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PMAY Status 2024- On the official website, those who have applied for the PMAY programme can check their status. There are five methods in all for finding out the application’s status. Through this arrangement, many Indian citizens and individuals have already benefited. After enrolling in the programme, a person want to know if their application was accepted or denied. As a result, this post will teach us about the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Application Status. We will also look at the specifics and methods for step-by-step status checks.

PMAY Status 2024

A large number of Indians have applied for PMAY assistance. Many people benefited from the 2015 Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana by purchasing a home. For the past five years, PMAY has aided thousands of Indians. Complete the application form to receive benefits under the PM Awas Yojana.

Applicants can apply in person at a CSC (Common Service Centre) or online. Once submitted, you can track the application’s development to organise subsequent steps. With their “Assessment ID” or other personal information, such as the applicant’s name, father’s name, registered phone number, etc., beneficiaries can track the status of their PMAY applications online. Beneficiaries can visit a shared service centre to monitor the status of their application.

PMAY Status

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PMAY Status Details

Article’s name PMAY Status 2024
Scheme Name Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana
launch date 2015
Launch by PM Narendra Modi
Category Government Scheme

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PMAY Status 2024 Objectives

The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Application Status is primarily meant to let candidates check the status of their applications. Since the people of the nation are the target audience for this programme, it would be far more convenient for them if they could monitor the status of their registration forms online as opposed to needing to physically visit the buildings and apartments.

PMAY Status 2024 Benefits

Using the status has a number of benefits:

  • Time savings for applicants is the main benefit of using the status feature on the online portal.
  • It is not necessary for applicants to dash into buildings and wreck havoc in the appropriate departments. They must verify the status of their form and supply specific information.
  • Depending on their preference, applicants can use any of the several methods available to them to check their status.

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Eligibility to Check PMAY Status

You must be enrolled in the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana programme in order to be eligible for application status.

Methods to Check PMAY Status 2024

There are numerous methods available for both online and offline Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana application status checks. There are several ways to track PMAY, the most well-known being the Aadhar card. The five approaches that we will talk about below are:

  • PMAY Status Check by
    • Aadhaar card
    • PMAY application ID.
    • Registered mobile number.
    • Driving license
    • Passport number.

PMAY Status Check by Aadhar

  • You must first go to the official website of the PMAY programme.
  • The beneficiaries need to be chosen from the homepage menu.
  • Next, you have to select the option to search by name.
  • You will be presented with a new page when you perform a beneficiary name search. There will be a field on the new page that says “Aadhar number.”
  • You need to select the show option after entering the Aadhar number.
  • And the information will be suitably presented to you.

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PMAY Status Verification with Application ID

  • You can visit the official website to check the status of your PMAY application online.
  • This will enable you to use your application ID to check the status of your PMAY subsidy.
  • Here is a step-by-step tutorial to help you find your PMAY status using your application number.
  • On the homepage, select the “Citizen Assessment” option at the very top.
  • From the list of options that appears on the screen, select “Track Your Assessment Status.” The menu’s very bottom contains this option.
  • You have two options going forward for keeping tabs on the status of your PMAY application.
  • Using either your assessment ID or the phone number you have on file with the programme, you can check the status of your PMAY subsidy online.

PMAY Status Check with Mobile Number

  • Visit the official web page.
  • You will see the homepage. Open the “Citizen Assessment” option by navigating to it from the taskbar.
  • Click the “Citizen Assessment” button as you proceed. After that, a menu will appear, and you should select the item marked “Track your Assessment Status.”
  • Click the “Track your assessment status” link, then select the “Personal Information” option that pops up.
  • Next, provide your contact details, which should include your full name, registered phone number, and the applicant’s father’s name.
  • You will be sent to view the status of your PMAY application once you have completed providing your personal data.

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PMAY Status Verification with Assessment ID

  • Visit the official web page.
  • You will see the homepage. Open the “Citizen Assessment” option by navigating to it from the taskbar.
  • Click the “Citizen Assessment” button as you proceed. After that, a menu will appear, and you should select the item marked “Track your Assessment Status.”
  • Following the click on the “Track your assessment status” link,
  • The track assessment form’s name will appear on a new page. There, you must select the radio button based on your assessment ID.
  • You want to view the status using the assessment ID, according to this.
  • Next, you must click the submit button after entering your assessment ID and registered mobile number.
  • You will be able to see the application’s status.

PMAY Status Verification Through Offline Methods

If you have any queries or issues, you can always visit the official website’s Frequently Asked queries area. By using the toll-free numbers supplied for each organization, you can contact the National Housing Bank (NHB) or the Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO) to obtain answers to issues concerning the CLASS.

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PMAY Status verification offline methods (Local Authority)

This approach is time-tested and conventional. If you would like to know the progress of your PMAY application, you can also get in touch with your bank or your local PMAY representative.

How to Check PMAY Subsidy?

If you’re a first-time homebuyer or looking to avail of the benefits of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) subsidy, you may be wondering how to check if you qualify and how much subsidy you can receive. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of checking your PMAY subsidy eligibility and how to calculate the amount of subsidy you can avail. We’ll also provide step-by-step instructions on how to check your PMAY subsidy status online. So, whether you’re planning to buy a new home or want to upgrade your current one, understanding and accessing the PMAY subsidy is crucial. Let’s get started.

  • You can track your application for a PMAY credit-linked subsidy at once your home loan provider approves it.
  • You can use CLSS Tracker to track your PMAY subsidy application by clicking on the CLSS Awas Portal (CLAP).
  • Enter your application ID under the CLSS tracker on the main page.
  • The PMAY application ID consists of an 11-digit alphanumeric code.
  • Once the number has been entered, click “get status.
  • Your registered mobile number will receive a six-digit OTP, which you have five minutes to enter.
  • PMAY subsidy status is displayed on the screen.
  • CLAP provides the OTP code and application ID as the borrower’s/co-borrower’s cell phone number.

PMAY Status 2024 FAQ’S

What is the current status of PMAY?

Yes, PMAY is extended till 31 December 2024.

Will PMAY be extended till 2024?

The deadline for PMAY-U has been extended by the government until December 31, 2024.

How do I check my PMAY eligibility?

Input the total annual household/family income in the online PMAY eligibility calculator.

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