOF Change Form

Those who the UIDAI designates as Introducers, including postmen, registrar’s personnel, physicians, teachers, and more. Unless they are identified by UIDAI CIDR (where they can only be introducer/head of family “HOF” of a certain registrar), several registrars are permit to utilise the same introducer.

The following are the steps to changing the introducer/HOF:

Step 1: Go to the UIDAI’s official website and select Aadhaar update. You will then be sent to the Aadhar repair form via the portal.

Step 2: Complete the form and include the introducer or Hall of Fame information in the select pitch. Provide the supporting documentation for your request and the verification procedure.

Step 3: Your Aadhaar card’s HOF/introducer will be update when the verification is finish.

Steps to Download UIDAI Aadhaar Correction Form

The information and instructions for downloading the Aadhaar rectification form are as follows:

1 Step : Visit UIDAI’s official website.

2 Step : On the main page, select the “Resources” link.

3 Step : Click on the “Download” option from the drop-down menu after choosing the “Enrolment Documents” option from this menu.

4 Step 4: Next, the device will download the Aadhar rectification form.

When the form has been download, you may make any necessary corrections and attach the necessary papers to prove your modifications.

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Aadhaar Mobile Number Update Form

This is how to use the Aadhaar enrolment form to update or alter the number:

1 Step : Go to the UIDAI website’s official page.

2 Step : To log in to the website, enter the current number link to your Aadhaar.

3 Step : Next, pick the “Mobile Number” option from the menu under the “Aadhaar services” option on the website.

4 Step : After that, complete the information request by the portal and input the captcha code.

5 Step : Input the OTP that was issue to the phone by UIDAI and press the “Save and Continue” button. The Aadhar enrolment form will be use to successfully update the new number.

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How to download the Update/enrolment Aadhar card form?

Directly from the Aadhar website, you can quickly obtain the application form for updating or enrolling your Aadhar card. Follow the steps list below to learn: –

  • You must first open your gadget and connect it to a working internet connection. After your device is online and ready to download the form, you must go for the Aadhar card’s official website. The official website is easily accessible at https://uidai.gov.in/. Click the download link in this page to get the form immediately if you don’t want to go to the official website. Your smartphone will download a 1.54 MB file.
  • Once the form has been download, you must print it off. After taking a print, fill out the form with the request information using a black or blue ballpoint pen. Your name, cellphone number, local address, and a lot of other details must be enter. You must also include your signature and thumbprint on the form. You must ensure that all the information enter into the form is accurate.
  • We advise you to check or verify the data after completing the form.
  • Once you have verify the information, go to the Aadhar card facility that is closest to you and submit your request to the staff there.
  • Your form will be taken by the Aadhar card update officer, who will check your information. Let us remind you that if you’re applying to update your Aadhar card, you must provide documentation of your new address.
  • You can produce utility bills, house paperwork, and a variety of other records attesting to your current residence.
  • The officer will confirm your information and examine the form’s legitimacy. He will ask you for the biometric verification if everything is fine.
  • Complete your biometric verification, and your application will be sent straight to UIDAI. Within a month, you’ll receive an update on our address change.


Aadhaar Update form online – Aadhaar card change/update form PDF download is available here. Aadhaar card change/update form PDF download is a complete guide for all the changes and updates done in your Aadhaar card. This guide contains all the necessary information about the changes and updates done in your Aadhaar card. It also has instructions on how to download and print the updated Aadhaar card. In addition, this guide provides various other useful information like how to update your mobile number, name change, etc. So, if you have any questions or queries related to the changes or updates done in your Aadhaar card, then this guide is for you.

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How much time will it take for my Aadhaar update to happen?

It may take up to 90 days for the data to be updated on your Aadhaar post the placement of request.

Can Aadhar name be changed online?

The process of name change can be done online and offline through registered enrollment centres. However, first names can only be changed offline by visiting authorised centres. Read further about the Aadhar card name change process through online mode.

Which documents required for Aadhar card name change?

To change your surname on your Aadhaar card you can submit any of the following documents: passport, voter ID, driving license, marriage certificate, or PAN card.

How can I change my Aadhar card name fast?

There are 2 different ways you can get your details updated:- 1 - By visiting nearest enrolment centre. Search the nearest enrolment centre by clicking on “Locate an Enrolment Center” on uidai.gov.in website. 2- Online using myAadhaar - online demographics update service.

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