West Bengal Marriage Registration: Apply Online, Documents & Procedure

West Bengal Marriage Registration- The newlywed couple receives marriage registration certificates in the state of West Bengal from the Law Department Register General of Marriages, Government of West Bengal. Using the rgmwb.gov.in website, you can submit an online application for marriage registration. This page contains comprehensive information about the online application process, eligibility requirements, documentation needed, and many other important details. Gather the necessary information from here before submitting an application for marriage registration.

West Bengal Marriage Registration

The Hindu Marriage Act of 1955, the Special Marriage Act of 1954, the Indian Christen Marriage Act of 1872, and the Parsi Marriage & Divorce Act of 1936 all allow couples to apply for registration. All individuals who identify as Hindus in any of their forms or developments—whether they be Lingayats, Virashaivas, Brahmo, Prarthana, or Arya Samaj adherents, or those who practise Buddhism, Jainism, or Sikhism—and who do not practise Islam, Christianity, Parsi, or Judaism—are subject to the Hindu marriage act. The Indian Christian Matrimony Act is intended for members of the Christian community. The Parsi Marriage & Divorce Act is relevant to members of the Parsi community. The Special Marriage Act is applicable to other people.

West Bengal Marriage Registration

West Bengal Marriage Registration Details

Name of the department Law Department Register General of Marriages
Issued Marriage registration certificate
Issued in West Bengal
Issued to Wedded couples
Mode of application Online
Category Government scheme
Official website http://rgmwb.gov.in/

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Eligibility Conditions for West Bengal Marriage Registration

  • The bride must be older than eighteen, and the husband must be older than twenty-one.
  • At the time of marriage, no partner is married to more than one spouse. During the marriage ceremony, both partners are capable of providing a legally binding assent.
  • A marriage between the two cannot occur unless the custom or usage governing each of them authorises it, and degrees of the prohibited relationship cannot exist within the parties or be sapindas of each other.

Significant Documents for Registration

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Copy of invitation Card
  • Permanent Address Proof
  • Photograph of Bride and Groom
  • Present Address Proof
  • Signature of Bride and Groom

West Bengal Marriage Vision

The West Bengal Marriage Vision is a government initiative that aims to promote gender equality and social justice through marriage registration. It seeks to increase people’s awareness of the significance of registering their marriages while making the process more accessible to all citizens. Registering marriages can provide couples with legal protections and benefits while also aiding in the prevention of child marriage and domestic violence. This program has the potential to create a safer, fairer, and more equal society for all residents of West Bengal. The initiative is a crucial step towards promoting women’s rights and ensuring that everyone has access to fundamental rights and protections under the law. By registering marriages, individuals can safeguard themselves from various issues such as property disputes, inheritance claims, and domestic violence. Overall, the West Bengal Marriage Vision serves as a powerful tool for creating

West Bengal Marriage Led Development And Turning Point By Scheme

The West Bengal Marriage scheme has been a vital step towards the betterment of the state. The primary objective of this initiative is to offer financial assistance to economically deprived families during their daughters’ marriage. This program has proved useful in reducing the financial burden on families, which can lead to greater educational opportunities for girls. Furthermore, it also aids in diminishing child marriages, promoting gender equality and women empowerment. The scheme has enabled many families to provide better education and healthcare to their children, leading to overall development in the state. By extending support to less privileged families, the government has taken a significant step towards creating a more inclusive society. It is noteworthy that this scheme only covers marriages registered under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. The financial assistance provided by this scheme is Rs. 25,000 for each marriage.

West Bengal Marriage Real-World Employment

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West Bengal Marriage Registration Application Fee

Duration Registration Fee
Within 2 Months of the Wedding Rs.200
After 2 Months of the Wedding Rs. 400

How to do West Bengal Marriage Registration?

Getting married is an exciting milestone in life, and it’s important to make sure that your marriage is legally recognized. If you’re planning a wedding in West Bengal, India, you’ll need to go through the process of marriage registration to ensure that your union is legally binding. In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps of how to do West Bengal Marriage Registration. From gathering the necessary documents to completing the application process, we’ll provide all the information you need to make sure your marriage is official in the eyes of the law. So, let’s get started on this journey towards marital bliss and legal recognition!

First Step

  • You must first visit the Law Department Register General of Marriages, Government of West Bengal, official website in order to register online http://rgmwb.gov.in/
  • In the middle of the page, on the right-hand side, select the “register your marriage” option.
  • Click “click here to apply online” on the screen that opens, then follow the instructions.
  • The application form will show up on the screen when you select the Proceed option.
  • Choose the act that applies to the registration you want to request.
  • The first section of the form will show up, asking you to fill in details about your husband (the groom), including his name, father’s name, birthdate, registration, phone number, email address, country, religion, Aadhar number, and other facts. You will also need to attach the groom’s documents.
  • Next, proceed to the second section of the form, which contains the bride’s details, including her name, date of birth, father’s name, registration, email address, phone number, nationality, religion, Aadhar number, etc., and submit her official documents.

