Lakshmir Bhandar Status Check 2023, Beneficiary List Link

Lakshmir Bhandar Status Check 2023- Those who have successfully applied for the plan can check the status of both their application and payment by visiting, the official website. Women will be empowered by this effort, and those who get it will feel secure. A woman who is between the ages of 25 and 60, resides in the state, and is not employed by the government is eligible. Attending the Duare Sarkar camps before the deadline is still possible for those who haven’t finished their applications. The venue to submit an application is any of the state’s more than 2,000 Duare Sarker camps. Scroll down to read more about the Laxmi Bhandar Status Check in full.

The Department of Women & Child Development and Social Welfare of the West Bengal government oversees the execution of the state government-sponsored Laxmi Bhandar Prakalp programme. Women who are the heads of households in both rural and urban parts of the state will receive financial assistance under this project. For ordinary households, the monthly support will be Rs. 500, or 6000/-per year, and for SC/ST ladies, the monthly support would be Rs. 1000, or 12000/-per year. For the endeavour, an annual budget expenditure of ₹12,900 crores is projected.

Lakshmir Bhandar Status Check 2023

The West Bengal government launched the Laxmi Bhandar Scheme with the intention of helping all of the state’s underprivileged citizens. The WB Laxmi Bhandar was unveiled in 2021 and went live that same year, providing financial aid to all state residents who qualified. Each month, a specific amount is deposited into the accounts of those people who were having financial difficulties due to their application for the Laxmi Bhandar Yojana. Established by Social Welfare and Women & Child Development, the sum is given to the female head of the household.

The official website for registering for the programme,, was established by the Laxmi Bhandar Status 2023. With this endeavour, the West Bengal government has made a significant contribution; the official webpage provides all the project’s details. The government will give you money according to your category for every needy person in the state. While people of the general category would earn Rs. 500 for their expenses, candidates who come under the SC/ST category will receive Rs. 1000. We will walk you through the entire procedure to check the status of the West Bengal Laxmi Bhandar scheme on the official website. There, you can also verify the status of the plan.

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Lakshmir Bhandar Status Check

Lakshmir Bhandar Status Check Details

Name of the Scheme Laxmi Bhandar Prakalpa Scheme
Category Government Scheme
Concerned Authority Department of Women & Child Development and Social Welfare, Govt. of West Bengal
Scheme Type State Govt. funded cash transfer scheme
Date of start 1st September 2021
Beneficiary Women of West Bengal
Benefit In West Bengal, women in both rural and urban areas get basic income and financial support.
Assistance Provided          Rs.500 per month to General Households

Rs.1000/- per month to SC/ST households

Implementation Throughout the state
Mode of application Offline
Official website

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Objective of Laxmi Bhandar Scheme 2023

Encouraging all women in the state to be self-sufficient is the main objective of this programme. Additionally, as a large number of women in the state struggle to make ends meet and lack financial security, they are free to use this money for employment or other purposes. Several of them lack stability in their lives after being divorced or widowed. As a result, participants in this state-sponsored programme will receive financial assistance to help them with daily expenses and activities. The money will only be given to the female head of the household or other female family members so they may take care of themselves. They might spend their earnings on their family as well, since they have difficulty affording daily meals.

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Feature of the Laxmi Bhandar Scheme 2023

There are a few various reasons why a state government launches a programme for its citizens every time. They also consider the security of the individual in order to assist them in their most dire circumstances and give them whatever they are entitled to. These are the features of the plan.

  • The amount will be distributed to all the deserving and impoverished women in the state.
  • All residents or families who belong to the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe will be permitted to participate in this programme.
  • The programme is being implemented for all of the state’s impoverished citizens by the West Bengal government, which has committed large financial resources to its implementation.
  • The money will be deposited into the beneficiary’s account right away, so you won’t need to deal with any government offices.
  • The plan will only apply to the female heads of the family.
  • All state citizens who fit into the low-income or low-category categories were eligible for the programme when it was first implemented in 2021.

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WB Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme 2023 Benefits

  • Under this concept, financial assistance will be given to the female head of West Bengali families.
  • The unreserved category would get a benefit of Rs 500 per month under the idea.
  • The initiative’s benefit, which entails a monthly payment of Rs 1000, would be directly put into the bank account of the female head who is classified as reserved.
  • A budget of Rs 12900 crores has been implemented for this project.
  • For the purpose of receiving the 17 installments, only eligible citizens who enlisted in the programme are eligible.

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Documents for Laxmi Bhandar Scheme

  • Adhar Card
  • Caste proof
  • Ration card
  • Residential certificate
  • Age proof
  • Bank account details
  • Passport size photograph
  • Mobile number

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Guide For Lakshmir Bhandar Status Check 2023

If you are a beneficiary of the Lakshmi Bhandar scheme in 2023, it is important to stay updated on the status of your application. The Lakshmi Bhandar scheme aims to provide financial assistance to women in West Bengal, and checking your status can ensure that you receive the benefits you are entitled to. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of checking your Lakshmi Bhandar status and provide helpful tips to navigate the system smoothly. So, if you’re eager to know the latest on your application, keep reading.

  • Go to, the Lakshmir Bhandar website, on your smartphone.
  • When the “Track Applicant Status” link shows up on the homepage, click it.
  • Click the search button once you have entered the desired password and your ID.
  • You’ll have a quick glimpse of the application status on your screen.
  • Visit the Lakshmi Bhandar Status Check 2023 website right now, and save it as a PDF file for later use.

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West Bengal Lakshmir Bhandar Status Check 2023 By Application ID

  • Navigate to on your smartphone.
  • On the page that appears, click Track Applicant Status, as shown below.
  • Once your application ID has been entered, finish the captcha code.
  • A screen preview of the payment status shows up when you choose the search option.
  • Take a screenshot of the same now for your reference. Lakshmi Bhandar Status by Mobile Number

  • Navigate to on your smartphone.
  • Kindly enter your mobile number on the website.
  • Your mobile device will receive a text message when you choose to “Generate OTP.”
  • Input the OTP that was sent to your registered phone number along with the captcha code that displays on the screen.
  • Now click “Track Applicant Status” and go over the details that show up.

Laxmi Bhandar Status Through Aadhar Card

  • Navigate to on your smartphone.
  • Next, you must click the link labelled “Track Applicant Status” located at the bottom of the page.
  • Both your Aadhar number and the captcha code must be entered in the designated space.
  • When you select the search tab, the screen will display the payment status based on your category.
  • Download the Lakshmir Bhandar Status Check 2023 to your device for later use from

Lakshmir Bhandar Status Check 2023 FAQ’S

Is it necessary for me to have my application number in order to verify the status?

No application is required to check the status.

Is it possible for me to verify the status of Laxmi Bhandar by providing my mobile number?

Certainly, you can ascertain the status by furnishing your mobile number.

Is there a way for me to verify the status of my payment in my Bank Account?

Please visit your bank and review the most recent statement to see if there are any credits from the Lokkhir Bhandar Scheme. These credits can be found exclusively in your account statement.

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