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Second Step

  • Proceed to the third section of the form detailing the social marriage details, including the location, date, and marriage invitation card.
  • Proceed to the fourth section of the child detail form (you can omit this field if you don’t have the necessary information).
  • Next, select the marriage registrar using either the bride’s or the groom’s address.
  • Select the marriage officer type, district, sub-district, work area, block, police station, and gramme panchayat when the marriage registrar detail displays on the screen.

Third Step

  • When prompted to input registration details in the last stage of the application form, choose between the registration location of “office of the marriage officer” and “outside the office of the marriage officer (within his/her jurisdiction)”.
  • Next, provide the name and number of the premises as well as the name of the street or locality, block, police station, gramme panchayat, village, post office, district, and sub-district.
  • Next, choose “during the marriage officer’s office hours” or “after the marriage officer’s office hours.”
  • After entering the code and selecting “Submit,” don’t forget to print it off for future reference.

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Procedure to Raise Objection

  • You must visit the official website in order to file an objection.
  • Use the search service option on the main page.
  • Choose “objection” from the menu.
  • On the screen will show the application form.
  • Enter the information in the form as indicated below.
    • Application number
    • Name
    • Relation with applicant
    • Mobile number
    • Email id
    • Postal address
    • Objection reason
    • Upload Signature
    • Captcha code
  • Once all the information has been entered, click “submit” to send the application.

Procedure to File Request for Change of Marriage Officer

  • You must visit the official website in order to submit a request for a change of marriage officer.
  • Use the search service option on the main page.
  • When you choose “transfer,” the application form will appear on the screen.
  • Enter the application number, the bride and groom’s birthdates, the change request’s justification, and the captcha code.
  • To submit your request application, select the submit option.

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Objection Reasons

  • Has experienced repeated episodes of epilepsy or insanity.
  • Because of their mental instability, the applicant is unable to provide it their legitimate consent.
  • Any one of the applicants who is getting married already has a spouse who is alive.
  • The male is not quite twenty-one years old, while the female is not quite eighteen.
  • The applicants are within the range of relationships that are forbidden.
  • The bride or groom suffers from a mental illness that makes them unfit for marriage and childrearing, either in kind or severity.
  • In cases where the marriage ceremony takes place in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, both applicants must be Indian nationals who reside in the regions covered by this Act.

West Bengal Marriage Required Skills & Qualifications

In West Bengal, there are no specific qualifications or skills required to enter into marriage. However, there are certain legal requirements that must be met, such as being of legal age (18 years for females and 21 years for males), having a valid government-issued ID proof, and not being closely related to your partner. It is important to note that marriage is a significant commitment that requires emotional maturity, effective communication skills, and mutual respect to build a successful partnership. These skills enable partners to navigate the challenges that arise in any relationship and build a strong foundation for their future together. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize these aspects alongside meeting the legal requirements when considering entering into a marriage in West Bengal.

West Bengal Marriage Platform To Apply Online

The West Bengal government has recently set up an online marriage registration platform that enables couples to apply for their marriage online. This initiative aims to streamline the process of registering a marriage, making it more accessible to people throughout the state. The platform is user-friendly and guides users through the process of submitting all necessary documents required for marriage registration. As a result of this new system, it is anticipated that couples will spend less time and effort completing the registration process, resulting in a more convenient and efficient process overall. With this new system in place, individuals can now register their marriages from the comfort of their own homes, without having to visit government offices in person.

West Bengal Marriage Comprehend Problems Facing In Programmer

The tech industry in West Bengal has seen a significant boom in recent years, but it still faces challenges when it comes to marriage and relationships. Programmers, in particular, face unique difficulties when trying to find a partner who understands their work and the demanding schedules that come with it. Additionally, there is often a lack of awareness among non-technical individuals about the nature of work in this field, which can lead to misunderstandings and communication gaps. It is crucial for those working in the tech industry to be transparent about their work and lifestyle with potential partners and for society as a whole to better understand and appreciate the value of their contributions.

West Bengal Marriage Official Website Link

To provide comprehensive and useful information about the West Bengal Marriage Official Website, it is necessary to have a specific question or context. As an expert content writer and copywriter, I am committed to delivering valuable insights that cater to your needs and offer the information you seek. Therefore, if you can provide more details about the website or a particular query related to it, I can assist you better by creating high-quality content that meets your requirements. The West Bengal Marriage Official Website is a platform that offers various services related to marriage registration in the state of West Bengal. It provides a convenient and hassle-free way for couples to register their marriages online. The website also serves as a repository of information on marriage laws, procedures, and documents required for marriage registration in West Bengal.

West Bengal Marriage Registration FAQ’S

How can I register my marriage in West Bengal?

The application form for marriage is filled out by the Marriage Registrar. You are required to upload your necessary certificates and photographs, and make the designated fees payment through GRIPS.

Is Aadhaar card mandatory for marriage registration in West Bengal?

Residential Proof includes Voter ID, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Electricity Bill, or Ration card.

How many witness required for marriage registration in West Bengal?

Two witnesses.

How can I check if someone is married in India?

Visit the Registrar of Marriages office in the respective district. Typically, this office is affiliated with the local municipal corporation or municipality.

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